Tech Evolution: It is assumed that 2020 will witness transformational changes in the field of technology. Since you are a part of society, you will be interested to know how technology trends will affect your life. Since we are going through the industrial revolution, technology is evolving faster than ever. 

Technological Advancement can be beneficial if individuals and organizations keep pace with them. Otherwise, they will have the risk of being left behind. Each and every technological improvement brings opportunities for the entire nation and its associated partners. 

Once you understand the key trends, you will easily grasp the opportunities. You must beware of tech evolution regardless of whether you are an individual or business owner. As a business and technology futurist, we will consider those technologies that will change the entire world. 

Imminent Trends to that will Help you Look Ahead and Keep Moving:

See how tech trends are going to affect your way of living and the future of your business. 

Tech Evolution:Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the most noticeable tech evolution in our times. Many companies are trying to explore Artificial Intelligence for using it in their business. AI can be a great means to improve customers experience and streamline business operations. However, developing AI-based systems is an expensive proposition for most businesses. Thus, these businesses won’t develop their own AI system and outsource the service instead. 

AI will have a breakout moment in manufacturing with the increased use of computer vision and emotion recognition. Vicarious, Kindred, and Osaro are US startups that implement AI technology in their manufacturing process. Even Kindred has its own AI-based system to automate the distribution of apparel brands. 

5G Data Networks

2020 is going to see the practical deployment of the Internet of Things. The 5th generation of internet connectivity is going to be widespread this year. Thus, we will enjoy superfast downloads, uploads, and stable connections. 5G mobile data networks came into existence in 2019 but were available in confined areas. But, there will be more affordable data plans for 5G users in 2020. 

Moreover, the improved coverage will allow the mass to be a part of this fun. Super-fast networks will not only help us to stream online content fast but will also offer positive implications for the business world. Thus, we will be able to enjoy a steadfast internet from inaccessible parts of the world as well. Finally, the increased bandwidth will benefit machines, robots, and autonomous vehicles. 

Autonomous Driving

The concept of autonomous vehicles has already aroused a significant amount of excitement. Tesla has shown an interest in manufacturing autonomous vehicles. It added that their vehicles will operate with a lesser degree of autonomy. 

Apart from the car system, we can expect to have automated security and entertainment functions. Along with the car industry, trucking and shipping will also become autonomous. Hence, autonomous driving will be the biggest headline of 2020. However, laws and infrastructure, and social attitudes must be changed to make autonomous driving a reality. 

Personalized and Predictive Medicine

We are going to see a major tech evolution in the healthcare industry. Devices like smartwatches will provide data regarding our health conditions. Thus, users will be able to predict and treat serious health issues before experiencing their symptoms. Besides this, precision medicines will offer a personalized approach to cure diseases. 

The data-driven understanding will enable doctors to precisely prescribe medicines and treatments. Thus, people will be better equipped with different types of medications and treatment. 

Computer Vision:Tech Evolution

Vision refers to the visual images of items, objects, and people. Camera or sensor captures these visual images and recognizes which part of the object it is capturing. In 2020, tools and technologies for computer vision will have more uses. 

Say, for example, autonomous cars will be able to sense the danger and prevent accidents. On the other hand, production lines will employ computer vision cameras to identify defective products or equipment failure. Again, security cameras will create alertness if something goes out of order. So, the surveillance system won’t require 24*7 monitoring. 

Do you know that face recognition will be a part of computer vision? iPhone users have already experienced the utility of Face ID. Even Dubai airport has started implementing face recognition technology to assist customer journey. 

However, this technology will erode the privacy of common people. Hence, a controversy will arise to limit the use of this technology. 

Extended Reality

Extended Reality covers new and emerging technologies to create immersive digital experiences. So, we can call it a combination of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality.

  • Virtual Reality creates a computer-generated world by blending out the reality to provide a digitally immersive experience. 
  • Augmented Reality displays digital objects on the screens of smartphones and computers. 
  • Whereas, Mixed Reality serves as an extension of Augmented Reality to allow user interactions with digital objects. 

The concept of Extended Reality has been prevailing for the few last years but its usage was restricted to the world of entertainment. The current state of the art in video games and camera filters are visible examples of Augmented Reality. However, the scenario is going to change in 2020. Thus, Virtual and Augmented Reality will be available for training, simulation, and customer interaction. 

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology will be extensively covered this year. Blockchain is a digital ledger that is encrypted and decentralized in nature. It securely records transactions of world giants like Mastercard, IBM, Walmart, and FedEx. If it shows real-world results, then small players will also adopt the blockchain technology. If everything goes on the right track, then Facebook will launch its blockchain-based crypto currently known as Libra. 

Aerospace Technologies

Technological advances slowed after the cold war. Companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin are involved in aerospace advancements. SpaceX will reuse the entire vehicle body for developing the rocket Starship. Thus, intercontinental trips will become 20 to 30 minutes faster via space. According to the news report, the Chinese government and private companies are participating in the advancements of space. 

Finishing Up…

2020 will begin the quantum computing era to target the biggest industrial problems. The tech trends will significantly cover two industries: healthcare and energy. New applications will be equipped with better sensors and AI to offer higher performance.

Therefore, 2020 will be full of innovations and leverage the use of technology. So, 2020 is going to be an era of multiple tech trends that were hard to imagine once. However, we don’t know the impact it will have on the global workforce. Thus, it is essential to keep track of these tech evolutions in 2020.

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