Need to retrieve your data quickly? Cannot your computer or hard drive be moved? We’ll think about it! UAE Technician is able to perform live diagnosis and recovery procedures while you are comfortably sitting at your home! Live data recovery is possible on hard drives of any brand or model and on all iOs and Android devices.

Live Data Recovery is a remote technical support service for Microsoft, Macintosh, UNIX / Linux users.

“Remote Assistance” is defined as a professional service by data recovery specialists, which allows users to interact with the user’s PC without having to move the device from their home network exclusively through the Internet.

During a remote service session, a specialized technician will access your PC to start data recovery services wherever possible without having to send the device to our lab.

Our remote service is safe and professional, does not expose your PC to any risk.

What is live data recovery?

Live data recovery is a live data recovery process. By joining the well-known TeamViewer software with the simple installation of a program, you can enter your hard drive, perform a professional diagnosis and retrieve, if the device allows all your data!

Live data recovery can be done on hard drives of every brand and model, iOs and Android devices.

Through the data retrieval process? Live? you can check the status of your disk or device, the technical issues to deal with and recover all your data, whether they are deleted or no longer available.

How do I access Remote Data Recovery?

The Live Data Recovery service can be applied to a running operating system computer in cases where the device to be recovered is external or corrupted computers that cannot boot with the ChallengerOS operating system.

Challenger OS

ChallengerOS is available in ISO format, which can be burned on a cdrom or USB version, and then copied to any pendrive. When you have Challenger available, shut down your computer, and select the cdrom or the ChallengerOS pen drive as your starting device. In about 30 seconds, your computer will start in full live mode without altering your PC.

Live Data Recovery Service Security

ChallengerOS and its remote technical service are completely safe?

It is important to emphasize that it is solely the user who decides to receive remote assistance so that we can allow our technician to access his / her own PC and then his / her files.

All remote sessions will be performed with TeamViewer Remote Assistance Software.

Once the Remote Assistance session has ended, the Technician will permanently close the connection to your device.

Remote Data Recovery Service Operation

Remote Assistance is handled through unique access credentials (ID and Password), which will be communicated and requested to allow remote access by our technicians.

What can you get with Live Data Recovery?

Remote Assistance enables you to intervene in a quick, efficient and cheaper way than a data recovery service at our Technical Laboratory, to resolve data-related problems, lack of hardware recognition, or impossibility of accessing a device data storage.

Is live data recovery always possible?

The live data recovery process allows you to have real-time accurate diagnosis by professional technicians in the field of data retrieval; if the device was severely damaged at the mechanical level and required a white room intervention, we will immediately activate a free pick up of the device and continue the technical operations directly in the lab! Think about it all!

Which cases of data loss can be solved with LIVE DATA RECOVERY

With Live Data Recovery, it will be possible to resolve all hard data recovery cases where the damaged device has the basic operating infrastructure in which the electronic and mechanical components are intact.

It will be possible to retrieve unrecognized hard disks that still expose their capabilities, hard drives from which data cannot be copied, password-protected hard drives, deleted data recovery, and much more.

If the device was not accessible during remote diagnosis

In all cases where it is not possible to activate the Remote Assistance Service or to retrieve the data remotely, we propose the professional data recovery service at our Technical Laboratory, by sending a free courier to withdraw the device directly from your home a direct diagnosis.

Essential Requirements for Activating the Live Data Recovery Service

Network connection

In order to efficiently diagnose or recover data in LIVE mode, you will need to ensure a reliable and LAN-based network connection (WIFI connections can only be used when the device to recover is working, external, and has a loss of data after deletion).

Hard disk availability for data copying

During the recovery session, the client must provide a free hard disk or peripheral capable of copying the data.

External Hard Disk Availability for Clone Damaged Device

In cases where the device to be recovered is seriously damaged, the client must provide a completely free device to remotely execute the cloned drive of the damaged drive.

The device must be completely empty and fully functional.

Before retrieving the data

Before you can access the device and extract the data, a device diagnosis is required.

The diagnosis will be completed in the first 15 minutes of the remote session.

Why is it important to have a professional technical diagnosis?

Performing a proper technical diagnosis on any device is equivalent to the first step towards a successful data recovery procedure.

The “live” diagnosis allows you to detect any problems, avoiding unnecessary steps, saving you time and money!

How much does a live data recovery process cost?

After the initial diagnosis, our technicians will guide you in recovering data that you can continue and end autonomously.

For information on the terms and conditions, call our toll free number 045864033 , contact us at [email protected] or go to our technical assistance page.

Need to retrieve your data quickly?

Can not your computer or hard drive be moved because you do not have permission? Are you too far away from our data recovery center and/or cannot you send it? UAE Technician staff can help you!

UAE Technician is able to retrieve your data while you are comfortably sitting on your home armchair in UAE Dubai and deal for all type of data recovery as given below.

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