It is rumored that Samsung’s future flagships may well be equipped with steam rooms.

Steam rooms for the future Samsung Galaxy

Indeed, the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note could well benefit from this cooling device from 2019, which, if it proves effective, is also more expensive.
Equip Samsung Galaxy with steam rooms from 2019
Smartphones and especially flagships are becoming more and more attractive in terms of power. But this also causes difficulties, such as heating too quickly when you have to use a lot of his device. And this has consequences on the operation of the smartphone, which can then become less efficient precisely.

Often, high-end smartphones embed cooling devices based on heat pipes. This is the case of Samsung flagship, at least since 2016 with the Galaxy S7. If these heat pipes are expensive, they are essential for this type of device.

Samsung should continue to use this system for 2018, especially for the Galaxy S9 and Note 9. But for 2019, it may well be that the South Korean firm is moving towards the steam rooms.

Better cooling system with steam chambers

It is in any case what Digitimes thinks to know. Steam chambers have the advantage of being one of the best heat transfer devices, already used for some graphics cards such as Nvidia GeForce 1080Ti. This does not mean that everything is perfect with these steam rooms.

A first brake is the price of this device, even higher than the heat pipes. This should encourage manufacturers to raise the prices of their flagships. The second and not least, brake is related to the voluminous steam chambers, more important than for heat pipes.

It is probably for this reason that Samsung does not immediately start on this cooling system, and waits a bit to find the parade to have thinner steam rooms, the flagships being for them every day more … fine