Know How to Replace iPhone 6 batteryAvail the Step By Step Guidance Here

Ventilate your iPhone with a new replacement battery readily available worldwide. What will you do if you land up using a swollen battery? You have to take the necessary precautions. In this case, it is essential to detach the front panel assembly. This is too done with the sole purpose of preventing the damage of the cables. If you are uncomfortable while taking out the battery from the iPhone, you can ignore the display removal process and proceed further with the battery removal process as well. For the best performance, you need to calibrate the newly installed battery. Charge it fully and keep doing that for at least two hours. Then start using iPhone till it shuts down because of low battery. Eventually, charge it till it becomes 100%. Still having confusion? Do not worry! This informative guide will walk you through with step by step process of how to Replace iPhone 6 Battery.

Avail the Step By Step Guideline to Replace iPhone 6 Battery

If you are not a tech-savvy person, it becomes difficult for you to deal with such tech-related worries. But with the methods mentioned below, you can easily avail proper guidance to replace iPhone 6 battery without any hassle.

Fix 1: Pentalobe Screws

  1. Before dismantling your iPhone, it is advisable to discharge the battery and keep it below 25%. A lithium-ion charged the battery can catch fire easily and can explode sometimes if punctured.
  2. You need to switch off the iPhone before dismantling.
  3. Detach the two 3.6 mm Pentalobe screws located just beside the Lightning connector.

Fix 2: iSlack Opening Method

The next three steps will tell you about the usage of iSlack. This is basically a tool required to open iPhone 6 which is advisable for those doing more than one repair. However, if you don’t use iSlack neglect the below steps.

  • If you come across the plastic depth gauge connected with the center of the iSlack, detach it as soon as possible. We do not recommend this for larger phones such as the iPhone 6.
  • You have the provision to close the handle on the iSlack. This can be done by opening the suction-cup jaws.
  • Place the bottom portion of the iPhone in the middle of the suction cups.
  • You need to place the iSlack upper suction cup against the display above the home button.
  • Then open up the handles so that you can close the jaws. After that, place the suction cups at the center. Then tap them tightly from both the top and bottom of the iPhone.

Fix 3: Holding it Properly

  1. You need to hold the iPhone firmly. After that, pull off the iSlack Handle in order to segregate the suction cups by pulling the front panel from the periphery.
  2. The iSlack is built with the sole purpose of opening your iPhone in order to segregate the pieces. However, it is not sufficient to damage the display cables.
  3. Detach the two suction cups from your iPhone.

Fix 4: Manual Process Of Opening

If there is an iSlack, proceed using a single suction cup for the purpose of lifting the control panel. This is an effective step to Replace iPhone 6 Battery

  1. Tap the suction cup on the screen placed above the home button.
  2. After that, you have to ensure that the cup is pressed securely into the screen with the sole intent of tightening the seal.

Fix 5: Replace iPhone Battery using Plastic Opening Tool

  1. When you are holding the iPhone, you need to pull up the suction cup in order to separate the front panel assembly from the rear case.
  2. You need to find out the time and apply force at a constant rate. The display assembly is very much tighter than the majority of devices.
  3. With the help of the plastic opening tool, you can scrutinize the rear case down away from the display assembly while pulling up using the suction pump.
  4. You will come across several clips holding the front panel tightly. Therefore, you may require a combo of the suction cup, as well as a plastic opening tool in order the, detach the front panel assembly.
  5. Then you need to pull the plastic club for the purpose of releasing the vacuum seal on the suction cup.
  6. Make the display assembly free by detaching the suction cup.

Fix 6: Opening Up The Phone

  1. You need to open the iPhone by oscillating the home button at the end of the front panel assembly with the help of the phone which will act as a hinge. There are several clips placed at the peak of the front panel creating a partial hinge.
  2. After that, you need to align the clips beneath the top edge of the rear case.
  3. Then you need to slide the panel upward till the top edge gets tinted with the rear case.
  4. You need to open the display at 90-degree angle and place it against something as support while working on the phone.
  5. After that, you should add a rubber band with the intent of protecting the display while working o it. This can prevent the extra strain on the display cables.

Fix 7: Detach the battery connector bracket screws

You need to detach the following two  Philip screws from the battery connector bracket.

  •  2.2 mm screw.
  •  3.2 mm screw.

During the repairing process, monitor each screw and ensure that it goes back to the same source to prevent any damage.

Fix 8: Removal Of Metal Battery Connector Bracket

You can detach the metal battery connector bracket from the iPhone.

Step 9: Remove The Battery Connector

  1. With the help of the plastic opening tool, you need to pull up the battery connector up from the socket placed on the logic board.
  2. Please take care to tint up the battery connector.
  3. If you tint the logic board socket, then it is likely that you break the connector.

Step 10: Detach the front panel assembly cable bracket screws

  1. In order to Replace iPhone 6 Battery, detach the Philip screws which protect the front panel assembly cable bracket.
  • Three 1.2 mm screws
  • One 1.7 mm screws.
  • 3.1 mm screw.
  1. If you place this screws in an improper fashion during reassembly, it can damage the iPhone logic board entirely.

Step 11: The iOpener

If you find broken adhesive strips and battery got stuck to the rear case, create an iOpener. Otherwise, you can use the hairdryer for the purpose of heating the rear case behind the battery. It will be too warm to touch. If you heat it too much, the battery might get ignited.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, this article will give you an entire overview of how to Replace iPhone 6 Battery. You can compare the new replacement with the earlier one. It might happen that you may have to transfer the remaining components or replace the adhesives from the new portion before going ahead with the installation. Apart from this, you can refer the user manual to have a quick glance. Get the best services for  iphone repair in Dubai by UAE Technician


  1. Is it possible to remove an iPhone 6 Battery?

Nowadays, Apple is indulged with the sole intent of replacing batteries on iPhone 6 smartphones. Apple announced to provide replacements recently. Owners can replace iPhone 6 or can proceed with battery replacement online from the official Apple Website.

  1. Where should I get a new battery for iPhone 6?

The fix is very simple. You need to find a new battery. The previous cost of the battery was very high. But recently Apple comes up with the newly made lithium-ion battery at a relatively lower cost.

  1. How long iPhone batteries last?

According to the latest estimates, one battery will last for 400 charges. Henceforth, the longevity of the battery is two years.

  1. How can you fix the iPhone Battery?
  1. First, you need to establish settings from the Home Screen.
  2. Press on Battery. You need to wait for sometime for the Battery to get populated.
  3. Then click on the Show Detailed Usage Button in order to get a breakdown of foreground as well as background power usage,
  4. Check last 7 days history to get a thorough overview of the power consumption. UAE Technician will fix your all issues of iPhone.