No matter how high-quality mobile device and whatever manufacturer mobile , in any case, there are breakages. This blog post is only for those who have so to say “hands are not from,Repair Swing Volume of iphone

No matter how high-quality Mobile device and whatever manufacturer Mobile  in any case, there are breakages. In case you are not particularly oriented in technology it is worth to turn to professionals, to avoid even more serious failures. Almost every city has firms that repair iPhone. You can search for them in the Internet or go to the service centers. For example, if you need to repair the iPhone 7 in Dubai, you should contact UAE Technician.

Volume control

At iPhone there is a button called a swing of loudness. It serves to make it quieter, or louder than a bell. If it stopped working, then you need to try to repair yourself, in the sense of doing certain manipulations. First, try to reboot the device. Pull up and down many times, because this button could stock up. And then take it and hold it tight. Then go to the settings in general and look for the one that we need. Try to reset the device or update the operating system. If everything did not help, you need to replace this part.

Take it to the masters or try to install this button yourself. But it’s not worth it to solder at once. It happens that it sinks in one direction in the reduction of sound. And this may be a problem with the upper loop. It is he who is responsible for adjusting the sound. Maybe, that does not work because of the breakdown of contacts inside the phone; in this case, you have to disassemble everything. This can happen if you repeatedly dropped it, or it fell to the floor, such cases can often happen. And it may even be that after the repair and with it such malfunctions occurred, it means that they have put a defective train. Or it was wet with water.

Repair of swing

When you put new swing loudness, then it will again work well. Now you do not need to think that it is inferior, when all functions work in it. And now in the service centers for the iphone repair of equipment of this brand are suitable with great responsibility. And you can unscrew the special screws near the charging connector; raise the screen with a special sucker. Then completely disassemble it to the smallest detail, and then go to the cogs of the power button behind it the volume button to be replaced. After a change, everything works well.