The junk e-mail, commonly known as spam, is annoying and inconvenient enemy of email. It is an advertising message with the precise aim of promoting commercial products and informing about new technologies. And until here spam does not seem to be a problem, but many spammers, the authors of that message, use this type of message just to cheat or fool the good people. Even if your e-mail is invaded by these messages, nothing scary! In this guide, I will explain how to remove spam from your mail.

Locate all messages that contain the unsubscribe word

First of all, it’s good that you know that most of the sites you subscribe to, store and store your email address will then keep you posted on their newsletter. In this way, your mail will be bombarded by messages of all kinds. Fortunately, elimination is simple and fast. In fact, you can find all the messages that contain the word “unsubscribe”, open them and access the delete link located under unsubscribe.

Create filters

Be well aware that not all advertising emails give you the opportunity to delete the subscription to their newsletter. The majority of them are immediately identified by the provider, which itself delivers them into junk mail. However, it often happens to find these boring mails in the incoming mail. In that case, you just have to memorize all the addresses from which these messages come from, and create filters in such a way that these spams are recognized as unwanted.

Avoid entering the address

You should never forget that a great way to defend yourself against spam is prevention. The bots, that is, those sites or programs that spam authors use to accumulate addresses to which they send mail, analyze the various Internet pages to find valid emails. To ensure that your address does not understand in their hands, try not to put it into public pages or sites that do not trust you or even in social networking posts. The latter is, in fact, the most controlled by spammers.

Report all spam messages before deleting them

Finally, if the provider of your email service allows it, report all spam messages before deleting them. In fact, many people eliminate this kind of message without even opening them and actually failing. You should report this type of scams immediately so help the provider expand the list of senders that will be unwanted. Following these little tips and tricks, you will be finally free from this terrible spam that invades your mail.

Important Tips

If spam messages have attachments, do not download them. Most likely, it’s a virus. If you have still any problem with your email then contact to UAE Technician for email support services.