Our technical expert intervenes for data recovery from MAC systems, with HFS and HFS + operating systems provided by Apple technology. Data recovery operations can be started on any MACINTOSH device, from iMac, iPhone, iPad, xServe, and all other Apple systems. UAE Technician offers data recovery services from formatted hard disks for Apple Mac systems with a preliminary and preventive diagnosis for Mac data recovery in Dubai

MAC systems, like all the products launched by Apple, are extremely successful among users for the extremely intuitive interface type, specially designed to be of user’s reach, design care. Despite meticulous detailing, even MAC systems are equipped with common hard drives and are therefore susceptible to the same damage or data loss situations of any other hard disk.

Are MAC systems safer?

As with any other system, even Apple- designed MAC systems are equipped with common hard drives. This means that, like all hard drives, even internal disk drives to Apple systems are not free from damage and wear, and any other cause of data loss common to all hard drives and systems. The data recovery operations from MAC systems are not particularly different from the measures for the recovery of data from any other device or system different from the Macintosh. The MAC systems are mostly equipped with HITACHI hard drives, the file systems for Apple MAC devices are HFS and HFS +, while the operating system is OSX; using mostly HITACHI hard drives, we can detect a single peculiarity in the sensitivity of these hard drives to a motor problem, which seems to be lost in rotation.

Mac data recovery in DubaiIn addition to this specific damage, due to the type of hard disk model, we can share hard drives for MAC systems to any other device by analyzing all the standard situations that determine the data recovery activities.

The file systems for Apple MAC devices are therefore HFS and HFS +, which provide formatting and protocols that are significantly different from those adopted by Windows, and thus how to interpret and read specific files while analyzing and recovering data. The advanced technical equipment of Recovery Italia allows you to interpret the data streams that the particular file system goes to generate on a regular basis.

Damage and data recovery from Apple Mac hard disk

We have already specified that there is no substantial difference between a formatted hard disk formatted for MAC systems and a hard disk of any other system, other than in the filesystem, so in file management.

Hard drives inserted in MAC systems can detect 3 types of damage:

  1. mechanical damage
  2. logical damage
  3. electrical damage

The mechanical damage regards the heads and engine group corruption, a mechanical component of the hard disk; the head assembly and the engine will be damaged mostly due to device wear, falls or accidental bumps.

The logical corruption relates to the magnetic area of the hard disk, then the logic of the surface plates; generally this type of corruption is related to the fall or the impact of the hard disk, and occurs when the heads, in particular, work irregularly on the plates, damaging them and scratching them.

The electrical damage concerns the electronics PCB or card, or the card positioned in the rear of the ‘hard disk, easily identifiable because of green color; this is particularly sensitive to heat sources due to its specific composition (mainly plastic material, therefore highly flammable), short circuit or overload of voltage.

At the level of damage and data recovery operations, therefore, there is no difference in operating hard disk MAC rather than other types.

The difference remains at the level of file analysis, or rather, the interpretation of the HFS filesystem.

In addition to mechanical, electrical, and logical damage, data loss-related situations such as accidental formatting, data erasure, incorrect formatting, file encryption, overwriting, or file access must be considered.

UAE Technician operates on all Apple devices such as  MacPro , MacBook , iMac, and any platform designed by Apple, and mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad.

Data recovery from Apple mobile devices

In addition to Apple Mac hard disk systems, our mac data recovery service is also extended to mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets, such as iPhones and iPads, each series, and every iOS operating system version.

Our UAE Technician Engineers have developed software with a free demo that allows the user to retrieve the data and information contained in their devices without the need to send the device to our centers, but directly from their PC, by downloading the software and connecting the iOS device from which you want to retrieve the data.