Wireless Support for 3 device

AED 700.00

  • Support for Internet wireless router or AP upto 3 devices.
  • Understanding & Troubleshooting the Problem.
  • Re-configuration of Wireless devices/SSID change, password Change
  • One Time IT Support On-Site Visit.


With increased use of Wireless devices, you may get more frequent troubles from your wireless devices like wireless routers or access points, etc. This package is exclusively designed for the customers who need onsite support for up to 3 devices. Our technician will make one-time visit to your place and will fix any underlying issues related to your devices. The package provides best value for money as you will charge a reduced price that would have cost lot more with single device support package.

  • Detection and Resolution of up to 3 Wireless Devices
  • Setting up and Reconfiguration of Wireless Devices
  • Improved Performance.


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