A laptop is necessary for our day to day lives. But, we also face much of our troubles while using a laptop. Likewise, if the laptop breaks down for even a couple of hours, it is really as a nightmare to us to even ponder on it. For instance, what if when we get into trouble with the laptop charger? If you are in trouble with the laptop plugged in not charging. Then, this article will help you to solve the issue. So, keep your eye on the article to resolve the issue.

At the beginning of the article, we should know some of the reasons for the laptop plugged in not charging issue. Follow our content to know about the details of the issue.

Causes Of Laptop Plugged In Not Charging:

The plugged in not charging is a very common issue with the laptop users. Here are some of the reasons for laptop plugged in not charging issue.

  • The issue might be happening due to the faulty laptop battery charger. This problem might be caused if the charger is not giving the required DC output for the charging purpose.
  • The problem might happen due to the battery issue. If the users are connected with an old battery, then this might make spring up the laptop not charging issue.
  • The Windows updating issue might be another reason behind this type of problem.
  • Problem with outdated battery drivers which are unable to work correctly might be the reason for this issue.

So, these were the few reasons for the laptop plugged in not charging issue. All the above-mentioned reasons could be the reason for this kind of issue.

Now is the time to discuss the solution with the problem. Hence, go through the article and follow a few simple steps to resolve the problem.

Laptop Plugged In Not Charging Easy Hacks:

Here are some easy tips to solve the trouble with your laptop charger. Go through the simple steps to resolve the problem on your own.

Unplug The Charger From Your Device:

To get rid of from the laptop charger issue at first, you should unplug the charger port from your laptop device. And you should plug it into a different outlet other than the outlet which you were using. After that, you need to remove your battery from the device. Then, you should hold down the power button for a few minutes. Next, you have to put the battery back into the device and now you can plug it into a new outlet.

Check The Charger Cord Before Using It:

It must need to check the cord of the charger before charging the device. You should examine that if there is any tear, dents or any of worn-down surroundings in your charger. If you find or smells anything like burn plastic, then you immediately need to replace your charger. This type of issues could cause danger.

Check Out If There Is Any Lose Connection:

Check out if the charger cord attachment is lost with your device, then this could be the reason for the problem. If you face this type of issue while charging then at first, you need to remove the wire. Then, connect the device with a different charger.

Cool Down Your Device:

Cooling down the device may solve the problem. If your laptop battery gets hot while charging then excessive heat could be the interrupt of the charging process. If this ever happened to you then shut down your device and cool it down this may solve the issue. Sometimes, this overheating problems might happen due to the non-charging battery. This problem might prevent by shutting down the laptop.

Check Out The Default Settings Of Your Device:

The charging problem might happen due to the reason of problem with your settings. If you ever faced any problem with your laptop charger. Then you should check out your device settings. Stay glued with this article to proceed with the settings.

For Windows Users:

The Windows laptop users can follow the instruction. Go to the control panel and open the power options. After that, you need to open the plan settings and check if the settings properly set or not. If you found any incorrect settings for the battery display and the sleep option. If this issue happened to you then change the settings this will solve the problem.

For Mac Users:

If the settings problem ever happened for the Mac users then at first, select the Energy Saver pane and you need to review the preferences. Then adjust the time that the computer can sit idle till it goes to sleep. If it becomes a short interval then that means the problems occur due to the settings problem. After that, check the battery power settings and also the wall power settings. If the problem happens due to the settings issue then that will be shown to you at the default settings section.

Upgrade The Device Driver:

The issue might happen due to the outdated device driver. Update the driver by following this steps. At first, open the Device Manager option. There will show you three options as in

  • For the battery
  • For the charger
  • Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery

When these three options appear on your screen open each of the three options. Then there will appear a properties window in the Driver tab. There you will see the Update Driver option click on it to update the Drive. After completing the updating procedure you have to reboot your device.

If this did not proceed then you can the other process which is, uninstall the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery and reboot your device.

For Mac Users:

Mac users can reset the drive from the System Management Controller remove the battery and shut down the power then restart the device.  If the battery is undetachable then shut down your device but keep the adapter connected with your device. During the power off mode hold the power button with pressing the Shift control option at the same time. Then, release the power button and restart your laptop.

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