Sony has already announced that the next-generation PlayStation 5 will be a gaming changing console. The release date is not out yet. However, it can be expected by the end of 2020. Along with that, during The Future Of Gaming event, the design of PlayStation 5 was revealed.

Concerning that, the design of PlayStation 5 is unlike the previous generation series. The slick design comes with full of surprises among which one stands out the most and that is the introduction to Digital Edition. 

PlayStation 5 will no longer be a console with a disc drive. The console will remain digital and streamlined. Additionally, Sony has not released the overall price for PlayStation 5 or the date of its release either. But, we’ve done our homework on reviewing the 8th generation console. So, here’s all that you need to know about PlayStation 5!

PlayStation 5 Overview

Company has made it clear that the next-generation console, PlayStation 5 will have a controller unlike any other controller of the previous generation. The upcoming controller will have DualSense configuration. 

This implies that the controller will have unique features like adaptive triggers, an in-built microphone system for voice recognition & assistance, haptic feedback, and much more.

However, this is not the only standout feature of the new controller. The design of the control is also very specific in terms of the design of the console itself. It comes with a tinge of black and white color pattern, thus making the entire design of both console and controller, significant. 

That being said, PS5 comes with another set of unique features. For instance, Mark Cerny, the System Architecture of Sony has discussed the technical detail of the next-generation console. Other than that, it is clear that PS5 will have a hardcore CPU with AMD Zen 2. 

Inside the CPU would have an 8th core processor running at 3.5 GHz with a RAM memory of 16GB GDDR6. And, this does not end because they’ve introduced an additional configuration to make performance more powerful. And, that is RDNA 2 AMD Graphic Processor Unit which is a custom made at 10.28 TFLOPS. 

On the other hand, PS5 has other features like ray-tracing, an in-built 4K Blu-ray player with an introduction to a super-fast SSD. This also does not end here, since the details are going to leave you wanting more. Read more to find out.

PlayStation 5: Detailed Specifications

The specifications of PlayStation 5 is all geared up with powerful configurations. Here’s a detailed list of the new additions:

  • Central Processing Unit: AMD Zen 2 
  • Processor: 8 core (3.5)GHz
  • Graphics Processing Unit Architecture: Custom RDNA 2
  • Interface (Memory): 16GB GDDR6 (256 bit)
  • Bandwidth (Memory): 448GB per second
  • Internal Storage Capacity: 825GB SSD (Custom)
  • IO Throughput: 8-9GB per second (Compressed) and 5.5GB per second (raw)
  • Storage Space (Expandable): NVMe SSD Slot
  • Storage (External): USB HDD Support 
  • Optical Drive: 4K Ultra High Definition Blu-ray drive.

Building the specifications of PlayStation 5 has been apparently developer-friendly. But despite the effort, there are some key configurations that add powerful weight to the console.

1)  SSD:

                    PlayStation 5’s success depends on the SSD significantly. With the addition of 825GB storage space, SSD  practically creates a vast world for the gameplay, in terms of theory. Besides, SSD in PS5 will be useful in loading games from its own memory instead of the RAM memory. Thus, the performance rate will be increasingly good with less time taken for operations. For instance, booting up from the home page will take less time in response. 

Here’s an interesting fact that depicts the power of SSD in PlayStation 5. Apparently, Epic Games denoted that the developers of PS5 had to rebuild the Unreal Engine demo when an SSD was added. It majorly implies that SSD can make performance and speed smooth so why not tune up the environment with a little more detail?

2) GPU (Custom Processor) :

                                                  After reviewing, PlayStation 5 also comes with a unique Graphics Processing Unit that has a frequency of 3.5GHz. That implies that the console will run on 8x Zen 2 cores whereas the PS2 Jaguar would run at 1.6GHz.

This sets a huge difference in the performance. That being said, the AMD RDNA 2 is made for customization. The GPU works all the 36 units which run at 2.23GHz.

The introduction to this specific configuration makes the backward compatibility with PS4 much easier. Instead of a million codes, the architecture of the GPU resolves the issues of gaming compatibility.

However, the GPU mimics that of the PS4. If the method is compared to the Xbox series then the emulator may not be as unique but it still fits as a solution.

3) Tempest 3D Audio:

PlayStation is coming with its audio support that is also significantly powerful due to Tempest Engine. According to Cerny, Tempest Engines can hold the value of hundred in terms of audio sources which is depicted as a refined but complex system of sound. 

To make the distinction more vivid and clear, Cerny made use of an example and that is rainfall. He mentions that the peculiar sound of rainfall comes to a single track.

But with the newly carved audio support features like 3D audio processing, in Sony PS5, a character in-game, would be able to hear it distinctively for every raindrop. Or to make it more clear, a character in the game would be able to hear any object pass through the front to the back. Similarly, from the right side to the left side without any distortion.

The surrounding sound might be one of the biggest secrets of Sony’s success. Cerny also mentions that the development team, instead of using the same chain of the algorithm to produce uncountable sound sources, they look forward to building on simple yet precise algorithms.

Thus, the sole purpose of refining the audio deck is to give more weight in sound directionality and a sense of fulfilling presence in the game to make it more real.

PlayStation 5: Introduction Digital Edition

playstation 5 digital editionThe introduction to Digital Edition is one of the newest features added to the console. This means that the next-generation console will not have a disc drive. Instead, everything will be digital in a streamlined manner. 

Sony had the ultimate idea where they wanted to make their new generation a physical-media free console. This would imply that players can now stream games from an online platform and download them instead of using discs. 

That being said, trading or swapping games is no longer a viable choice for gamers since everything will be moved digitally. However, an option of the disc-based console does exist, to say the least, and it’s only for those who prefer the physical attributes of game discs.

On the other hand, the price of Digital Edition has not been mentioned. However, to be able to remove the disc tray and enhance a digital platform to play games, does mean a lot of power has been implemented in it. Hence, the price of PS5 speaks for itself. But, that also does not mean it won’t be in an affordable range.

PlayStation 5: Price

As of now, Sony has not declared the price of PlayStation 5 as the price may have not been decided yet. Concerning that, Hiroki Totoki, an official chief Financial Member of Sony had mentioned in February of 2020 that Sony has still not decided what the price of PS5 might be. 

Totoki also mentioned that putting a PS5 price in Dubai is relatively hard for Sony. But, Sony has given hints that the price would be based on the overall comfort for everyone, including that of the company. To say, finding a balance between the company’s profit and for people to buy is what seems like a difficult decision. 

Concerning that, let’s shed some light on the price as Jim Ryan, Sony’s CEO, and Interactive Entertainment President mention a key phrase that determines the price. He mentions that the price is not going to be the lowest for obvious reasons. But, it might be in a battle with the Xbox Series X price. However, he further clarifies that the price would not beat that of Xbox Series X.

Speculation on Deciding Price

In a recent post, Ryan also mentions the factors that the pandemic could affect the overall pricing of the PS5. A game that holds such high values might have its sale affected. To his own clarification, he suggests that a value proposition at this moment could be helpful in pricing PS5. He further adds that the price would not be on the lowest in the scale either. However, a combination of different values will help to determine the final price. 

On the other hand, various other sources claim that Sony might have revealed it’s final price which is set to be at $499. Despite them being rumoured, many of these source claims are feasible since $499 is only $100 more than PS4’s final price.

Console Demand on Launch

Playstation store launchOn the other hand, the launch of PlayStation 5 will have minimum sets of consoles available since Sony is not too hopeful about the demand as of now. Though the production rate is still on the uprise without any delay. This also implies that Sony is not expecting a spike in demand which could also imply the price being higher. 

In short, Sony might be waiting to drop the final price right before the launch, given the current situation, which is unlike before. Utilizing the time till he launches, Sony might be working on setting its final value combining all the values of the console.

PlayStation 5: Gameplay

ps5 games higest quality

Sony’s game lineup looks different and filled with versatility. The announcement made on 11th June 2020, had a list of the possible games that you can play on PS5 that are compelling and have a strong showcase. Both the first and the third party developers are thrilled to be a part of its launch. 

Famous game studios like Bethesda and Capcom are one of the game developers for PS5 in the list. However, they are not just the only stand out for the PS5 gameplay. Here’s what you can expect in top games for PS5:

  • A sequel of Horizon Zero Dawn of the main game Horizon Forbidden West is going to be one of the most stand out games in PS5 gameplay. The game is finely crafted with extreme visuals and mesmerizing tropical reef, and detailed environment. 


  • On the other hand, the previous franchise of many games is going to be a part of PS5 too, for Instance, Insomniac Game’s Spider-Man. The environment world takes you to the vast ground of Manhattan that gives off a real vibe during the gameplay. 


  • Another standout game that will be a part of PS5 is Demon’s Soul. However, it has not been confirmed by the official yet. Similarly, a remake of Resident Evil is also a question asked by many people. Fortunately, that has come true as Resident Evil’s sequel Resident Evil 8 as well as The Village will be a part of the games in PS5.

PS5 Release Date

The news of the PS5 release date has been confirmed by Sony officials. The post mentions the release date to be around the 2020 holidays. This implies that the release date is likely to be around the month of October to the end of December this year. Additionally, it also conflicts with the Xbox series X release date. 

Other sources reveal that the date of release will likely be on November 20th. However, the legitimacy of these PlayStation blog sources is yet to be confirmed by the Officials of Sony. The sole reason to have this specific date rumoured is because of the previous releases of the PlayStation series. 

Since Christmas is one of the biggest holidays, it could spike up the sale making it a perfect opportunity for the launch. On the other hand, the production of graphics chipset and processor, AMD which serves both PlayStation 5 and X box series are gearing up for the launch. 

Even Lisa Su, the CEO of AMD has suggested during the month of May, the release date might likely be around November.

PlayStation: Key Facts 

If you are excited about the PlayStation 5 release then here are some key facts that you need to check out. Additionally, it will give you an idea of what you’re expecting. 

  • The Sony PlayStation 5 is the next generation console built by Sony. The generation is 8th as of now. 
  • The date of release is likely to be at the end of 20202, amidst the holidays.
  • Popular games like Resident Evil 8, Demon Souls remake, Spider-Man, and Horizon Zero Dawn sequels are the main highlights of the PS5 gameplay. Besides that, the digital store for gaming holds a lot of variety of games. 
  • An additional feature is an introduction to PS5 VR (PlayStation Virtual Reality). The new console will have a VR that is compatible with the console. 
  • Sony has lastly confirmed that the date of its release will not extend due to the global epidemic, Coronavirus.

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