PC repair due to a short circuit. Replacement motherboard and power supply

Computer Mother Board RepairA private individual who lives in Dubai  contacted us because we intervened urgently: the computer no longer turned on but had to solve the problem quickly because it had to deliver a job due soon.

Arriving at the client’s home, we tried to turn on the PC and found that it actually showed no signs of life. We then started to proceed by step.

First we tried to replace the power supply and verified that all the cables were correctly connected to the motherboard. Having made the necessary checks also on the power button, since the problem was still not solved, we found that the problem was probably related to a short circuit on the motherboard.

Problem resolution

We changed the power supply and had to replace the motherboard, which, being the most important element of the computer, conditions its operation. Everything that resides inside the computer is in fact connected to the motherboard, which receives power from the power supply and passes it to the other components: processor, USB ports, speakers, fans to name a few.

We focused on an Intel motherboard, because it is compatible with the processor and we have chosen, in agreement with the customer, the Gigabyte B360M D3H: within the mid-range one of the best purchases.

The customer was very satisfied with the speed of the intervention, and in a very short time he was able to continue working on the document he was supposed to deliver the next day.

If you have any problems using your PC, contact us , we will find the best solution together!