Even if you clean your home daily, there are also some places that are not easy to clean. Hence, you might overlook the place. From the fireplace to the dishwasher, these areas should also be cleaned on a regular basis. No matter how well you clean your home and surroundings you might skip any place from where the dirt and dust will spread on the whole room.

There are various areas that you have skipped while cleaning your home. Among them, we have listed the 15 most overlooked areas in your home that should be cleaned every day. Hence, go through this post and check out those places. This will help you not to miss the place from the next time.

15 Germiest Areas in your Home that You Need to Clean:

Are you confident enough that you have cleaned all the areas in your home? According to the survey, it is observed that in which places we overlooked most of the time virus and bacteria are spread from those places. There are high chances that you may have overlooked several important places and appliances to clean. Hence, you should also clean those areas as well and make your home neat and clean. Here, we have mentioned 15 places. Take a look at them.

#1. Coffeemaker

Let’s start off with the coffeemaker. This machine seems like a pretty innocuous piece of equipment. Researchers said that coffeemaker machines come under the top 10 germiest equipment in your house. Therefore, you need to clean it once a month with equal parts of white vinegar and freshwater.

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#2. Kitchen Trash Can

You may have leftover food and debris in the kitchen Trash can. Therefore, you need to clean out the trash can on a regular basis. Otherwise, the leftover food and debris may get rotten there. Then, it will spread bad smell in the whole room. It will not be good for your health. Hence, throw out the waste materials from the trash can and clean it with the freshwater. You can also use bleaching powder in order to kill the germs from the trash can.

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#3. The Washing Machine

Sometimes, you might smell a little funky smell in your home. But you may not be able to recognize from where you get this. So, if you have a washing machine in your home, then the smell probably comes from there. This problem occurs because you do not clean it for a long time. Most people overlook to clean a washing machine. Hence, you need to clean it once a week with some baking soda and vinegar. Afterward, the machine will work properly without any issue.

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#4. The Dishwasher

Just like you do not clean the washing machine, also, you overlook to clean the dishwasher as well. If you do not clean it from time to time, it will not function properly. Therefore, some lemon juice, baking soda, vinegar will help you to clean it and remove germs in it.

#5. TV Remote

Now, this is a very essential element in our daily life. Most of us use TV and also TV remote to access the TV, but you do not clean it. After using it for a long time, if you do not clean on a period of time, it will not work properly. As a result, you will encounter various problems with it. Hence, you should also keep on your TV remote. The dust enters the TV remote and it damages the keys. Hence, you should keep with proper care with the TV remote. You can also use a cover for the remote. Sometimes, the TV remote should be kept under the sunlight. Due to this, it will work the way it should.

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#6. Ceiling Fan

You need to keep the ceiling fan on proper guidance. When you do not use means in the winter season, it has no work. In this time you need to grab a stepladder place a pillowcase over the blade. Due to this, in the summer season, it will run with proper speed.

#7. Lampshades

If you are cleaning and moving with a duster, then give a wipe in your lampshades as they are a target for settling dust.

#8. Bathroom Decor

If you do not clean the bathroom regularly, then the toothbrush holder and other areas may get dirty due to this. Hence, you need to clean it every day. Otherwise, the germs and bacteria will spread from there. And as a result, you may get affected by the germs and cause various diseases. Hence, it is better to clean it and maintain proper hygiene.

#9. Toaster

If we ask you when you last clean the toaster. You might get in trouble when you hear the question. All of us do not clean after using it. Therefore, you need to clean the crumbs from the toaster with a dry cloth and make it clean with warm soapy water. You can also keep it under the sunlight after clean it with soapy water.

#10. Extractor Fan

In case, if you touche in the extractor fan in the kitchen, then you will find greasy in it. Therefore, you need to clean it with hot soapy water. You can also use baking soda in order to remove the grease. After cleaning it dry it with the help of the sunlight. After that, connect it and use it.

#11. Cushion Covers

Some of the cushion covers are removable and some of them are not. Therefore, you need to wash of the cushion cover. And use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the non-removable cushion covers.

#12. Under your Appliances

If you overlook to clean under the refrigerator, washing machine, your bed, etc, then it is your fault. Never overlook such a place as this place consists of more dust and dirt. Though it is time taken and but you need to clean it every day to keep yourself safe from the diseases.

#13. Hair Brushes and Combs

Most of the time, dead skin cells, dirt, and other germs are accumulated in your hairbrushes and combs. These should be cleaned out as early as possible. In case, you overlook to clean your hairbrushes and combs, it will eventually damage your hair and scalp.

#14. Utensil Drawer

Nother thing is to clean the utensil drawer on a daily basis. Otherwise, it will breed with full of germs and bacteria.

#15. Refrigerator

You will find that the top and bottom portion of the refrigerator will get dirty easily. The top sight of the refrigerator is out of sight, due to this, the dirt and dust easily stored on this portion. Hence, you need to clean the dust with the broom.

We hope after reading this article you will get a clear idea of what should clean to get a fresh room and fresh air. We also provide the best cleaning Service as given below category.

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