Microsoft Whiteboard coming to the Store in Preview form for the USA

Microsoft Whiteboard is available for free download in the Microsoft Store, although still in the Preview phase. It is a collaborative tool that, as the name clearly states, simulates a physical whiteboard, with some advantages deriving from the cloud and the subscription to Office 365.

All those who have access to a whiteboard (of course if they can have more than one, as if they were normal files) have the ability to make changes in real time , using the nib writing system built into Windows 10 known as Windows Ink . The advantage is that as long as only one of the users has an Office 365 account to activate the collaboration in real time.

Microsoft Whiteboard is not just a white sheet on which to draw. Thanks to the power of Windows Ink, it is able to recognize and transform tables, graphs and diagrams into editable objects.

Whiteboard had been demonstrated initially during this spring; today begin what can be defined as public tests. The link on the Microsoft Store is not yet active, but it will be within the next few hours; in any case. In fact it will not be for anyone who is not natively anglophone. However, it is sufficient to set the Windows language in English to get around the block.