Get Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4 Screen Repair Professionals from UAE Technician

The leading organization to provide repairs for Microsoft Surface screens in the whole of Dubai is UAE Technician and we accomplished more than 1000+ repairs from the inception till now! Why trust an entity who doesn’t have the expertise to tackle your problems. Or even trust a technical body which isn’t a reliable option to whom you can leave your computer system and data. Count on authorized agencies like us since we’ve been at it for quite a long time thereby strengthening our skills. However, the UAE Technician experts grant screen repairing services for all your tech devices including tablets, smartphones, laptops as well as iPads satisfying customers throughout the entire UAE. But, now, we increased our periphery by adding Microsoft Surface Screen Repair services to the already-long list which includes the Surface Pro 3 screen repairs along with the Surface Pro 4 screen repairs as well. Hence, why buy another when you can fix the same?

Is your location the issue? And you find it tough to reach our office because you reside in some far off place? We ensure you that this won’t be an issue at all! Just deliver the broken or damaged Microsoft Surface to us through a registered mail address to which it goes after we’ve successfully fixed and tested it! Also, for an additional 50 AED, kindly mail a box along with the order to prevent the product from any potential damage. And Dubai residents seeking Computer Repair Services can easily visit us at our headquarters or call us. Thus, geographical locations fail to bar our service facilitation.

We Fix all Microsoft Surface Pros as well as Microsoft Surface Books!

Currently, we are emphasizing screen repairs for the models mentioned below. We attach a little preview on the subjects we attend and more about them later. Inspect the devices’ names to ensure if your Microsoft gadget is present.

  1. We provide services to repair damaged and broken Surface RT screens.
  2. A damaged Surface Pro is a common product that we receive to fix.
  3. We also attend to a lot of clients with Surface RT 2 screen issues.
  4. Also, we offer the best services to fix Surface Pro 2.
  5. A new addition, the Surface Pro 3 screen damage are all handled here with equal efficiency.
  6. Similar to the previous Microsoft device, the Surface Pro 4 screen conditioning services are also a fresh update.
  7. Finally, the best Surface Book repairing services are also provided right here.

Prices are based on the AED and can change at anytime, all prices will be confirmed on drop off if any changes to bellow list.

Surface RT 1 750 Dirhams
Surface PRO 1 750 Dirhams
Surface RT 2 750 Dirhams
Surface PRO 2 750 Dirhams
Surface RT 3 750 Dirhams
Surface PRO 3 1750 Dirhams
Surface PRO 4 1450 Dirhams
Surface Book 2000 Dirhams

Repair Approach Taken by Microsoft & UAE Technician

Let us present you a better and clearer picture by walking you through the pattern and approach that both Microsoft and we, at UAE Technician, employ. And then, we leave the decision to you.

How does Microsoft Repair Work?

Initially, you require to book and fix an appointment via the Microsoft webpage for requesting a device repair. Then, you must ship and deliver the Surface device to the Microsoft repair office to which they send you a refurbished one. Yes, they actually do not repair yours! Also, Microsoft does not transfer data and hence, you tend to lose your settings along with important documents. And such a scenario compels you to reload all the data and programs a second time which is quite a hassle. Also, such an operation still takes more than a couple of weeks, sometimes, more than 3 weeks beginning with your shipment of the damaged one till you receive an alternate Surface which you are yet to personalize. Also, the charge for such a procedure is quite high which almost sounds unreasonable. However, apart from that, if your device is severely damaged physically, we highly suggest you take this alternative.

How does UAE Technician Work?

We do not alter or change any device and return you what’s yours! We treat the damaged screen by removing it and then restoring it with an authentic LCD as well as glass unit all in one. Also, the turnarounds are prompt taking a maximum of a couple of weeks. That said, you receive the package within a week depending on our stock levels. As we said earlier, your device remains yours and all your data and programs retain their settings. Hence, you don’t need to go through any such hassle. Once you receive it, you do not require to work on the settings since your Surface returns to you repaired only.

Microsoft Surface Devices

The Windows Surface series is similar to a notebook computer system possessing a removable keyboard feature and furnished with a docking junction along with a Surface pen. The series also consists of the Surface RT, the Surface 2, the Surface Pro, and others that we laid down for you above for your convenience. However, as directed earlier, we have presented concise yet sufficient information regarding some of the Surface models that we discussed earlier.

Surface RT

The device possesses sensitive touch gestures and bears a display and resolution of 10.6 inches and 1366 x 768 pixels respectively. Also, the nifty and smart kickstand and agile keyboard options contribute to its strong features. However, most reviewers claim the Surface RT’s display isn’t really that great while the Operating System is substandard to the Windows 8 OS.

Surface 2

The Surface 2 is known popularly as the 10-inch faster and thinner tablet with Office. And when one compares it with its predecessors, they find that the Surface 2 is way more advanced and improved. With a display section of 10.81 inches along with a resolution of 190 x 1080 pixels, this machine promises you the best performance and delivers so as well. The device exists in two storage variations namely an internal space of 32GB and 64GB. The services for this device’s repair is also attainable because there are plenty of occurrences of the Microsoft Surface being either dropped or unintentionally hit.

Surface 3

A 10.8-inch screen measurement, as well as a resolution of 1920 x 1280 pixels, is just all you require in a tablet. However, the camera is of 8 megapixels which, in a tablet, is quite good and acceptable. Similar to the Surface 2, it arrives in two variations, one of 64GB and the other of 128GB of internal space. Also, you can extend the storage with an external microSD card. Therefore, this device bears all the storage strength that you need.

Surface Pro 2

Now, this is a dual-core tablet PC which holds the Windows 8.1 Pro Operating System. It possesses a High-definition widescreen of 11-inch along with a 10-point multitouch display bearing a ClearType and technology. However, even though the display and screen features are promising and attractive enough, this device’s screen is susceptible to breakage and damage quite easily.

Surface Pro 3

Now, the Surface Pro is the device which you can operate on just as you do on your laptop. Yes, it replaces your laptop! An improved device, the Surface Pro 3 is compared to the Apple’s 13-inch iPad Air and MacBook. Even though the built is thick and bulky, the Surface defeats the Apple’s MacBook in its specifications. Thereby, it proves its convenience in use. The Surface Pro 3 possesses a 12-inch display along with a resolution of 2160 x 1440 pixels multi-touch screen. Also, it has a sufficient RAM of 8GB. However, the screen is still prone to breakage and must be taken care of.

Surface Pro 4

A premium Windows laptop is far advanced than it preceding one. With the strong performance delivery along with excellent battery life, most reviewers say that it is the best buy for the premium features that it possesses. A display of 12.3-inch and also a resolution of 2736 x 1824 pixel just tops it off. The promising look and appealing design are sufficient to convince buyers to take it home. However, the screen is the sensitive section which one must look after.

How Can You Protect Your Device’s Screen?

A device’s portability does not warrant its durability. And in the gadget-sphere, the display screen is highly significant. A computer system without its monitor defeats its main function since you fail to observe the computing process. Also, a cracked screen of a smartphone may give you plans to operate your device easily and you end up tapping your screen but no output is visible. Hence, it is necessary to always take care of the display screens to prevent any damage which bugs you since you have to prepare for its repairing. And to shield and protect your device’s screen, you can refer to plenty of measures.

If your device has a touch screen, purchase strong screen protectors from any computer store. However, for laptops, we suggest investing in a travel bag which is fully padded. Several people prefer to invest in proper protection for their laptop and smartphone screens. And this prevents any damage right from the beginning. Also, you can invest in a highly strong tablet screen guard for tablets.

When to go for Microsoft Surface Screen Repair?

A Microsoft Surface screen repair is our strong suggestion if your devices are severely bent or cracked. However, the time that is taken to repair a screen actually depends on the severity and extent of the damage.

Microsoft instructs you to strictly remove or back up your necessary files, media, and documents. Also, you must remove the personal accessories such as Surface cover, the memory card, USB devices, SIM cards, and both audio and video cables. You can easily move files from the device to OneDrive where all your personal items are safely backed up. And when you receive the ‘repaired’ Surface, you will notice all your settings and programs have been restored and set as default. Hence, Microsoft itself instructs and suggests you save your important documentation and data separately.

Want Assitance? Contact UAE Technician Today!

Microsoft Surface tablets are definitely more than mere tablets and laptops. As a regular portable device, it knows your preferences and your operation technique. And adapts to them thereby promising a more personalized experience. And their advanced aspects capture your interests from the very inception. Also, the design of every model is convincing and user-friendly. However, the display screen, not only of Surface series but others as well, is vulnerable to breakage for which you must look after it ensuring they have the prior protection on them. And if you encounter any damage in your Surface device, UAE Technician is ever present to fix them for you, including the Surface Pro 3 screen repairs and Surface Pro 4 screen repairs! Get in touch with us at our authentic email address or you can even call us directly at:045864033 . We love to serve our customers as we have done all throughout the UAE providing 100% service satisfaction. We also fix Surface pro  keyboard breakages .

FAQ –  Microsoft Surface Pro Screen Repair

What should I do if my Microsoft Surface Pro screen is cracked or damaged?

If your Surface Pro screen is cracked or damaged, it’s best to seek professional repair services to assess the extent of the damage and discuss potential repair options.

Can I replace the Surface Pro screen myself?

While it’s technically possible to replace the screen yourself, it’s a complex and delicate process. We recommend having it done by a our technician to avoid further damage.

How much does Microsoft Surface Pro screen repair typically cost?

The cost of screen repair for a Microsoft Surface Pro can vary depending on the model and the extent of the damage. Contact a our repair service for a specific quote.

Does repairing the screen void my Surface Pro’s warranty?

If your Surface Pro is still under warranty, repairing the screen at an authorized service center should not void your warranty. However, using unauthorized repair services may have warranty implications.

How long does it take to repair a Microsoft Surface Pro screen?

The repair time can vary based on the model and the complexity of the repair. In most cases, it can take a few hours to a day to complete the screen replacement.

Can a cracked Surface Pro screen be repaired, or does it need to be replaced entirely?

In most cases, a cracked Surface Pro screen will need to be replaced with a new one, as repairing individual cracks may not be practical or cost-effective.

Is it possible to recover data from a Surface Pro with a damaged screen?

Data recovery is possible even if the screen is damaged. A technician can help you access and retrieve your data before performing the screen repair.

How can I find a reliable service for Microsoft Surface Pro screen repair?

To find a reliable service, consider looking for authorized Microsoft service providers, checking online reviews, and asking for recommendations from friends or colleagues who have had similar repairs.