Avail Trusted Microsoft Surface Pro Battery Replacement at Your Doorstep

No matter how well you are handling your laptop, the battery needs to be replaced after a certain time period. A battery tends to lose its capacity with usage and hence your laptop fails to perform as per your expectations. Moreover, your laptop takes more time to charge when connected to a power outlet. The charge also gets drained out in a few minutes. When the battery is corrupted, nothing will happen by reducing the brightness, disabling the WiFi connection, closing the running apps. 

This is really an annoying situation if you can’t use your laptop optimally. Microsoft Surface Pro users are experiencing such issues with their laptop. Hence, they require a Microsoft Surface Pro battery replacement for their laptop. Experts at UAE Technician can replace the worn-out battery of your laptop and help you in this regard.

Reasons to Choose UAE Technician for Microsoft Surface Pro Battery Replacement

UAE Technician is a proven solution for Microsoft Surface Pro battery replacement due to the following reasons:

1. Generation of Battery Report

If the battery needs replacement, then we will first generate a battery report detailing everything about the battery. The battery capacity history shows how the battery is depleted over time. Even the battery life estimate states how long your battery will last in its current condition. Thus, you will be assured whether your laptop’s battery needs to be replaced or not. 

2. Highly Skilled Technicians

UAE Technician deploys only skilled and certified experts for replacing Microsoft Surface Pro battery. They are knowledgeable enough to deal with all versions of Microsoft Surface Pro. Hence, they will change the battery without causing minor damage to your laptop. 

3. 24*7 Support

Our platform is round the clock available to cater to the needs of Microsoft Surface Pro users. You can connect with our experts at the point of time and take suggestions from them. We provide tips on how to extend battery life. 

4. Affordable Service

We are renowned as one of the affordable service providers in the UAE. Our customer-centric service is designed upon the requirements of customers. Thus, you will receive the service you are supposed to get for your laptop. We charge our service depending upon the severity of your problem. For instance, the battery seems to be fixable with a simple repair. Hence, we will repair the battery instead of replacing it with a new one. Moreover, you won’t have to pay for a new battery and save your money accordingly. 

5. Quickest Service

As soon as we receive a service request from our customer, we connect with that person and fix an appointment. We then reach the person at the scheduled time and try to finish our work on the same day. We don’t carry laptops along with us to our service center. This is why we replace the battery in front of the customer to avoid any doubts. We inform customers about an estimated time for our service. Hence, you can relax by thinking that your problem will be solved within the stipulated time period. 

6. Service Guarantee

We offer a guarantee period for our service. As a result, you will get a free service if the battery starts malfunctioning during the guarantee period. 

Reach Us for an Authentic Battery Replacement:

UAE Technician is a brand name for Microsoft Surface Pro battery replacement. We use only genuine batteries for laptops to avoid unwanted situations. We are preferable for our years of experience and the goodwill we hold in the market. Not only individuals but organizations also approach us to replace their laptop batteries. So, keep faith in us and contact us for replacing your laptop’s battery. Use our helpline number 045864033 to connect with us for registering yourself and availing the best support.

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