How do I know if I have active subscriptions on my cell phone

Recently, a friend has discovered that he has accidentally activated a Value Added Service ( VAS ), or one of those subscription services that allow you to receive news, games, wallpapers, videos, and more on your mobile weekly or monthly payment of a small amount of money. Since you also suspect that you have accidentally activated one of these subscription services, you have been asked between yourself and you: How do I know if I have active subscriptions on my mobile? If you’re done with this tutorial, you obviously have not solved your doubts yet. I guessed, right? Well, in this case, you have no reason to keep worrying: I’m here to help you.

In the next paragraphs, in fact, I’ll tell you by thread and sign how can you figure out if you’ve activated a subscription service by checking the last SMS you received, tracking your remaining credit, contacting your operator or checking your account on the Internet site Mobile Pay, a platform through which many VASs are delivered. I hope that your suspicions are unfounded and that you have not activated any unwanted subscription, but even if that is not the case, you have no reason to fear: deactivating value-added services is not too complicated to complete.

Now, let’s talk about the bans and let’s get right in the middle of this post. So be comfortable with it, focus on reading the next paragraphs and implement the tips I’ll give you to see if any VASs are active on your SIM (and then turn them off). I wish you good reading and in the mouth to the wolf for everything!

How to know if there are active subscriptions on the cellphone

There are several ways to know if there are active subscriptions on your cell phone. You can check the latest SMS received to check the notification of activating a new subscription service, you can check the remaining credit of your SIM to find out whether any money from any active VAS has been drawn or you can contact your customer’s customer care. Find everything explained in detail in the next paragraphs.

Check the last received SMS

Perhaps it may seem trivial as a solution, but checking the last received SMS may reveal whether you have activated a subscription service on your SIM. When a VAS is activated, in fact, an SMS is usually sent to the user, explaining the details of the service, and providing instructions on how to deactivate it (which I will discuss later in this post).

Maybe you’ve lost sight of the text in question because of the flood of notifications you receive every day from WhatsApp, Telegram and all the other instant messaging app, so I invite you to better control the app Messages of your smartphone.

Did you just delete all the received texts and themes that you can not verify the presence of any messages regarding the activation of subscription services? Be calm and do not lose your mind. Try retrieving the deleted SMS  by reading the guide in which I explain how to do this. If you do not want to do so, use one of the alternative methods listed below to find out if your subscription services are accidentally activated on your SIM.

Check the remaining credit

Checking the remaining credit is another great way to check for active subscriptions on your SIM. As I said before, subscription services take small amounts of money weekly or monthly from the user’s phone bill that activated them. For the above reason, check your credit periodically (and maybe say somewhere): if you even take a few cents each week for unattended services, you obviously mistakenly activated a VAS.

Do not know how to check the remaining credit on your SIM? Usually, you can do this by sending an SMS to the number assigned by your operator, using the official app of the latter or contacting customer service. If you have trouble checking the remaining credit on your SIM, read one of the following guides I’ve prepared for the topic and you’ll find below.

Contact your operator

Contact your operator is the best way to know if subscription services are activated on your SIM. By contacting your manager’s customer care, you can ask the operator you will be contacted to check for any active subscription services on your SIM and ask for their simultaneous deactivation (as well as repayment of the sums you have already drawn, if the subscriptions have been subscribed for 7 days or less).

Here are the numbers to contact the Customer Service of the major Italian operators. However, do not hesitate to read the articles that you find below for more explanation on what number combinations you need to perform to talk to a “flesh and bone” operator and to know how to receive social or online assistance.

  • TIM  – number to call: 119.
  • Vodafone  – number to call: 190.
  • Wind – number to call: 155

Check the MobilePay account

If you suspect that you have involuntarily activated a VAS,  checking your MobilePay account is another solution you should take to avoid any doubt. Mobile Pay is a platform through which several VASs are delivered. It manages subscriptions independently, without being connected to a specific operator, so you must contact your official website (specifically in the Self Care section) to verify if there are active VASs on your SIM. Now I’ll explain how to do it.

First, link to the Self Care section of the MobilePay website by clicking on the link I just provided you, type your phone number in the text field that is placed under the Enter your phone number , tell your operator using the menu drop down next to the Select Your Operator item and, finally, click the Send Password button .

Within a few seconds, Mobile Pay will send you the number you just provided a 5-digit message before inserting it into the pane that has appeared on the screen in the meantime and click the Enter button to log in to your personal area.

To check for any active subscriptions, click on the Subscriptions button and, if there are actually some VASs triggered by mistake, turn off immediately (just click  OK> Disable ). For more details on this, I suggest that you read the guide in which I speak in depth about how to disable MobilePay subscriptions. I’m sure you will find this reading very useful.

How to disable active subscriptions on your mobile phone

The information I’ve written in the preceding paragraphs helped you locate active subscriptions on your mobile phone and now you want to know how to disable them? It is usually enough to send an SMS with NO or STOP to the number indicated in the activation message that was delivered to you by the subscription service. You can also do this by contacting your operator and explicitly asking you to disable unsolicited subscriptions that are active on your SIM.

If you have requested to turn off the VAS within 7 days of its activation, please also ask your operator to repay the money you have been deducted (some operators, such as TIM, can do so even if 12 days have passed). For more information on how to disable subscription services and how to request a refund, see the tutorial I posted on the topic that contains other useful information.