iPhone data recovery specialists are necessary when users fail to restore data on their own. Thus, data recovery experts are the last resort for iPhone users who suffer from data loss. Data loss can occur due to various reasons. Data loss doesn’t mean that the data is permanently deleted from your device. Actually, the data become corrupted or inaccessible. 

For instance, data becomes inaccessible if you suddenly come up with a broken iPhone screen. Whereas, a malicious programs like viruses, malware or something else can enter your device and corrupt the data therein. As a result, the data becomes temporarily inaccessible. Remember, that data recovery is possible only when the data exists on your device. 

How to Retrieve Your iPhone Data?

You can make the following attempts before reaching an iPhone data recovery specialist. 

1. Recovering Data without a Backup

Use this method if you haven’t created an iTunes or iCloud backup. 

  1. Make sure that you have chosen the option ‘Trust this PC’ on the computer you have. 
  2. Turn on both your iPhone and the computer you are going to use for backup.
  3. Then, use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to this computer. 
  4. Launch iTunes and see whether the computer recognizes your device or not. 
  5. Click ‘Summary’ in the left pane of the iTunes window and move to the ‘Automatically Backup’ section. 
  6. Choose ‘This Computer’ and select the ‘Encrypt local backup’ box. 
  7. Create a password click the ‘Backup Now’ button to save the backup. 
  8. Once the backup is completed, navigate to the local folder and extract your backup files. 

2. Recovering iPhone Data from iCloud Backup

Use the following steps if you have created an iCloud backup beforehand. 

  1. Download and install a highly-rated iPhone data recovery software on your computer. 
  2. Launch the software and a window will popup on your computer screen. 
  3. Sign in to your iCloud account to view the existing backup files. 
  4. Select those files you would like to restore and tap the Save’ button. 
  5. Sign out from your iCloud account and ensure that you have recovered the required files successfully. 

3. Recover Data from iTunes Backup

If you have an iTunes backup, then this method will be ideal for you. Hence,

  1. If your computer does not have any data recovery software, then download and install one before moving ahead. 
  2. Launch the software and click the ‘Recover from iTunes backup’ option in the left pane. 
  3. Select the type of backup file you want to recover from your iTunes backup. 
  4. Then, select the specific files you want to retrieve and click the ‘Save’ button. 
  5. After recovering these files successfully, choose another type of file you want to recover. 
  6. Then repeat step 4 and close the iTunes window when you are done. 

Benefits of Hiring iPhone Data Recovery Specialists

An iPhone data recovery specialist is advantageous over the manual process in the following aspects:

Certified in Data Recovery

Data recovery specialists complete courses of recovering data from various devices. They become proficient by performing data recovery practices on a daily basis. Thus, they will easily identify the reason for your data loss and take the correct measures. It will save then time and you will get back the relevant data on time. If the data is of high importance, then you must opt for a data recovery specialist. 

Saves Effort

A lot of effort is needed if you are supposed to extract inaccessible data from your iPhone. Moreover, your efforts won’t be fruitful if you fail to recover the important data. Thus, you can save your effort by entrusting this work with an iPhone data recovery specialist

Safety of Data

Data recovery becomes meaningless if you can’t ensure the safety of your data. In addition, incorrect attempts might cause further damage to your data and make it permanently inaccessible. If the situation becomes severe, then your device will be affected adversely. However, data specialists take preventive measures and use a reliable software for data retention. Hence, they assure a high level of safety of your data. 

Security of Data

Security is the next requirement after the safety of data. Data recovery specialists use a clean environment for recovering data. Thus, they prevent malicious programs from affecting your data during the recovery process. Moreover, unauthorized persons won’t be able to access your data in any situation. Last but not least, they follow the strict guidelines for recovering data. Therefore, your data is protected from every aspect. 

Ending Note…

So, try out the methods we have discussed for iPhone data recovery. For additional security, connect with a data recovery professional in your location. Check the authenticity and experience before reaching a data recovery specialist. You can then check customer reviews and assure the quality of service they provide. Finally, find out the time and money they would ask for recovering your data.