Annual Maintenance Contracts refers to an agreement of your organization with renowned support companies to cater hassle-free service whenever needed. These service providing companies have well-qualified experts to provide a helping hand by implementing efficient solutions in Dubai. If you have a poorly maintained IT infrastructure or you pay less attention towards this, it can lead your business to encounter some loss. Such carelessness can create a dent in your profit. That is why it makes a sense to have an annual Maintenance Contract for IT Services.

Types of AMC

AMCs are usually of two types of comprehensive, and another is non-comprehensive. Comprehensive AMC is more costly under this contract, service, and replacement of spare parts is carried free of cost. It is reasonable to opt a comprehensive AMC for items where the replacement of spare components is expensive. Under non-comprehensive AMCs, routine servicing replacement of spare parts is chargeable. The decision to choose a comprehensive or non-comprehensive AMC would depend on the items included, their usage, age and the cost of spare parts.

With AMC, you can be sure that your IT infrastructure is ably supporting your core business from time to time. Having AMC save a considerable amount instead of paying every time to an engineer at the visit, you pay it once. You will have the advantage of a routine maintenance schedule and access to emergency repairs under this contract.

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Some of the main reasons for opting Annual Maintenance Contract that can take your business to another level are as under:

1. Cost Savings

One thing that holds business masters back from signing a contract with a managed services company is the thought of paying up front when repairs aren’t needed. But in the long run, a contractual deal will likely save you money. These service companies often grant a discount to their AMC clients.

2. Increased durability of your Hardware

Workstations, servers, printers, etc. are a significant investment, for an organization that is why everyone wishes that they could get a longer life out of their equipment. By sticking to a routine maintenance schedule, your hardware will undergo a thorough inspection, and any severe issue will be caught before they cause any major problem. The chances of failure become less when you have an IT Support AMC.

3. Dedicated Service Schedule

You already have various tasks competing for your time and attention, and remembering when to call up for service of your multiple systems probably isn’t a high priority on your to-do list. But when you are under contract with a service provider company, their representatives will take care of this. They will keep a record of your routine maintenance schedule, supply orders and contact you whenever action is needed.

4. Emergency Service

IT emergencies can cause even the most robust managers to panic. When you have an existing agreement with a service provider, you’ll know whom to contact in that situation. When your systems are unexpected down, time is of the essence, and you won’t want to waste precious time in seeking a new service provider to help you.

5. Expert Technicians

Building a relationship with a specialist who knows your business and is familiar with your equipment this is advantageous for both the parties. The support team doesn’t have to waste time in learning about your particular systems and requirements when you have a maintenance contract. They have acquainted themselves with your enterprise processes beforehand. So they will know precisely what systems are most crucial for your operations.

Many entrepreneurs in Dubai spend noteworthy energy in designing and creating their office space, complete with all conveniences. Therefore, it is important to protect your office devices against disruption caused by breakdowns and accidents. AMC is very helpful in preventing such disastrous things. Usually, there is a one-year warranty period on most devices, during which maintenance is free. But after that period is over you can extend the contract to take the continuous benefits.