Apple first introduced its I-Watch series of smartwatch back in 2015. And, after that, they have launched a brand new and updated successor versions of the I-Watch smartwatches every year. Hence, there is an update about a probable release of their newer model this year, too.

According to some Apple Watch 6 rumours, the release date will be later in 2020. Apple has already showcased the new Watch OS 7 at the WWDC 2020. It is clear that it was built by keeping the I Watch Series 6 in the mind, best upcoming smartwatch. However, this new OS will also be available for many older models of the iWatch series.

So, let us see what are the specifications of the new I Watch Series 6 that are most likely going to interest you and keep you in the queue list.

All about the new, I Watch:

all about iwatch 6

Apple has kept the name of its I Watch models very simple, unlike their iPhones. The first model of the I Watch watch was named I Watch Series 1. They have maintained the sequential number pattern for all the I Watch models after that. Due to this reason, it will most likely not change this year also. So, there is a good chance that the new model will be called I Watch Series 6 but its does not have Watch OS 6.

The release date for I Watch Series 6:

Iwatch 6 intro

Apple usually launches its latest version of the smartwatch with its newer version of the iPhone in September, every year. Although there is no official announcement for the release date of best upcoming smartwatch, there is a good chance that it will be in September.

According to some rumours, the production of the iPhone 12 has been affected due to the current situation of the Coronavirus. Due to this, the release date of the iPhone 12 may get pushed back by months. So, this can affect the launch of the I Watch Series 6 and its launch can also be delayed.

Price of the I Watch Series 6:

There are very few chances that we will see an increase in the price of the new I Watch. The upcoming version of the I Watch will not sport any revolutionary changes, but rather some gradual ones from its previous models.

The price of the Series 6 models will most probably be like the following:

  • I Watch Series 6 40mm Wi-Fi: $400.
  • I Watch Series 6 44mm Wi-Fi: $463.
  • I Watch Series 6 40mm Wi-Fi + Cellular: $500.
  • I Watch Series 6 44mm Wi-Fi + Cellular: $530.

All the above versions of the best upcoming smartwatch will be of an aluminium sports model.

Changes we will like to see on the Apple Watch Series 6:

iwatch 6 features

From the first I Watch, the Series 4 Apple watch got some significant changes in the design. Although the overall shape and style of the watch remained the same, it offered more screen. This design was carried on to the Apple Watch Series 5 also.

Since the Apple Watch Series 5, had so minor design changes, it is expected that Series 6 will bring some new designs to the users. It will also be great to see some more features related to health and fitness, being the best upcoming smartwatch.

Some Apple Watch 6 rumours suggest that the new Apple watch will be able to detect the oxygen level in the user’s blood and is much more advanced then Watch OS 6. However, in order to make this possible, the watch has to have some extra hardware and software incorporated.

It will also be great if it offers a better battery life like its other competitors in the market. Some roaming and sleep tracking capabilities will also be considered nice additional features to the watch.

We were able to assume that the watch OS 7 has a sleep tracking feature, but it did not seem as comprehensive as its other competitors.

Possible features of Apple Watch Series 6:

iwatch 6 updates

Now, let us see the specifications that we can most likely get on the new Apple smartwatch.

Design and display :

According to recent rumours, the new Apple watch can get a new type of screen. The Series 6 Apple Watch may use a microLED screen as opposed to the OLED screen on the Apple Watch Series 5.

The microLED screens are very power-efficient and hence will provide the watch with prolonged battery life. However, some Apple Watch 6 rumours also suggest that the screen of the new Apple Watch will be the same as the I Watch Apple Watch Series 5.

There is also a chance that the new Apple Watch will come with an ID fingerprint scanner. The earlier models of the iPhone watch did not come with any features for biometric security. Incorporating a fingerprint scanner within the screen will be a very nice addition to the watch.

This is being speculated based on a patent for adding a fingerprint scanner within the display of the watch. According to the patent, this can be made possible by shifting the wireless antennas from under the screen to the straps of the watch. This will make room for the fingerprint scanner under the screen.

Having said that, you should not expect the new I Watch to look different from its predecessors.


Apple is always trying to improve their product. One such improvement for the I Watch Series 6 can come in its connectivity features. Some Apple Watch 6 rumours suggest that Apple is using Liquid Crystal Polymer or LCP for the connectivity components within the watch. This will boost the performance of the antenna and will allow the Apple Watch to use the WiFi 6.

Besides boosting the connectivity, it will also help in improving the water resistance capacity of the watch. The Use of LCP makes the connection between the Digital Crown and the motherboard better.

It is also rumoured that a “Kid Mode” will also be added to the new watchOS as well as the iOS. With this feature, the users, mainly the parents, can connect another iPhone Watch to their iPhone. So, it is nothing like Watch OS 6.

By doing so, they will be able to help their child to set up their watch. It will also add features like Screen Time. All these features will help the parents to get more control over their child’s watch.

Watch OS 7:

The new I Watch Series 6 will come with the all-new Watch OS 7. With this new OS, the watch will also have some additional new features.

Health features:

It is very important for a smartwatch to have health features. Nowadays, people have become very health conscious. So, in order to cater to the needs of the users, Apple has hired engineers and clinicians to add blood glucose and blood pressure measuring features to the new I Watch Series 6. This fact came into light in an article back in 2019.

This will make it easy for users to keep track of their diabetes on a regular basis. Additionally, it will also help the users to track their sleeping time more precisely. All these features were absent in the earlier versions of the Apple watch. So, let us hope that these features will be introduced in the new I Watch Series 6.

The watchOS7 has also introduced an automatic handwashing detection feature. By using the microphone, machine learning, and sensors of the Apple watch, it will be able to detect if the user is washing hands.

If the user is not washing hands for the required duration of time for fighting diseases, it will send an alert. Additionally, it will also remind the user to wash their hands when they arrive at their home.

Improved gym stats:

Apple Watches have been a great device for swimmers, cyclists, runners, and many other sports. However, this was not the case with the gym-goers. But, in the new I Watch series 6, Apple is going to introduce “Apple Watch Connected”.

In this program, all the popular gyms in the United States will be connected. These gyms will have to bring equipment that will be connected to the Apple Watch. There will also be a reward program that will be based on the data collected during the workouts.

The gyms that will participate in this program have to offer the members with an app for the Watch or the iPhone. This will allow the members to keep track of their progress. Additionally, the gym needs to agree with the reward program and also use Apple Pay.

Other than that, the equipment in the gym has to be supported by Apple’s Gymkit API. Without this, the members will not be able to track their workout data.

Another major inclusion in the list of WatchOS 7 features is the addition of dance as a workout type. This will be able to track major dance moves like Latin, hip hop, cardio dance, and Bollywood.

The watch will be able to take the data from the gyroscope, accelerometer, and heart rate sensor and measure exertion when the user is moving their legs and arms. Some other workout modes are like strength training, core training, and also cooling down when the user is at the end of their gym session.

Smooth operating of complicated tasks:

With the new OS, the users will be able to customize their watch faces extensively. The users can also make many complex layout choices for their watch faces. This new OS will also allow you to share the face of your watch by using the Face Sharing feature. It is a much-advanced form of Watch OS 6.

If you see any watch face you like, you can click on the prompt for download. It will download the face and the missing complications can be downloaded afterwards.

With this customizing feature, the users will be able to layout all the information based on their interests and priorities. This OS also has a ChronographPro Face, which has a tachymeter. It will display the data on speed on the basis of the distance travelled.

Cycling option in Maps:

This OS will also introduce a navigation system for cycling. Here, the users will be able to see navigation prompts and elevation changes with complications that are easy to read and large. This will be a very useful feature as the map will guide the users to avoid any congested area.

Additionally, this map will also tell the cyclists when to get off their cycle and take stairs, or when to walk the cycle for a particular distance. The users will also be able to customize their route to avoid any obstacle or if they want to take the more straightforward route.

Sound alert:

Apple had introduced the feature to alert the users when they are in an environment that is too loud and can damage their ears. This was called the Noise app. With the new watchOS 7, Apple is improving the function of this app.

Now, users will be notified of the unsafe level of volume, of the media, they are listening through their headphones. According to the World Health Organization, the safety level of sound is 80 decibels for around 40 hours a week. The watch will alert its user if this level is exceeded.

The I Watch Series 6 will come with Siri:

With the help of the new WatchOS 7, the new Apple Watch will come with Siri in-built in its best upcoming smartwatch. This will help the users in doing transactions and also send voice messages through the Announce Messages app.

Final Verdict:

Seeing all the new rumoured features along with the new Watch OS 7, the upcoming I Watch Series 6 will be a very good and impressive device. It will be one of the best upcoming smartwatches in the market.

Although there is a possibility that it might not come out in 2020, it is worth waiting for it. If you are planning to buy a new smartwatch, you might want to wait until Apple announces the launching date of the Apple Watch 6.

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