Hp Designjet 500 Plus Setup, Troubleshooting, and Repair at Your Desk

Hp Deskjet 500 plus is another effective great invention in the series of printers. It comes with a built-in 96 MHz. 16 MB SDRAM (48 MHz) embedded microprocessor. It has two EIO slots for connecting accessories LAN card and/or HP-GL/2 Accessory card (C7772A). Moreover, the graphical LCD display improves the viewing experience of the users. The firmware of this printer model is always upgradeable to its latest version. This printer can work with Microsoft (R) Windows 9X and Microsoft Windows NT and 2000. 48 MB RAM and 300 MB free hard disk storage are other noticeable features of Hp Designjet 500 Plus. 

Now, perform a proper setup to enjoy all the available features on this printer. However, related problems are deemed to arise if something goes wrong during the setup process. Thus, experts at UAE Technician will come to your assistance. Even some problems can arise if setup your printer successfully. Then also you can ask for our assistance. 

Hp Designjet 500 Plus Setup in Short:

We have summarized the setup process as you will find in the user manual of your printer. 

  1. First, unpack the printer and remove the associated covers. 
  2. Then, take out the cartridges from their boxes and shake them properly. 
  3. Install the cartridges in their respective slots and close the printer cover once they are set in their positions.  
  4. Connect one end of the electrical outlet to your printer and the other end to a power source. 
  5. Turn on the printer and select your country, language, date, and time. 
  6. Change the printer settings if required and connect it to your device. 
  7. Connect your printer and device to the same network for a wireless connection. Whereas, use a USB cable to establish a wired connection.
  8. Load paper into the paper tray and select the document in your device. 
  9. Then, select the print option to start the printing process. 

Connect with us if any problem arises during the setup process. 

Hp Designjet 500 Plus Troubleshooting: 

You might come up with the following problems while using your Hp Designjet 500 Plus printer. 

Printer Not Responding

Your printer might fail to respond to your command if it is unable to recognize the device from which you will make the print. In the case of wireless connection, this problem occurs when the printer and your device are not connected to the same network. Whereas, for a wired connection, the printer won’t recognize your device due to a faulty USB cable. So, check the connection between your printer and device. 

If the problem still continues, then you have installed an incompatible printer driver on your computer. Moreover, ensure that you haven’t overloaded your printer with too many tasks. If everything is fine, then your printer is most likely to have technical faults. So, reach a service center and repair your printer to prevent further issues. 

Printer Not Printing

Printers of all brands are supposed to work with genuine cartridges only. Thus, your printer stops printing when you don’t use genuine cartridges. Also, the printer stops printing when cartridges run out of ink. So, take out the cartridges and refill them if possible. If not, then change the cartridges and make a print test. 

Furthermore, printers stop printing when ink gets clogged inside the printhead or nozzle. So, you can run the Printhead Alignment Utility to clean the printhead. If possible, clean the printhead or nozzles manually. If the condition of the printhead is critical, then connect with us for Hp Designjet 500 Plus replace a printhead

Note: High-resolution settings and memory issues can slow down your printer. Therefore, get in touch with us if you face the same situation. 

Printing Quality Issues

You might observe vertical or horizontal lines running all over the printed document. You can also notice unwanted spots on your printed pages. Even sometimes printers are found to produce blurred prints or missing colors. Now, all these printing issues can occur if the printer roller does not work properly. There can be a loose connection between the internal components of the printer as well. 

Paper Jam Issue

Paper jam is a common issue that happens with almost all brands of printers. It occurs when paper prices or debris get stuck inside the paper tray. Moreover, users experience a paper jam when they mix different types of paper in a stack. Therefore, the printer can’t perform a printing job if you are using the wrong size of paper. So, meet these minimum requirements and get a Hp Designjet 500 Plus printer repair service for further assistance. 

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