How To Speed Up My Laptop Performance for FreeYou just open your laptop and click on an icon, then suddenly you might feel despondent because of the slow PC performance. Surely, working with a laptop mimicking a sloth is as frustrating as it can get in this digital era. Don’t panic, thinking that you need to buy a new laptop. Your PC just need a booster to gain the old speedy performance. Many users have reported us about this topic, “How To Speed Up My Laptop?” Don’t worry, we have provided the easiest steps to boost up your PC. Let’s follow:

Essential Steps To Gain The Laptop Performance Back

In this article, we will reveal 11 ways to speed up your PC performance. Basically, we have provided steps for the Windows 10 users. But, don’t be tensed if you are a Windows 7 or 8 user. The processes are almost the same for 7/8 users. So, without wasting time, let’s start:

1. Close Windows Tray Programs

If your PC give you a sluggish startup, then you have to apply this method.

To access the running apps or software hit the upwards arrow near the Battery icon. After going to this option, turn off one by one by right clicking on them.

Then restart the PC and take a great performance.

2. Stop Programs Running

Similar to the first process, the other programs also automatically run on the time of startup Windows. The unnecessary software like Antivirus software, Yahoo associated tools, Utorrent etc.

To stop this service:

You have to Right click on the ‘Taskbar’ and choose ‘Task Manager’ or tap Ctrl + Shift + Esc at the same time. Go for the ‘Startup’ tab and you can see the coverage or uses of the apps. Choose them wisely and click on the ‘Disable’ option to do so.

3. Update The OS, Drivers, and Other Components

You heard that keeping your Software updated is always a good idea. Windows will automatically notify to do an update if you not Disable it.

To do this process go through these steps:

  • Click on the Start button, then type ‘Settings’ on the Windows search bar and hit the ‘Enter’ button. After that, go for Updates & Security option, then hit on ‘Windows Updates’.3
  • If update available, then simply download and install them.

This step is good for PC performance as well as Security issues.

4. Delete Unnecessary Files

Select the unnecessary files and folders from the  PC hard disk and delete them to free up space. This is a great way to boost your Laptop performance.

5. Find Tasks That Eat Up Resources

When you are facing significantly slow performance suddenly. Then you have to check the ongoing programs uses.

Use three finger salute Ctrl + Shift + Esc at the same time to open the Task Manager. Then, click on ‘More details’ option to get other info and wisely choose one by one and click on the ‘End Task’ option.

This one of the greatest options to gain your PC performance.

6. Adjust Your PC Power

Your PC comes with several ‘Power plans’ options. Basically, three options are there – Balanced, Power saver, and High performance.  you have to set it to ‘Balanced’ which will give the performance as well as reduce power consumption.

Go to ‘Start’ option and Search with ‘Control Panel’ on the Windows search bar. Then, go to ‘Hardware and Sound’ option after that ‘Power options’ and here you have to create a power plan which will give you a suitable performance.

7. Uninstall The Unnecessary Programs

To Uninstall a program you just need to follow this step.

Go for the Control Panel to select the Programs and Features option. Follow the programs and you have to decide which apps you don’t need. Then just left click on them and select the Uninstall option to kick them out from the PC.

After completing this step you will provide you with a great performance.

8. Disable or Enable Windows Features

While you are in ‘Program & Features’ window then you can also click on ‘Turn Windows features on or off’ option and you will see a list of components.

When you are doing this step make sure that you do not disable any important features.

9. Run The Disk Cleanup

Windows comes with a built-in tool to clean up the PC.

To access this tool simply go to ‘Control Panel’ then you have to go to ‘Administrative Tools’ via ‘System and Security’ option. Here you select ‘Disk cleanup’ from the list.  Then you can choose what type of files which you don’t want to get rid of. Simply click the ‘OK’ button to kick them.

10. Defragment The Hard Drive

To defragment the PC hard drive follow us:

  • Go to ‘My computer’ and you have to right click on the hard drive. Then go to ‘Properties’ and ‘Tools’ sequentially. Just under the ‘Optimize and defragment drive’ menu, you have to tap on ‘Optimize’ option.
  • Then a screen pop up will come as ‘Optimize Drives’ dialogue.
  • Choose a Hard disk and hit on the ‘Analyze’ to see the fragment percentage. It will be better if you keep it below 5%.

11. Delete Temporary Files

This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to boost your Windows performance. To do so come with us

Simply hit the Windows key and R button at some time. Then on the upcoming dialogue box, you have to type “%temp”.  After that tap on ‘OK’ option. Next, a folder will open with various files and subfolders. Click Ctrl + A at the same time then hit the ‘Delete’ button.

After applying the above-mentioned steps we are sure that your PC will increase its performance.  Feel free to leave your valuable comment on below comment section. If you need further help then contact our experts: 045864033 . Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the Website to get the next topics.