Remove Printer Ink from Your HandsHow many times have you smeared your fingers with ink by replacing your printer cartridges? Even if the change of cartridges does not involve great risks and can be carried out even by the less experienced of the sector, this is one of the accidents that can happen even if they are the cartridges, most of the times well sealed.

It must be said that it is always advisable to wear gloves when performing operations that could stain your hands and fingers of ink, especially if it is indelible ink as in this case. There are fast and effective methods to remove stains from the skin.

Acting immediately with the removal of stains is as important for an aesthetic issue as it is to avoid messing up other things or people around us. The first thing that is probably natural and spontaneous to do is to run to the sink to wash our hands with warm water and soap, rubbing with a light pressure on the stains. This first action will certainly not be totally resolutive but it is still useful to remove the first part of the ink.

Let’s see together what are the other methods to use with products that almost everyone has at home.

Lemon juice : it is easily available by washing your hands and rubbing them with lemon juice. This operation is not good to perform when you have cuts or micro wounds on your hands because we will hear strong burns obviously.

Acetone:  if we do not have particular cases of extremely sensitive skin or particular allergies we can intervene with the acetone we use to remove the nail polish, it is certainly an aggressive but effective substance. Pour a little on a cotton pad and rub on the affected area.

After use it is advisable to rinse your hands well and apply a moisturizer.

Lacquer:  after having first washed your hands with warm water and soap, we take a can of common hairspray and spray a small amount on the stain, rubbing it lightly with a little wadding. Proceed to rinse again with warm water.

Toothpaste: even the toothpaste can be useful to remove ink stains. We prefer the white toothpaste that is placed on the stains and left to work for a few minutes and then rubbed with a toothbrush (like the manicure) on the stains it acts well.

Oil: you can try either the moisturizing oil that is used on the skin of children, or alternatively the olive oil that we all have at home. Placing on a cotton pad we will be able to eliminate a good part of the ink

Powdered Soap: take some soap powder for dishes or a washing machine, place a spoon in a bowl together with a little bit of water, mix and apply the mixture obtained on the stain and if you have a steel wool at home, help yourself with that, paying attention to do not overdo the pressure and get an abrasion.

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In combination with all these methods we can also combine the sugar that passed gently on the stains should act as a scrub effect, accelerating the loss of dead cells of the hands.

There is to consider that each method that we have recommended can be for some more or less effective depending on the type of skin. In any case, if we were not to succeed even with these methods, we absolutely must not be alarmed because the skin cells die and regenerate with great speed and within two days the skin will be completely cleaned of the ink.

In essence, it will go away by itself. Don’t worry even about the toxicity of the product on the skin, because it is harmful, poisonous for our body, it should be present in decidedly higher quantities.

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