UAE Technician providing the complete printer repair solution for your not working printer, We will  fix the Printer Problems, Please read the given below step for resolving the all concern of the printer

Printer RepairTroubles relating to printers

1.I cannot print the paper


The cable is disconnected; paper or ink runs out, etc.


Check the printer power supply and paper and ink

First, check the power supply of the printer.

If the power does not turn on even if the switch is turned on, check for loose or lose power cord, power supply tap switch, and so on.

When the power is on, check the indication of paper out and ink change.

After replenishing paper and ink, let’s power it on again.

Let’s print again when the power lamp is on and the printer is ready for printing.

Confirm the cable connecting the personal computer and the printer

Although the connection between the personal computer and the printer is a USB cable or a LAN cable, make sure that the connection cable is not disconnected or loose on both the personal computer side and the printer side and make sure that they are firmly connected.

In the case of the USB cable, if you connect to the computer with the printer powered on, if there is no reaction, try replacing it with another USB port on the PC.

Still let’s replace the cable if there is no reaction.

Also, in the case of a model that connects via wireless LAN, let’s also confirm that wireless LAN is working properly.

2.When I try to print “spooling in progress” and I cannot print


Printer setting is incorrect · It is caused by change etc.

Spool” is not to transmit print data directly to the printer but to temporarily store it in a different location and send it to the printer for collective printing at a later time, I mean that.


Confirm whether the correct printer / driver is correct

The software for moving the printer with the computer is “Driver”.

Open “Control Panel” from the “Start” menu, select “Printer Other Hardware” or “Devices and Printers”, and the drivers installed in “Printers and Faxes” will be displayed.

Usually, the printer name is used for the driver name. Let’s check if it is suitable for the printer in use.

If you always use the printer, right-click the driver and select “Normal printer” from the menu.

It may be improved by re-inserting the latest printer driver from the maker homepage.

Confirm printer driver setting

Double-click the printer driver in use to check the printing status.

If the document being printed remains and “status” is “paused”, select the document that is stopped, and then try to print it by restarting from the Document menu.

In case it does not resume successfully “cancel” and try printing again.

If it still does not work, try restarting your computer and try printing again.

3.The printer goes “offline” and printing cannot be done


Printer setting is incorrect · It is caused by change etc.


When the printer driver is in the “offline” state,

Set it to the “online” state.

Click “Start” → “Devices and Printers”.

Right-click the printer driver and click “Display print job (E)”.

Click “Printer (P)”, and if “Use printer offline” (U) is checked; click “Use printer offline (U)”.

Printer can not feed paper

fix the Printer ProblemsCause

The paper is not correctly set, and the small paper dust adhering to the paper is attached to the paper feed roller of the printer.



Confirm the paper set

When loading multiple sheets of paper, align the edges of the paper before loading. Also, do not exceed the stacking mark of the paper guide. If you still do not feed paper, please reduce the number of sheets to be set to less than half of the maximum load number.

Clean the paper feed roller

Clean the paper feed roller using the cleaning sheet.

After setting the paper, press the “paper button” * to feed the cleaning sheet. Press the paper button again to eject the paper. Please repeat these two or three times.

* Depending on the model of the printer, the name such as “supply / discharge button” may differ.

4.I get a message saying “the waste ink tank is full” and I cannot print


This is due to the fact that parts that absorb waste ink discharged during cleaning and during printing are full.


Replace waste ink tank (manufacturer repair)

Although it can be solved by replacing the waste ink tank, the waste ink tank is not normally marketed. It is necessary to send it to the manufacturer for repair.

Noises from the printer

fix the Printer ProblemsCause

Printer is not installed correctly, foreign matter is falling inside the printer, paper is not loaded correctly, etc.


Confirmation of installation location

If installed in a place that is not horizontal, such as on a metal rack, the cover may be pushed up and cause abnormal noise or malfunction. Please install it on a level surface.

Check inside the printer

Open the cover and check whether foreign matter such as paper or vinyl has fallen inside the printer (not included). If there is a foreign object, please remove it and close the cover.

Confirm paper

Once you take out the paper, please carefully turn over the paper etc and adjust the position correctly and try again.