An Easy Step-by-Step User Guide

How to Connect a CCTV Camera to a TVDo you wish to connect a CCTV camera to a TV but you don’t have any clue how to kickstart the process? This article will explain all the major steps required to connect a CCTV camera to a TV without any hassle. Also, in this article, we will cover all the major features pertaining to CCTV maintenance and CCTV installation. Majority of the users can’t get through with the proper connection. If you are using a traditional analog camera you just need to follow the step by step process which we are now penning down in this blog.

Pre Requisites for CCTV Installation

The process of installing a camera on the TV is not that much difficult. Just you need the below components for the CCTV installation

  1. Analog Camera
  2. Coaxial cable
  3. BNC Connector
  4. RCA adaptor
  5. Power Supply
  6. Power Jack Plug adapter

Use the Right form of CCTV camera

Before installing a CCTV camera, the foremost thing you need to consider is the type of camera you choose. The analog cameras having high resolution, built with HD-TVI, AHD, as well as HD-CVI, does not support the regular TV. If you are using this type of camera, there should be a surplus device in order to install that on your TV. The camera which is indispensable for CCTV installation should be equipped with CVBS (Composite Video Baseband Signal) technology.

Common Analog CCTV camera

It is not a matter of concern whether the camera model is dome, box or bullet shaped. The foremost thing to determine is whether the camera is equipped with CVBS technology or not. A CCTV camera contains 480, 540, 600, as well as 700 TV lines.

Cables, Connectors and the Accessories Required to Install CCTV Camera on TV

Below are some of the accessories required for CCTV installation, CCTV repair as well as CCTV maintainence.

RG59 Siamese Coaxial Cable

With the help of RG59 Siamese coaxial cable, you can send video signal as well as the power, because of the way the cable is constructed.

BNC Connector

You can use this on both sides of the coaxial cable. There are several models present in the market.

BNC to RCA adapter

For the purpose of connecting a CCTV camera to a TV, you need to opt for the BNC connector to RCA.

Power Jack Plug Adapter Connector

It is used for the purpose of power connection. You have to link it to the cable and also to the power supply as well as the CCTV camera.

Power Supply

There are various sorts of power supplies available for CCTV cameras. Many of them contain protection boxes and fuses.

Step By Step Guide to Connect a CCTV Camera to a TV

First Step: Install your CCTV camera

Select the proper model of CCTV for installation. The most suitable options include mini dome and bullet. Fix the camera to the wall or ceiling. Then, begin with the cable connection.

Second Step: Connect the CCTV Cable to the Camera

You just need to create an appropiate BNC connection to the coaxial cable keeping in mind to avoid the problems with bad connections. Ensure that braid is not linked up with the center conductor.

Third Step: Use of the P4 Connector to Power the Camera

Ensure there is an appropiate connection from P4 connector to the power supply as well as the CCTV camera in order to prevent any damage on the CCTV camera. This can be achieved if you check the polarity of the cables.

Fourth Step: Connect the Power Supply to the Camera

In order to connect the power supply properly with the CCTV camera, make sure that there is a correct polarity of the cables. Don’t panic. It is a simple process.

Fifth Step: Link the Camera with the TV

With the help of the BNC to RCA adapter, you can establish a connection of the CCTV camera to the TV via the standard video input port.

Sixth Step: Turn the TV On and Choose AV input

Choose the audio and video input on your TV. You can then see the image on your TV screen.

Connect Security Camera to the TV Using NVR

There are certain reasons for selecting the NVR system for connecting your security camera to a TV. This is very helpful for CCTV Maintenance as well as CCTV Repair.

Good Wiring with Proper Connection

To connect the security cameras to a TV, you may require the help of an HDML cable connection. Moreover, there are certain softwares which facilitate camera feeds from other sources on TV. After examining all the possible methods suggested by several users, we have come across some obvious ways to link security camera with the TV directly. NVR system is the easiest and credible way, to begin with.

While performing normal tets, you may see that there are several workable solutions which may not connect the CCTV cameras to TV owing to different TV settings as well as camera models. Therefore, it might be the case that during the connection process of the camera to the TV, the connection is getting lost.

Huge Storage Space and Continous Reading

Huge storage space is an added advantage of linking a security camera system to a TV. You don’t need to panic about footages. By linking the security camera to NVR, you can watch live streaming as well as you can save that for later.

Working Offline (Not Connected to the Router)

After connecting the security cameras to TV and NVR, the camera will stream live, record, as well as save the NVR without any router connection. Therefore, you can avoid IP camera configuration which can be really tiresome. Hence you can avail real protection using HD security camera recordings.

Stable Signal

Trying to connect security cameras to TV but receiving no signal?. It usually happens when you are trying to connect the security camera to a TV with the help of a third party tool. Once you start all the counterparts with proper internet connections, you can enjoy live streaming without any disruption. Henceforth, this is regarded as one of the effective ways of CCTV installation.

Other ways of Connecting Security Camera to TV

If you want to use the security camera without using NVR, then go through the below options for proper CCTV installation

  1. Use IP camera to HDMI converter/decoder.
  2. Launching the DLNA server on PC and also streaming several IP videos on TV.
  3. With the help of Google Chromecast or Apple TV.
  4. Use of stream apps on smart TVs.

Points to be noted for CCTV Repair and Maintenance

  • Rehabilitate the connectors.
  • Proper cleaning of the camera as well as DVR units.

Final Thought

We have covered the step by step methodology for CCTV installation in this blog. You will get a vivid description of all the necessary steps required to connect CCTV camera with TV. Also, we have given the two excellent solutions for CCTV repair and maintenance. However, connecting a CCTV camera to a TV can be a tricky process. Hence, you can connect with a reliable CCTV installation service for making smart and effective installations and connections.


  1. Is it possible to connect CCTV camera directly with TV?

The CCTV camera makes the video out and also power in with the help of a Siamese coax cable. Since both the video ends of the cable has male BNC connectors, TV can get converted to RCA male connector. This is owing to the fact that it can plug the female RCA input into the TV.

  1. How can I connect the AHD camera to my TV?
  1. First, you need to connect CCTV cameras to NVR using Ethernet Cat ⅚ cables.
  2. Then link the security camera NVR to the TV using the HDMI cable.
  3. You can power NVR using the power adapter.
  4. First, Turn On the TV and then you can see the Live View on screen onwards.
  1. How you can connect Camera to the TV with the help of A/V cable?
  1. Just turn on the camera.
  2. Move the mode dial to the Settings.
  3. Choose Connectivity.
  4. After that choose Video Cut.
  5. For US televisions, choose NTSC since it is an output signal.
  6. Then shut down the camera.
  7. Connect the camera to the TV with the help of A/V cable.
  8. Modify your television to the exact A/V source.
  1. Is it possible to use CCTV camera without using the DVR?

You can kickstart the launch process of the IP Camera without the use of DVR. DVR or NVR is mainly built for the purpose of recording and storing footage. In the absence of NVR or DVR, IP cameras will work independently just like the surveillance device. It will act as a security camera without the presence of the SD card.

  1. Is it possible to connect the camera to a smart TV?

You have a separate camera in order to connect to the TV. Therefore, this is a rare step for CCTV installation.