The sofa is a comfortable upholstered seat where you prefer to lay down even after returning home from work. Sometimes you might prefer to eat by sitting on your couch and thereby staining it with food particles. However, it becomes a nightmare when you find that your sofa needs cleaning. But, sofa cleaning is not that troublesome as it seems to be. Once you are aware of the cleaning process, you can shine your sofa at home itself. The cleaning is slightly different for a fabric sofa. Thus, we have created this blog for those who find the sofa cleaning nothing but a waste of time. 

How to Get a Cleansed Fabric Sofa without Professional Help?

We have discussed the steps for getting stainless upholstery. 

Things Needed to be Checked Before You Clean:

First, check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions before proceeding with the actual process. Otherwise, an incorrect attempt will void warranties and ruin your couch. So, check the tag attached to your sofa and read the important facts. Probably one side of the tag will contain the cleaning information of the sofa cover and the other will specify the cleaning of cushions. Generally, the tag contains the following information:

  • W — The material can be cleaned with water.
  • S — The material requires a special solvent-based cleaner instead of water.
  • WS — You can use either water or solvent-based cleaner.
  • X —  This material can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner only.

Removing Stains from a Fabric Sofa

You can use this method only when the tag is marked with ‘W’ or ‘WS”. First, arrange for the following items and then start the sofa cleaning Dubai process. 

  • A vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment.
  • A light-colored or white microfiber cloth and a bucket. 
  • Keep the water clean as much as possible. 
  • Liquid dish soap and distilled white vinegar. 

Use a vacuum cleaner to collect the leftover dust particles from your sofa. Otherwise, this debris will create problems while removing the stain. Mix two cups of water, one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid, and one tablespoon of vinegar in the bucket. Wet the microfibre cloth with water and gently rub it over the stained area of your sofa. Then get another clean microfibre cloth and damp it with water. Use the cloth to blot the affected area and remove any remaining soap. Again, repeat the previous step with another piece of microfibre cloth. You can also switch on the fan to dry the area quickly. 

Use Water-based Detergent 

Make sure that your sofa will be able to withstand a water-based detergent before using this method. Before applying the method on the entire sofa, perform a spot test on a hidden area of your sofa. It will then ensure that steaming won’t damage your sofa in any way. To do so, you must follow the given instructions:

  1. Buy a water-based detergent that can be safely applied on your sofa. 
  2. Then, mix three ounces of this detergent and water in a container. 
  3. Dip a rag into the solution and rub it on a small spot of your sofa. 
  4. After 10 minutes, press a paper towel to the spot and check if the fabric’s dye comes off or not. 
  5. If the fabric dye doesn’t get affected, then apply the mixture to other stained areas of your couch. 
  6. Finally, wipe away the mixture with a microfibre cloth and let the sofa become dry. 

Steam Clean Your Couch

  1. Unscrew the cap of the tank on your steam vacuum. 
  2. Make a solution of fabric, shampoo, and water and pour it into the tank. 
  3. Close the cap and attach the upholstery attachment to the end of the hose. 
  4. Place the nozzle against the sofa’s fabric and press down the button to release the mixture prepared beforehand. 
  5. Again move the steam vacuum to suck up the excess detergent. 
  6. Leave the sofa for a few minutes and then wipe away the shampoo with a microfibre cloth. 
  7. If you still find a slight sign of stain, then repeat the above steps once more. 
  8. Finally, let the sofa air-dry and then check the appearance of your sofa. 

Note: Some stains seem to be so strong that they don’t get removed after a single cleaning. The problem is more severe if you have ignored the stain for a long time. Also, book Maids in Dubai.

Wrapping it Up…

Hopefully, you are going to get an unblemished sofa by following the above homemade tips. If these tricks don’t work for you, then purchase a dry cleaning solvent and use it over the untidy areas of your sofa. For additional assistance, avail of a sofa cleaning in Dubai.