After reading my article on how Instagram works, you downloaded the famous app to take and share photos on your mobile phone and created your own account. All content you’ve started to follow is a lot of users, but then, eager to keep your privacy, you’ve been thinking of preventing unauthorized third parties from seeing such info, so you’ve done an online search to find out how to proceed.

Given the situation, you’re over here on this article, hoping to get more details on what to do. How do you say? Things are exactly like this and you would like to know if I can answer your question “How to hide who I follow on Instagram” ? But surely you do not worry. If you give me a few minutes of your precious time, I can show you, by thread and by sign, what you need to do, not just from smartphones but also through the official app available for Windows 10 as well as from the Web.

Do not worry, it’s not a difficult task to accomplish. You just have to know where to put your hands and it’s done but it is not absolutely necessary to be the perfect Instagram connoisseurs and the Internet world in general to succeed. Then take a few minutes of free time for yourself, get comfortable and concentrate on reading this tutorial. You will see, in the end you will have the perfectly clear ideas on how to do it. Enjoy the reading!

Some clarifications

Some clarifications

Before giving you any explanation of the case, you have to make some clarifications. Since there is no ad hoc function that allows you to hide the people you follow on Instagram, in order to succeed in your intent, you must necessarily make your own account or block users whom you want to inaccessible.

In the first case, that is, if you decide to make your own private profile, this will also imply that the contents of your account, followers and followers can only be viewed by those you approve yourself. Keep in mind, however, that your current followers will not be affected by such changes, so if you want a user who is already following you to be unable to see the list of people you follow, you will have to remove this from the list of the followers. The changes made will have an immediate effect.

In the second case, that is, if you decide to block a person on Instagram, not only will this person no longer see those who follow on the social network, but will not even be able to find and view your profile, photos, videos and your comments. Even then, the changes made will be applied instantly.

Choosing which of the two systems to use is therefore up to you, depending on what your real needs and preferences are. However, these are reversible actions so if you decide to make your account private or block a user, this will keep you from thinking about it and doing the reverse procedure to cancel your choice.

Hide who I follow on Instagram from smartphones

Are you wondering “how do I hide who I follow on Instagram?” And you want to understand how to do everything from Android smartphones or from iPhone going to make your own account? Then start to grab your device and access the screen where all applications are grouped and then click on the Instagram app icon.

Now, click on the icon of the man in the bottom right to access the section of the application dedicated to your profile, step on the button with the gear on the top right and scroll through the displayed screen until you find the Private Accounting that you find at the Account section then takes ON its account and is done.

Now, if you want someone who follows you to be able to view the full list of people you follow, you’ll need to do this: go to your profile (by touching the symbol of the man in the bottom of right of Instagram app), follow the list of upcoming followers looking for the user you want to go to (using the appropriate field or scrolling through the available list), tap on the button (…) next to its name and choose the Remove option from the menu that appears.

If you change your mind, simply bring to you again in the Instagram dedicated to your profile section (so pressing on the symbol of the ‘ little man at the bottom right), press the button with the’ gear , bring on OFF the switch located next to the item Private account in the Account section and confirm your choice by clicking on the Ok button in response to the notice you see on screen.

If you want to find out how to hide the people you are going to block a user (or more than one), what you need to do is to go to the user profile first through the Instagram feed (by clicking on his name you find on one of its posts) or by tapping the button with the magnifying glass at the bottom of the app screen, type the user name “innocent” and select it from the suggestions you see appear.

Next you have to tap on the button (…) in the upper right and choose the Block option from the menu that appears. Confirmation then what was done by tapping You can confirm (on Android) or Block (on iOS), in response appeared on the screen and then stop on Ignore .

If ritenessi then you should cancel the block by going in the section dedicated to your profile app (so pressing on the symbol of the ‘ little man at the bottom right), by tapping on the button with the’ gear , pressing on the entry Blocked Users , by selecting the ‘ referencing user, tap on the button (…) at the top right and choose Unlock from the menu that appears. Confirmation then carrying out the operation of plugging It confirm (on Android) or Unlock (on iOS) and subsequently on Ignore . and if you want to follow the person again in these taping on the top button.

Hide who I follow on Instagram from computer

If you use a PC with Windows 10 installed and you are wondering “how to hide who I’m following on Instagram” using the official computer service app, the first crucial step you have to do is to start it by searching it in the menu Star t or by pressing the magnifying glass / search field on the taskbar, typing  instagram  and selecting the first result in the list.

Now, click on the mouse icon located at the bottom right of the application window, select the button with the top gear symbol (always on the right) and turn ON the switch that you find it in the ” Private Account” section of the Account section on the left. You can not !

At this point, went back into the section of the app to your profile (you can do this by clicking on the icon of the ‘ little man who is in the lower right corner of Instagram), click on the item window followers up, identifies the user that you no longer want to follow you from the available list or look for it by name using the appropriate toolbar, click on the corresponding button (…) and choose Remove from the menu that appears.

If I were to think about it then you can always cancel when done simply by going back to the application section dedicated to your profile (so clicking on the icon of the ‘ little man in the lower right corner of the app window), clicking the button with the ‘ Gear at the top right and turning OFF the switch located next to the Private Account in the Account section on the left. Then click on the OK button in response to the warning you see appearing on the screen to confirm your choice.

If you prefer to hide who follow on Instagram to specific users by going to block, the first thing you need to do is to bring to you in the application feeds (you can access it by clicking the icon of the little house that you find at the bottom left of the window ‘app) and select the name of the referral person you find on one of his posts. Alternatively, click the magnifying glass symbol at the bottom of the application window and go to the profile of the person to be blocked by pressing in the Search Top field , typing their name and selecting the relevant suggestion.

Now, click on the button (…) that you find in the upper right part of the app window, select the Block option from the menu that appears and click on the Block to Respond to button that appears on screen to confirm your choice made.

If I were to think about it then, simply access your profile settings by clicking on the symbol of the ‘ little man in the lower right corner of the application window, then clicking the button with the’ gear , click on the item Blocked Users present on the left selection the reference user name from the list displayed and choose Unlock from the menu that appears.

Then confirm the choice made by clicking on the Unlock button in response to the alert you see on screen and if you feel it appropriate, follow the selected user again by clicking the Follow button at the top.

Hide who I follow on Instagram from the Web

As far as Instagram is concerned with the Web, unfortunately, it is not possible to activate from here the feature that allows you to make the account private (so if you are interested in doing so, you must act as smartphone or computer, as seen in the previous rows) but the only thing you can do to prevent certain users from viewing the list of people that follow is to block them.

To do so, log in to your Instagram account via the browser by linking to the login page , identify the user you want to block in the feed and click on his or her name on one of his posts to view the profile or search for it ‘right bar at the top and select the relevant suggestion from the ones that are offered to you then click on the button (…) that is in the top right and choose Block this user from the menu that appears. Done!

If you think about it, you’ll be able to go back to your steps at any time, but for the sake of things, you will need to intervene from the smartphone or tablet app or computer as I explained a few lines up. From the Web, in fact, Instagram does not offer the ability to unlock users.