A restaurant requires hard work and careful planning to make it a successful business in the long run. A well-designed establishment and concept are the foundations of a successful business. But, ultimately the menu and quality of food will define the goodwill of your restaurant. No matter how experienced you are it is difficult to do everything all by yourself. Thus, you can hire a food service consultant to avoid the costly mistakes of your business. Also, you don’t have to compromise your business down the line. 

A foodservice consultant incorporates cooperation between the project team and food operators. Moreover, he advocates foodservice operations and develops his client’s business. Therefore, if you are looking forward to expanding a food service establishment, then start searching for a certified Food Service Consultant

Areas of Specialty of Food Service Consultants:

Generally, food service consulting is applicable to the following fields:

  • Restaurant ergonomics and design
  • Quality management
  • Waste and resource planning
  • Menu designing
  • Operations and management review
  • It and sourcing
  • Franchising
  • Legal and licensing
  • Promotion and marketing
  • Food production system
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Beverage system design
  • Capital budgeting
  • Food safety and hygiene
  • Sustainability
  • Workshops, education, and training
  • Interior and kitchen design
  • Concept development and code compliance
  • Revenue generation and finance raising 
  • Food production system design
  • Master planning and more

Benefits of Contacting a Food Service Consultant:

You can be foolproof for your business in the following aspects:

All Around Expertise

A foodservice consultant is very knowledgeable in the foodservice and hospitality industry. He is an independent professional who works for his clients in exchange for a certain fee. Moreover, he provides specific and specialized expertise that is unavailable inhouse. He also possesses a high degree of experience in the food industry. So, if you want, then he will educate you on a wide range of topics. He is responsible for strategized designing of food service facilities and operations management systems on behalf of his clients. 

Stay Up to Date with the Latest Trends

A food and service consultant is well aware of the prevailing trends in the food industry.  Thus, he will assist you to add those cuisines that are in high demand. Moreover, he helps in planning, establishing, and running a food service business like restaurants, hotels, and eateries. Thus, your business can be highly benefited by his innate knowledge. 

Evaluate the Feasibility of Ideas

You must cover milestones in order to turn your ideas into reality. Thus, a food consultant is necessary to evaluate the feasibility of your ideas. He uses his technical expertise to identify circumstances that might affect your industry. Actually, the consultant will analyze your ideas, cost, financing needs, management, technical, and marketing capabilities. Finally, he will determine whether your ideas are profitable or not. Then, you can confidently invest these ideas in your business. 


You must abide by law no matter what business you are running. The number of legalities to be followed in a food service establishment is relatively more than the remaining industries. Problems might arise even if you are going in accordance with the law. Thus, you need to be legally prepared beforehand. So, hire a food consultant company that will examine legal necessities and help you to complete all legal formalities. Ultimately, it will be easier for you to obtain the FSSAI license. 

Implement Right Technology

The selection of kitchen equipment is an important element to start the food service business. Since, most of the activities will take place in your kitchen, high-quality equipment is a must. A food consultant will research and select the best cooking appliances for your business. He will also consider the safety aspect while choosing the right equipment for your business. Thus, you will have a profitable food business at the end of the day. 

Effective Marketing Strategy

In the absence of marketing, you won’t be able to attract customers for your business. Marketing offers a deep understanding of your customers, competition, and market opportunities. Furthermore, the food consultant company will develop a compelling marketing strategy that will attract and retain your customers. Similarly, it will reduce management costs, improve ROI and contribute to higher profits for your business. Last but not least, you will get sales and marketing materials for your business. 

Finishing up…

If you are planning a food service establishment, then a foodservice consultant is your primary requirement. Now, in order to choose a food consultant seek referrals from a myriad of sources. You can take recommendations from your family, friends, peers, or colleagues. Therefore, before hiring a food service consultant, be clear with your primary goals and set up a budget. Ensure that the capabilities of the consultant will match your venture. A food consultant charges between $300 to $1200 on an hourly basis. Thus, make sure that you will be able to pay that person. After selecting a foodservice consultant, let him sign an NDA to confirm that your restaurant will own everything when the deal is completed.