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For your home, the refrigerator is one of the most important appliances. After all, it keeps your food from spoiling in your home. However, a refrigerator or fridge is shatterproof. There are various problems that you might get while using it in your home. Some of the problems are more serious than others that you cannot resolve it without taking an expert’s help. But before choosing any service providers, you should know to pinpoint the source of the problems.

If you frequently get the various problem with the fridge,refrigerator then, you should hire a fridge repair Dubai near me service provider near you. To recover you from these situations, we at UAE Technician provide budget-friendly solutions at your doorstep. Hence, without any further delay, you can surely reach us and avail our best in class Fridge Repair services in Dubai.

What is the first thing to check when the refrigerator stops working?

Refrigerators usually have a long life expectancy. You might need to replace your refrigerator with a new one only in extreme cases. The fridge often stops working when there is a power outage or inadequate power supply. Before you call for professional help to repair your fridge, you should first attempt to diagnose the Fridge Repair Dubai near me. 

So, what you can check is the refrigerators’ primary power source, electric cable, and circuitry. If you think that the electricity supply is fine and adequate, check the temperature settings. If setting the temperature does not work, try resetting the fridge. 

After that, you can look for external damages to different parts or units of the fridge. Often, damage to components like the compressor affects the refrigerator and malfunctions. 

Nonetheless, the overall issue for non-working of your refrigerator would likely fall into:

  • Electrical issues. 
  • Temperature settings. 
  • Faulty or dirty coils.
  • Blockage of the clearances. 
  • Compressor issue.
  • Cooler.

Why Should you Opt for Fridge Repair Services in Dubai?

Before going to any service provider, you should be aware about what is the exact problem with the refrigerator. After knowing the problems you can easily tell us what are the issues you are facing otherwise, our technicians will verify the problem and then give sufficient solutions to you in order to get rid of this situation or fridge repair Dubai near me .

What is the most common problem with refrigerators?

People buy a costly refrigerator for a long time or maybe even a lifetime. But, as an electronic appliance, extensive use will result in several problems. While minor issues are common, significant issues can also not be ignored. If minor issues are fixed on time, significant issues can be prevented. That is why, proper maintenance and regular diagnosis are essential or Connect refrigerator repair in Dubai Experts . 

Either way, common fridge problems that still require professional help are many. These generally include:

  • Faulty compressor. 
  • The ice maker is not functioning properly. 
  • Control board short circuit. 
  • High voltage surge due to intense power consumption. 
  • Water leakage.
  • Clogged or blocked defrost drain.
  • Frozen or clogged water supply line. 
  • Inefficient refrigeration or cooling cycle. 
  • Faulty thermostat or broken temperature sensor. 
  • Blocked condenser fan.
  • The evaporator fan is not working.
  • Lack of adequate power supply. 
  • Problems with the defrost system. 
  • The freezer is not cooling enough. 
  • Ice sheet buildup on food.
  • Loud noises. 
  • Dirty and blocked condenser coils. 

These are the common issues that every other refrigerator encounters over some time. Proper maintenance can help prevent them in the first place. But if it occurs, you can try DIY. Or else, super-fast refrigerator repair in Dubai services are available in Dubai.

#1. Stuck Fridge Fan

One sudden day, you open your fridge and hear different sounds from the other days. It is occurred due to the fan of the fridge. In case the fan is not spinning properly or get stuck against the side of the fan blades, or maybe the fan blades are covered with the dust and debris.

If this is the situation, then you cannot fix the problem without an expert’s help. Hence, without wasting any time, call us fridge repair Dubai for instant help.

#2. Water Leaking on the Floor

Sometimes, food particles or debris might block the drain hose and as a result, the stored water overflow in the pipe and as a result, the floor of your home will be filled with the water. Sometimes, the problem not so serious and you can fix it by yourself. But if you are failed to resolve it by doing some changes, visit our service center. You will get all types of services at your fingertips.

#3. The freezer is not Cold Enough

The main function of a refrigerator is to keep things cool by refrigerating. But if it is not performing its basic task properly then, this is an annoying situation for you. This is a common problem and most of the users have reported this problem on our official website. We have a proper solution for it. Simply, book an appointment with us through our various communicating channels.

Our professionals will definitely reach you within 24 hours. We will provide free pick and delivery service for the first time. Hence, to grab this offer, connect with Fridge Repair Dubai today!

#4. Fresh Food Compartment is Warming Up

You might get several problems in case there is no connection between the refrigerator and the freezer unit. The cold air generated by the refrigerator comes from the freezer unit. But if there is no connection between them or the connection is loose, you should grab our services without any hesitation. You can avail refrigerator repair Dubai services 24 x 7. Hence, without any delay, call us to book an appointment to get the quality services at your doorstep.

#5. The fridge light is not working or blinking.

Most of the modern and latest refrigerators come with multiple lights. In most models, different lights signify different meanings. But, what we are talking about here is the refrigerator door light. This light turns on when you open the fridge door and goes off by itself when you close it. If you have a two-door fridge, each compartment will have separate lights. 

These lights have internal wiring within the fridge. A small push-button or lever in the door frame operates the door lighting. So, if your fridge door light is not working or flashing, it would likely mean an issue with the internal wirings or the switch. Or, the light could also have short-circuited. You can get these special bulbs in any appliance store. 

Common reasons why the fridge light might not work include:

  • Unplug the power cord.
  • Defective bulb or LED light.
  • An overloaded circuit breaker or short circuit.  
  • Full power outage. 
  • Damaged power cord. 
  • Faulty electrical outlet.
  • Dust buildup in the push button.

If you notice the reason for faulty wiring or short-circuit, you better get professional help to resolve the issue.

#6. Is the fridge compressor making noise?

The fridge compressor making a low humming sound is an ordinary sign of a working refrigerator. But you have to worry about the noise of a fridge compressor if it gets too loud. If you can hear the noise from a distance, you might have to call up skilled technicians for quick fridge repair services. That is because fridge compressors tend to be costly. And only certified technicians are experienced enough to replace the faulty compressor efficiently. 

Whether the fridge compressor makes no noise or makes too loud of a noise, both are critical situations. Both signs indicate compressor damage and affect the fridge’s performance. If you wish to self-diagnose the issue, you can unplug the refrigerator from the socket and replug it again. If it does not function properly, professional help follows. 

#7. How do you reset a refrigerator?

Resetting refrigerators are relatively simple. No doubt they require low maintenance. But they also encounter several big and small problems once in a while. When the refrigerator malfunctions or stops working, food safety is hindered. So, now and then, you should get your fridge a diagnosis from experts. If possible, you should also reset the fridge settings or Connect With Fridge Repair in Dubai

Modern refrigerators these days come with a reset button. Using it will help you reset your refrigerator to its original settings. But, if there is no reset button, you have to do the tasks manually. 

To reset your refrigerator, simply remove the cable from the power socket and leave it for a while (about 45 minutes) before plugin it again. If the issue were minor, this would have fixed it. Resolving fridge problems via reset is only possible if there is no part damage. If a refrigerator reset is not the solution to the issue at hand, internal circuits should be handled only by refrigerator repair Dubai Near me skilled technicians. 

You can, instead, reset the refrigerator’s compressor if necessary by the following steps:

  • Remove the refrigerator cable from the power outlet. 
  • Go to the control panel and turn off both the freezer and the refrigerator. 
  • Restore the fridge and freezer temperature to their original settings.
  • Wait for the temperature to stabilize appropriately.

What Makes Us Better than Others?

We have quite an expertise in the refrigerator/fridge repair Dubai, and the services provided by us. Also, you should know what are the factors that make us best among others. All the professionals/technicians working with us are having many years of experience in this particular field. They have expertise in repairing all the models of the fridge. Refrigerator Repair Dubai is the only platform where you will get instant access to the proficient experts. Our services are time-bound. We understand the value of time and how important this home appliance is to you. We will repair and solve the problem within the given time. In case of any replacement of any parts of this gadget, we provide genuine parts with warranty card. Fulfilling all your demands is our main motive and that makes us best among other fridge repairing Dubai companies present in Dubai.

Connect with Us for Instant Fridge Repair Dubai Services:

Now, if you are willing to avail of our services, simply call us by dialing refrigerator repair Dubai Toll-Free Number 045864033. Also, you can mail us through our official mail address. All the details about us, you can get by visiting the Refrigerator Repair Service website. You can use our live chat option in order to communicate with our technicians instantly. We are glad to help you with this concern.

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Fridge Repair FAQ :

We inspect the refrigerator and diagnose the issue or problem and based on that we provide an estimate of costs involved in the repair solution and accordingly you can decide whether to go forward with our service or not.
We generally don’t work in the format of hourly charge rate as we believe in quality service assurance rather than just making money. This in turn reduces any over charge from our precious clients wherein you pay only if the problem is solved and the issue is resolved.
As of now we are only providing home appliance/fridge repair services. We do not upfront sell refrigerators, fridge or freezer. We are proud to tell our success rate of 95% with which you will hardly feel the need to get a new fridge.
We provide services 24*7 365 days to give uninterrupted assistance to our customers because we understand that an emergency can occur at any point of time and the fridge is a machine which is a very essential part of your life.
Yes. Our refrigerator repair technicians are fully authorized and certified professionals for any type of fridge or freezer repair.
There are different kinds of noises a fridge can make. A knocking sound probably indicates issues at the button of the refrigerator or with the freezer fan. A buzzing or vibrating sound means a problem with the waterline of the ice maker. A rattling sound simply means that the fridge is hitting something or has a drainage issue.
Refrigerators do consume more power than any other household appliances. But, when it stops working, the power consumption goes even higher. That happens because it struggles to balance the refrigeration cycle despite the malfunction. In common, other issues where a fridge consumes more power are when there is a defective compressor, faulty motor, leakage, etc.

Check your refrigerator Consuming Too Much Power?

Faulty gaskets are another reason if your fridge is consuming more power than usual. When the door gasket goes defective or fails, the refrigerator cannot retain the cool air inside to its total capacity. Since the fridge keeps losing cool air, the electricity consumption goes up. The faulty thermostat also led the fridge to consume more power. Because the fan is continuously trying to produce more cool air into the compartments than normal. Next, a blocked expansion valve or coil results in compressor issues. Here, even though the air is blocked, the compressor keeps running. If the compressor fails, you might have to get a new refrigerator instead of repairing it. Nonetheless, it is worth getting a diagnosis from experts about other fridge problems leading to high power consumption. If possible, you can avail of repair services as well.
The most critical unit of any refrigerator is the compressor. For whatever reason, the compressor stops working; the fridge will not function properly. No matter how high-end your refrigerator at home is, a compressor will go bad at one point. You will know if the fridge’s compressor is terrible if it makes sudden loud noises, inadequate cooling, overheating, or when it suddenly goes off on its own.

Your fridge compressor might not be working or failing because of the following reasons:

  • High voltage surge
  • Dirty or blocked condenser coils
  • Refrigerant issues.
  • Ordinary wear and tear
When a fridge compressor goes bad, you can rarely fix it. Instead, replacing the faulty compressor with a new one would be a better resolution. Now, these compressors sure are costly and require skill to replace them. If you do not want a new refrigerator, get the technicians to replace the old compressor.
If you notice a Torn Gasket on your refrigerator door, you should get it repaired quickly. If not, the fridge would consume more power and also won’t function correctly. The fridge door seal is significant to keep the compartments cool and block any air leakage outside. You can indeed fix a torn gasket of your fridge door yourself as it is relatively inexpensive.

But, if the issue is severe and you don’t know how to, leave the task to skilled technicians.

While normal wear and tear is one reason for the refrigerator’s torn gasket, other factors also influence this situation. That includes:
  • Drying and cracking of the gasket or seal due to prolonged and extensive use.
  • Frequent food spills.
Regular diagnosis of the fridge is necessary even if there is no major problem. That helps to troubleshoot specific issues that might likely occur in the future. For instance, you should fix and replace the gasket or door seal timely to prevent significant damage. It would also help in improving the efficiency of the fridge.
When the refrigerator is not cold enough as required, your foodstuffs kept in the fridge will go bad. There would be smell, mold, foodborne pathogens, etc., that are unhygienic for health and the refrigerator itself. To get the best out of your fridge, it should always function correctly. Out of many other fridge problems, a refrigerator not getting cold has several causes. These are the reasons why your fridge is not getting cold or enough refrigeration:
  • Improper temperature control setting.
  • Dirty and clogged condenser coils.
  • Dirty door gaskets.
  • Food particles block the air valve or vents.
  • Understocked or not enough stuff in the fridge.
  • Faulty door gaskets result in cool air leakage.
  • Improper maintenance of hose, valves, vents, etc.
  • Limited power supply.
  • The refrigerator is not leveled.
You can fix these fridge issues by yourself. But, you will need help from experts to resolve these issues below to get your fridge back to its cooling potential:
  • Motor or fan not working.
  • The thermostat is not functioning.
  • Stuck compressor.
  • Compressor relay replacement.
If temperature settings are the problem, you can check the user manual of the fridge. It comes with a guide.
Yes, you might encounter a situation where your freezer is cold, but the refrigerator is not cooling enough. Instead, the refrigerator can be termed warm compared to the freezer setting.

A few likely culprits of this missing are:

  • Thermostat failure.
  • Defective evaporator fan.
  • Broken damper control assembly.
  • Overstuffing of food and other items in the fridge.
  • Frozen evaporator coils.
The most common cause of the refrigerator not cooling enough is a faulty thermostat. When the internal temperature cannot be balanced, the compressor cannot activate the right cooling setting in the fridge. The condenser coils and fan will not even turn on. If the evaporator fan turns out to be defective, only the professionals can repair or replace it after diagnosing the problem. The damper control assembly controls the cool airflow between the freezer and the refrigerator. If it is damaged or blocked, the cool airflow will be hampered. You might also feel cool air seeping out of the damper clearance. Frosted evaporator coils cannot cool down the air resulting in a warm temperature in the refrigerator. Defrost timer controls the cooling and heating cycles of the fridge. If that malfunctions, the refrigerator will experience the situation we are talking about.
There is an ideal temperature set for fridges to keep food fresh within the food safety standards. If you think that keeping the refrigerator at freezing temperature is okay, you are wrong. An ideal temperature enables the right freshness balance and prevents potential foodborne pathogens in the fridge. The right fridge temperature keeps the cold and fresh and safe to eat for days at length. That is possible with the right temperature balance slowing down the bacteria growth. The limit is different for freezers, though. You can keep the meat in the freezer for months, yet it would still be fresh and edible without a doubt.

The ideal temperature prescribed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) -

  • Below or equal to 40°F for refrigerator temperature.
  • Below or equal to 0°F for freezer temperature.
The expected ideal fridge temperature that households follow is lower than the FDA ones. It is between 35°F and 38°F. The temperature limit is to keep the food fresh for longer without freezing. Another way to adjust the fridge temperature is by adequately stocking the refrigerator and the freezer compartment. Doing so will evenly distribute the cool air among the right mass and balance.
Simply put, as per the FDA standard for food safety, your refrigerator temperature should not go above 40°F. And for the freezer, the ideal temperature is below or at 0°F. Anything surpassing this limit can increase the bacteria growth in the food in the fridge. Rather than checking and waiting for the fridge temperature to get cold enough, you should simply adjust the temperature settings between a range of 32°F and 40°F. Even if you set the fridge temperature to the ideal limit, it is inconsistent. Depending on affecting variables, the temperature fluctuates by itself. This could be due to air vent positioning, the amount of food in the fridge, normal daily usage, the flow of air, etc. Regardless, most refrigerators take about 2 to 24 hours to cool down
There is a set life expectancy for every other appliance and device globally. But that does not mean that the appliance cannot be used across that limit. With proper maintenance and care, you can use a device beyond its life expectancy. The situation is the same with the refrigerators. The general life expectancy of the refrigerator is about 10 to 15 years at best. During this time, the fridge can perform to its full potential and efficiency. This time would vary by a year or three, depending on the brand, model, and usage. Proper maintenance is also a way to improve effective life expectancy. Even with effective repairs and parts replacement, if the fridge frequently malfunctions, it won’t last long. However, the following signs will indicate that you should now replace your old refrigerator as it is dying.
  • The fridge has been overheating excessively for a while now.
  • The continuous loud buzzing of the refrigerator even after resetting.
  • Food in the refrigerator worsens quickly, even after an adequate temperature setting.
  • The fridge door is working fine. Yet there is an ice sheet condensing on the exteriors of the fridge.
  • An excessive layer of ice frosting in the freezer.
  • The refrigerator consumes an extensive level of power.
Yes, some refrigerators do have a reset button. The latest and modern ones, though. Restoring the refrigerator to its factory settings is as simple as a reset button. You have to push the button for about 30 seconds and release it. You can use the guide on the user manual of the fridge.

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