Fixing Dell Printer Error Code 024-910Printers are one of the most innovative pieces of technology, which are smart, helpful and easy to use. Nowadays, printing devices are used to print high-quality outputs for both personal and professional purposes. With the variety of brands available in the market, it is difficult to choose the perfect one. But when it comes to printers, Dell is a brand which the people can blindly rely upon. Dell printers high-end printers at a reasonable cost, and due to its amazing features and superb performance, it is used by people all around the globe. But sometimes, while accessing Dell printers, users come across several technical glitches like 024 910 Dell printer error. This is a very frequently occurring error which occurs due to a mismatch between the paper size or type.

Recommended steps to fix 024 910 Dell printer error on your own:

Dell Load Tray error Paper Size Mismatch Error is a very frustrating error which halts the processing of the printers and at the same time, restricts the users from getting the right print. If you are encountering 024 910 Dell printer error while accessing your Dell printer, you can follow the troubleshooting steps given below to resolve this error effectively:

1. Take a look at the full error message

Most of the 024 910 Dell printer errors occur due to a mismatch between the size or type of paper which is set on the printer and the size or type of the paper requested by the PC. When your Dell printer displays this error, it indicates that the print job has requested another size or type of paper but due to unavailability of that paper, a different size or type of paper has been sent. Most of the time, this error occurs when the user intends to print from tray 1 but the Multi-Purpose Feeder is empty.

2. Print a Settings Report

Irrespective of the size and type settings, the Settings Report should be printed from your printer. To do this, you can follow these steps:

  • Remove the paper from all trays except those which you want to test
  • Now, restart your printer and press the “Menu” button
  • Make sure that “Report/List” is highlighted and select it by pressing the Checkmark button
  • Choose the “Printer Settings” and the settings report will now print.

3. Verify the Paper Present Sensor

You need to check whether the paper present sensor is stuck or damaged by removing the paper tray. Also, ensure that the paper present sensor moves freely so that you can easily print via your Dell printer.

4. Enable the Substitute Tray option

When the Dell Load Tray error Paper Size Mismatch Error occurs in your printer, you can enable the Substitute tray option to its nearest size, so that the print job is printed on the paper which is closest to the size that is requested. You can do this by pressing the Menu Key on the operator panel of the printers. Then, press the Down arrows to highlight “Admin Menu” and after it is highlighted, select it by pressing the Checkmark button. Now, select “System Settings”, “Substitute Tray” and “Nearest Size” one by one.

In case the issue persists, move on to the next step.

5. Check the settings of the Printer’s paper size and type

Though the Dell printer automatically detects the paper’s size which is inserted in a given tray by following the paper length guide, yet when the guide is set incorrectly, it will detect the wrong paper size. You need to also correct the actuator position for Letter and set the type of the paper from the “Tray Settings” menu. If the problem does not get resolved, you can continue with the further steps.

6. Check the printer driver size and type settings

Navigate to the “Printers and Faxes” folder and select “Printing Preferences” from there. Ensure that all the paper size, paper source, and paper type options match the ones which are selected on the printer on the front panel.

7. Verify the Application Size and Type settings

You can do this by selecting the File menu and then Page Setup option. Now, you need to ensure that the paper source settings and the paper size both are correct. Then, click on “Ok.”

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