Fix Paper Jam in PrinterWhen you work with a printer, then it is quite obvious that you might encounter a paper jam all of a sudden. Most of the paper jam takes place owing to some mechanical faults. You need to have some patience if you wish to replace the paper. Once you detect the issue, you should know the solution. Sometimes the paper jam issue takes place owing to bitter animosity and it doesn’t matter how well we have taken care of. This obvious issue sometimes goes beyond our limit and require immediate help. However, this informative guide will help you to eradicate this disgusting paper jam issue and avoid discrepancies in the near future. This following informative guide will tell you how to fix paper jam in a printer in one or more locations as well.

However, modern-day printers are nothing but a replica in terms of design. So you need to perform slight adjustments to the below steps pertaining to the above-mentioned issues. This solely depends on the brand as well as the model you are using.

Effective Hacks To Eradicate Paper Jam Issue in Printers:

Before going forward with the effective hacks, you need to negate taking out the stock paper from the under the front cover. This is because it can damage the printer to a larger extent. Instead, you can just put that out from the printer tray. Now go through the under-mentioned steps to know how to fix paper jam in the printer.

Method 1: Spot and Replace Paper Stuck in a Loading Tray

  1. First and foremost thing is to replace the loose paper from the loading tray.
  2. Next, click the Resume button available at the forefront of the printer.
  3. Then, you just have to remove pile of papers serially one after other starting from the middle.
  4. Finally, examine the rest of the papers.

Please take into account that as soon as the jam gets cleared, you should proceed with the next step in order to ensure that the printer carriage can move without any support. Else, move ahead to the rest of the fixes mentioned below.

Method 2: Clearing Jam From the Periphery of the Printer

If you get stuck due to a paper jam in the loading tray, the next best is to follow the basic instructions to remove the pile of papers from the rear end. Generally, the rear end of the printer is equipped with a rear access door or both sided printing equipment.

Removing the Rear Access Panel

  1. First, spot the knob or the access tab present at the periphery of the printer or may be on the panel. If this is a knob, place that to the Unlocked position.
  2. Next thing is to replace the panel carefully and take out the stock of jammed paper.
  3. Then, find out the exact spot and clear the last traces of paper left inside.
  4. Finally, you can remove and thereby make your rear panel secure to fulfill the future needs.

Take Out the Two-Sided Printing Accessory For Clearing the Paper Clog

  1. First and foremost thing is to press both the Release buttons situated on either side of the module, then remove it.
  2. After that, you just need to remove the panel and take out the pile of papers carefully.
  3. Next, spot the location and clear the remaining junk.
  4. Then, with a gentle force push the module back and keep that onto a particular place.

If the above steps clear the paper jam perfectly, you need to check whether the printer carriage can move freely or not. Else, go ahead with the next section to know more about how to fix paper jam in the printer.

  1. Next, you just need to press button present at the peak of the module and then just open the door.
  2. Then you just need to replace the panel and then take the stacked pile out.
  3. After that, just pinpoint the location and remove the remaining traces left inside.
  4. Finally, shut down the rear end of the module.

Method 3: Removing Paper From the Front Cover

If all the above steps fail to serve the purpose, you may need to take out the jammed paper by pulling it from the front cover cautiously. We don’t advise you to follow this step and henceforth considered as a last resort on how to fix paper jam in pinter. However, if there is a toner printer, you need to pull out the toner cartridge in order to use the paper.

Method 4: Ensure Fine Movement of Printer Carriage

  1. First, you need to detach the printer from power. You can do so by unplugging the power cord from the power outlet.
  2. Next, you have to watch the carriage to examine whether it moves to the right side of the printer. You don’t need to add extra force to pull out the carriage if it got stuck. This is because it can harm the printer. Please take into account that if the paper jam gets cleared, you can go ahead to in order to know the steps required to test the printer.
  3. Now, you need to remove the link cartridge cautiously and slowly.
  4. Then, replace any paper from the loading tray without disturbing the drawer.
  5. Next, you must remove both sided printing accessory or maybe the lower access door.
  6. Use your fingers to rotate the rollers to the peak of the printer for 3 complete rotations.
  7. Again, perform the same step of removing the two-sided printing accessory or rear access door.
  8. After that, you are liable to replace the ink cartridges.
  9. Finally, you just need to plugin and open your printer.

Method 5: Reload and Testing of Printer

Once you remove the jam, take out the remaining pile of paper. This is done to make sure that the printer carriage can move seamlessly without any problem. You just need to follow the below steps to know about this.

  1. Place the injekt paper in the loading tray. After that, you can slide that into perfect place.
  2. Next, you just need to print the test page through a simple self-test.
  3. You can just start the test by pressing as well as holding the Resume button simultaneously till the printer begins the printing process.

Some Other Causes and Beneficial Fix

Paper Jam can also arise due to hardware problems and there are some efficacious ways to combat those issues. Let’s have a look.

Still Facing Problems? Obvious Printer Hardware Issues

If you still face the issue of printer jam after going through the above steps, then its time to check the hardware problems which may be a major cause of concern. A malfunctioned roller can cause this paper jam and therefore you should know how to fix paper jam in the printer to overcome this hurdle.

If the hardware issue persists for a long time, it is needless to say that you may look for repairing the printer. However, because of the availability of printers at a reasonable cost, it’s a better option to opt for a new one rather than repairing the faulty one.

Alternative Fix: How to Eradicate Printer Paper Jam?

As mentioned above, paper jam can reduce the life span of the printer. Even after following the above steps if you encounter the same issue, here are some of the steps that will help you to understand how to fix paper jams in printers permanently. So, follow as instructed below:

  1. If you have a paper tray, don’t fill the tray up to the brim. Overfilling sometimes leads to a paper jam.
  2. There are several printers equipped with a sliding feature that accommodates various types and sizes of paper to be fed into the printer. However, the improper placing of the slider can cause paper jam.
  3. You can get rid of the paper jam with the use of standard office paper. Jams can take place if they are folded, labelled as well as speciality paper of irregular dimensions.
  4. If you print multiple pages, don’t coalesce the paper size.
  5. Moreover, you need to examine whether the printer paper is placed perfectly in the respective slot or not.
  6. Finally, examine the printer to make sure there is no debris or pile of papers left inside before the printing starts. This is because torn paper, previously jammed paper or foreign objects can cause this issue.

Overcome Paper Jam With Suitable Hacks

We recommend you to follow the above guidelines to get rid of this annoying issue of printer jam. If you exercise the above steps properly, you will surely end up with a fruitful outcome. The steps given above will give you a clear understanding of how to fix paper jam in the printer as and when required. Next time you face this, go through these tips once and get back your printer to the normal operational mode.

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  1. Why does this paper jam take place?

Overfilling the tray can lead to paper jams on a frequent basis. Therefore, you need to ensure that you place the printer paper in the respective slot. Moreover, you must check the printer if there is any debris left inside. Previously used paper, torn paper, foreign objects can also be cited as the cause of concern for this issue.

  1. How will you stop paper jam in the printer?
  • First, click on the Power button in order to switch off the P.C.
  • Next, you need to unlock the locking latch present on the rear end of the Two-Sided Printing Module.
  • After that, you have to rotate the tray towards the printer.
  • Finally, you need to rotate the paper guide away from the printer.
  1. How will you fix if the printer does not respond?
  • First, you need to open the Control Panel and navigate to the Devices and the Printing Section.
  • Next, find out the printer from the available list. Then, just right-click on it and after that, select Printer Properties.
  • Then, hover on to the Ports tab. Here, you need to examine and check whether the port is properly selected or not.
  • Finally, press Apply and click on OK to make the unsaved changes.