Fix Mobile Fingerprint Not Working with Professional Guidance

The fingerprint scanner is not something special as it is a built-in feature in economy class smartphones. It serves as an unlock feature for your Android and iPhones. By activating fingerprint scanner, you can prevent unauthorized access to your phone. Thus, it is a user-friendly feature to secure certain applications on your device. It becomes problematic when the fingerprint scanner fails to recognize your registered fingerprint. As a result, you can access important applications and use your phone. So, if you are experiencing the mobile fingerprint not working issue, then connect with mobile experts at UAE Technician

Possible Causes of Mobile Fingerprint Not Working:

Your mobile fingerprint scanner might stop working due to the following reasons:

  • Mobile is such a handy device that it might fall from your hand accidentally. It, in turn, might damage the Home button or fingerprint scanner of your mobile. 
  • Software dysfunction is not unusual for Android or iPhones. The software installed on your phone might not have been configured properly. 
  • Hardware error like damage to an internal component that operates the fingerprint scanner.
  • Perhaps you have touched your phone with wet hands. As a result, the Home button has stopped responding. 
  • The fingerprint pattern might change due to physical skin damage or chemical reaction. 
  • When you register your fingerprint, the device stores this data into the database. Every time you try to unlock the device, the database is accessed. Then, your phone gets unlocked if the data of the fingerprint sensor matches the data in your phone’s storage. Your device won’t unlock if it finds a mismatch between both the data. It can happen when the data gets corrupted due to virus or malware infection. 
  • The Fingerprint Gestures of your phone might interrupt the important system functions and make the fingerprint sensor unresponsive. 
  • The corrupted cache can interfere with important system functions including the fingerprint sensor. 

It was the basic overview of a non-functional fingerprint sensor. Now, we will move on to the solutions that you can try to fix the problem on your own. But, connect with the experts at UAE Technician if the problem seems to be associated with the hardware or software of your phone. 

Easy Hacks to Fix Mobile Fingerprint Not Working Manually:

Right below we have discussed some of the simple ways to fix a non-functional fingerprint scanner both for Android devices and iPhones:

Solution 1: Check the Biometric Hardware

  1. First, you need to unlock your phone by any other means and tap the ‘Dialer’ icon. 
  2. Type ‘*#0* ‘ inside the dialer and tap the on ‘Call’ button. 
  3. As the diagnostics menu appears, choose ‘Sensors’ and select the ‘Finger Scanner.’
  4. Put your finger and it would be detected if your device doesn’t have any hardware issue. 

Solution 2: Update the Software

  1. Open the Settings app and navigate to ‘Software Update.’
  2. Tap ‘Software’ and select ‘Software Update’ under it. 
  3. Then, check for updates and select the ‘Download Updates Manually’ option for an available update. 
  4. After finishing the download, tap the ‘Install Now’ button to install the latest version of the software. 

Solution 3: Disable Fingerprint Gestures

  1. Go to Settings and choose ‘Advanced Features.’
  2. Disable the Finger Sensor Gestures and restart the phone to ensure that you have fixed the fingerprint scanner. 

Solution 4: Add New Fingerprint

You need to add a new fingerprint if the database containing your fingerprint data is corrupted. Let’s see how can you reestablish the database by deleting the old data.

  1. Launch the Settings app and choose the ‘Lock Screen and Security’ option. 
  2. Select the ‘Fingerprint Scanner’ and enter the password set for your device. 
  3. Tap on the ‘Trash Can’ icon next to the installed Fingerprint. Repeat this process if you have saved more than one fingerprint on your device. 
  4. Reboot your phone and open the Settings app again. 
  5. Go to ‘Applications’ and select the ‘FingerprintASM’ app installed on your device. 
  6. Then, choose the ‘Storage’ option and tap the ‘Clear Cache’ button. 
  7. Tap the ‘Clear Data’ button and select the ‘Fingerprint Authenticator’ app from the list of installed applications. 
  8. Again select the ‘Storage’ option and tap the ‘Clear Cache’ and ‘Clear Data’  buttons one after another. 
  9. Return to the ‘Lock and Security’ option and select ‘Fingerprints.’
  10. Choose ‘Add a new fingerprint’ option and complete the process. 
  11. After adding the new print, lock your mobile and unlock it with the new fingerprint. 

Solution 5: Wipe the Cache Partition

  1. Perform a hard reset by holding down both the Power and Volume buttons together. 
  2. As your phone display the ‘Wipe cache partition’ option, select it. 
  3. After clearing the cache reboot your phone once more. 

Reach the Ultimate Solution for Mobile Phones:

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