Cannot figure out if a site is down just for you or for everyone? Discover all the methods to find out.

One of our favorite sites no longer responds or is no longer reachable?

Is it the fault of our connection or is the problem of the site or more precisely of the server?

These questions can come to mind at any time, particularly if sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram do not work (they are rare events, but they can happen at any time).

To understand if it is our fault or a general problem we can use different methods, ranging from understanding if the Internet connection is working properly, if the site is really down or if other users have the same problem.

We have collected below all the tools to understand in total autonomy if a site is not reachable to any other user or only to us.

Checking the Internet connection

The Internet connection icon on our PC (lower right on Windows 10) may show the yellow triangle even after several minutes from the actual absence of a line (sometimes it does not warn you!); in these cases we can immediately understand if there is data line or not by checking the lights of our modem or router to which the PC is connected.

If the lights DSL (which indicates the actual presence of the carrier from the central up to our house) and Internet (which shows the correct allocation of IP and DNS for our line) are regularly turned on, the connectivity is still present so the problem is somewhere else.
These lights can be different on each model of modem or router, but it takes very little to understand if there is a connectivity or not (we can also refer to the user manual to understand which light indicates the connectivity to the network).

If the problem is limited only to the PC in use (other devices on the network open the site), we can also try the network ping route.
Open the Start menu and look for Command Prompt; From the black window that will open, type the following command:

ping <site_name>

We will run a small test on the transmission of packets on the network.
If the test fails, you will see a result similar to the one shown in the image below.

Lost packages are a good indicator of connection problems. But, they may still be legal to a problem with our line.

In this case we recommend first of all to restart the modem / router to see if the connection is resumed, then to test the connection via a device connected via Ethernet cable (to exclude any type of interference on WiFi at home) and finally as a last resort call the telephony operator so that he can check our line to understand why Internet access is no longer working.

Sites to verify that a site is down

To get the irrefutable proof that the problem concerns only the site and not our Internet connection we will have to use sites specialized in ping, performing the operation just seen but from an external server (so as to have an irrefutable proof in the site malfunction).

One of the best sites we can use is Down For Everyone or Just Me, reachable from here -> Down For Everyone or Just Me .