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Encryption is a method used in most businesses and institutions to prevent email archives, payment databases and other valuable information from any unauthorized access. Programs like True Crypt requires a password to allow users to access files. Some utilities require users to use the same physical hard drive to access files. This creates a single point of failure and greatly raises the potential for a  data disaster. However, encrypted data are hard to recover, but an expert’s guidance can help you to recover it with ease.

Contact our experts at UAE Technician who excels in recovering the data in its encrypted form. Our experts are well acquainted with recovery process of encrypted data at an instant. The most essential aspect of an encryption process is management of keys. Many organizations provide their encrypted keys so that the data can be easily decrypted and verified before return. But for some organization, providing encryption keys is against their security policy. In these cases, the data will be recovered and sent back in an encrypted form on a new hard drive.

Unable to identify the causes of data loss? Avail expert help now

Data loss occurs when a media failure precedes a loss of access. To identify the exact extent of the damage, we recommend you to connect with our professionals who are well informed about the process. Contact us soon for your Encrypted data recovery requirement. We try to provide the most appropriate solutions for your data loss issues. Mentioned below are some of the probable causes of data loss on encrypted media.

  • Physical hard drive failure
  • Data corruption
  • Bad sectors
  • RAID rebuild failure
  • Encrypted data is not accessible
  • Accidental partition deletion
  • Accidental file deletion
  • Encrypted partition header Issues
  • Accidental overwrite
  • Virus damage

Our experts thoroughly evaluate the physical condition of the hard drive and they provide you with the best-proven solution. In order to avoid accidental damage, we treat your data very carefully. Our professionals walk extra miles to preserve your original confidentiality.

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Data loss on an encrypted media can occur for multiple reasons. Take necessary measures to repair it because delaying might cause severe damage and can result in further data loss. Connect with our experts and avail the most useful solutions to recover your encrypted data. We aim in providing 100% data recovery protection. Our experts use non-destructive methods which are simple to apply. We ensure our customers about the safety of their original media during the data recovery process.

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UAE Technician consists of highly skilled and well-experienced professionals who are smart in dealing with your data loss issues. We are capable of fulfilling your data recovery needs. Our experts use unique techniques which are essential for solving any complex problem within a less possible time. We are the best service providers when it comes to data recovery. Hurry and dial our helpline number:045864033 to avail outstanding Encrypted data recovery in Dubai. We also provide Hitachi hard drive data recovery service in Dubai.