Are you looking for apps to download free music? In this article you will find the best applications to download songs right on your smartphone! After seeing the best sites to download music and download music programs , it’s time to see apps download music on your Android or Iphone smartphone . If you can not organize a good playlist on your PC for lack of time or if you do not like sitting too far in front of a PC, you can now choose and download thousands of songs with the simple “touch” on your smartphone screen . In recent years, the smartphone has almost completely replaced the dear mp3 player and having a good library of songs to listen to when you have to deal with long journeys or when doing physical activity, it’s really essential if you do not want to die of boredom .

Of course, thanks to the wifi or 4G network you can find all the tracks you want on the internet with services like Youtube or Spotify

So here are the applications that allow you to download mp3 songs and save tracks directly to your smartphone without having to connect it to your computer to update the song list. No matter what kind of music you prefer, thanks to these fantastic app you will find hundreds of songs of every kind to differentiate your playlist. Are you ready? It begins!



This time we go to an app for Iphone. Downcloud gives you the ability to download songs from Soundcloud, where you can find an infinite number of songs from every artist and genre . Again, in this case, go to the app store and download Downcloud from the list of available apps. Once installed, you just have to start it and look for the desired song in the search bar . When you find the right track, you can download it by pressing the arrow next to the title. The free version allows you to keep only 25 tracks at the same time in the library and if you want to remove this limit, you have to go to the premium voucher  as well

Rock my Run App

rock my run

The Rock my Run app allows you to listen to and download good music to run in various genres. In practice, once you’ve downloaded the application, you’ll find hundreds of already mixed songs that can help you in your sports sessions where you can choose speed (BPM) or other features that best fit your liking!

Jamendo App


With Jamendo you can find and download thousands of songs from independent artists and bands and most of them are under Creative Commons license , which are downloadable and reusable for your projects. As with other applications, all you have to do and download from app store or google play (available for both platforms) and start it. Once inside, since these songs are not very well known, you can browse the most popular albums, artists, or songs or search for a title directly through the search bar. Once you have found a song you like, you can see different information by clicking on i(license, etc.) or download it with the appropriate button. To listen to downloaded music, you will need to go to the Downloaded folder.

Mp3 Music Download (Not working)

Another interesting app for android, Mp3 Music Download is an app to download free music with a really easy to use interface. In addition to the ability to download songs, you can listen to them directly in streaming and share them with the main social. You can search through a myriad of songs with the search bar at the top and save it to your phone’s memory.

Download Manager for Android

download manager for android

This app is one of the most famous for Android. Download Manager not only has the ability to download mp3s, but you can download many other files like videos or applications at a really impressive speed! If you are looking for a multitasking app to perform multiple operations at one and the same time, this is yours!

Free Music Archive App


In addition to the famous independent music site, Free Music Archive provides a real Android and Iphone app dedicated to free, royalty-free songs that you can download without spending a penny. Like the others, here we are in a really easy way to use: you have to choose from different genres what you like and select an album that interests you. Then you can select the single tracks and download those that you like with a quick tap. To see all the songs you downloaded, you will need to go to the FMA downloads folder that the application creates automatically in your smartphone’s memory.

MusicLab Mp3 Music Downloader (Not working)

musiclab downloader

Music lab Mp3 music downloader can be downloaded from the google play store for free and allows you to listen and download all the music you want without spending anything. With truly disarming simplicity, this app lets you download and group your favorite songs in a flash and lets you set your smartphone ringtone directly from your library!

Tunee Music (Not working)tunee music

Another app that does its job extravagantly! Thanks to this fantastic and intuitive app, you can choose from an infinity of tracks that can be streamed or downloaded to memory. There is little to say, one of the simplest apps on Google’s store.

Spotify Apps


But how? Is Spotify not only used for streaming? Already, this app is only used to listen to online music but if you subscribe to the premium version for only 9.90 € per month , you can enable the Offline function and download all the songs you want on your device to listen to them without having to be connected to the network . Not bad?

This was the main app for downloading free music from the internet, and as usual I remember that downloading copyrighted material is illegal and you can run into really high fines and penalties. If the article is back to you, I invite you to put a Like on Facebook! Thank you