This small guide is devoted to end-users with problems with the worship of laptop computers by UAE Technician.

It only provides empirical evidence and does not require any special diagnostic equipment except a common multimeter. So follow the given below step for completely understanding to do the initial diagnosis of notebook.

How to diagnosis the Notebook failures Case 1:

The notebook seems to work, but sometimes it hangs or goes off.

Symptoms: It stops during operation, it stops operating system loading, is slow, shades blue and shuts off, it overheats a lot.

Checks to be made:

To rule out a problem with the software or any viruses, it’s always good to launch your notebook with a Linux Live and Linux Ubuntu distribution if the problem is not the cause of the problem may be in the operating system or hard drive, reformat the disk and reinstall it from the top.

In the event of errors during the reinstallation of the operating system, the hard disk is definitely dead, replace it.

If the machine continues to block and even cause problems in the Linux environment the cause is in the hardware, proceed with the following checks:

Replace memory banks

Use a different power supply

Clean fan and heat sink by applying the new thermal paste

In case of video driver crash, the main suspect is the bad graphics card

If the problem persists, the mainboard is defective or defective, it must be repaired.

Case 2:

The notebook lights up but nothing appears on the screen.

For nothing on the screen, we mean BLACK ABSOLUTE,

Checks to be made first:

Replace memory banks

Can you see backlight of faded images? if so check the lcd inverter, panel, or video cable.

No backlit image, no image on external output, the motherboard is defective.

Case 3:

The notebook turns on but displays rows, squares or rough defects.

Checks to be made first: artifacts also appear on external output? If so, defective graphics card or defective vram, the motherboard is to be repaired.

On external output, the image is perfect, check the LCD panel or the video cable, sometimes it may also work normally on external output while the GPU is faulty, check with heavy graphics applications if the video driver crashes.

Case 4:

The notebook is completely dead, charging LED off, the network led off, no reaction to the ignition button, or it turns on and goes off immediately:

Checks to be made first:

Check the power supply with a tester, try another.

Test the notebook without the battery

Unplug all unnecessary devices (DVD, wifi card, hard drive)

In the event of a failure, the notebook is faulty on the motherboard and should be repaired to a specialist service center.

If the main board of your notebook or your MAC logic board is faulty, select the motherboard brand to repair by UAE Technician expert.

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