Use your mobile phone to surf the Internet, but since you bought it. Never worried about cleaning up your history a little by deleting the websites you visit. Given the situation, I therefore invite you to take a few minutes of your free time. And concentrate on reading this article dedicated to the relevant topic. Do you want to know how to delete the sites visited by your mobile.

I’ll describe how to remove mobile visited sites on Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile devices in the lines that follow. In addition, there is the primary smartphone web browser. What would you say Would you be interested in this as well, but unable to complete the task. Due to your insufficient knowledge of current technological issues? But come on, don’t puff! Apart from the fact that it is a very simple process. But then I don’t see what you worry about with you here. I’m ready and willing to provide all the information you need.

Then? What would you say to finally put the chatter aside and start focusing on what to do? Yes? Great! We do not lose any other precious time and let us go immune to the action. I am sure at the end of the day you will be satisfied with what you have learned. And even if you need to, you will be ready to give any explanation to all your friends. We bet?

Are you interested in understanding how to delete sites. Visited by your Android phone and use Chrome to surf the web? Then the first step you need to buy is to access the device home screen. And start the app by pressing its icon. Then click on the […] button  at the top right, select the History item   from the menu that you see appearing and then tap on the Edit at bottom right. At this point, all you have to do is press the x found next to the site’s name. Which you want to remove and it’s done.

If you wish, you can also delete the full browsing history in one go. To do this you have to press first on the Clear Navigation Data button    and then on  Clear Data after you tap the […] button . Once this is done, you will be faced with the Delete Data menu  from . So choose whether to delete only the last hour’s data, only the last day, week, four weeks, or the entire history.

Also, I recommend that you decide whether to type or remove check marks from the various available on-screen options. Whether to delete only browsing history (i.e., addresses of sites you’ve visited) or even cookies and data. Visited sites, cached files, saved passwords, and auto-compiled form data.

Do you own an iPhone?

Do you own an iPhone? No problem, you can succeed in your intent even in that case. You can delete the sites you visit from your mobile phone by going to the iOS home screen, starting the browser by tap on its icon, pressing the button with […] located in the top right and selecting the History entry from the menu that opens. Finally, step down to Edit Items, select the internet sites you want to remove. And then tap Remove Items at the bottom left.

If you prefer to clear your entire browsing history after you press the […] button on the top right hand side of the Chrome screen and after selecting the History item from the menu you have to click on Clear Navigation Data … At the bottom left, you’ll need to make sure the Navigation History item is selected. (and if you do, you’ll need to turn it on) and then you’ll need to tap Clear navigation data again.

Also in this case, note that you can choose to delete only the recently viewed history. Or whether to delete other navigation data (cookie and site data, images and cached files, saved passwords, and Autofill data). Checking the corresponding box when it appears after you press for the words Clear browsing data… Depending on your needs and preferences, you can make this selection.

WARNING: If you’re following Chrome access your Google Account. And data sharing is also activated between your devices. And if one or more mobile sites are deleted. They will also be deleted from your computer history. And any other linked devices at the same time as your account.

Do you have an Android smartphone , downloaded the Firefox browser on your device and would like to understand how to delete one or more sites from the list of those visited? Then start the application by pressing its icon located on the device screen where all the apps are grouped, tap on the […] button   located at the top right and select the History item   from the menu you see appear. Then hold your finger on the site to delete it from the list of visited ones and select the Deleteitem   from the pane that opens. Easier than that?

If you want to delete the entire history, again presses the button […] and  stage of  history , then presses the button  Delete history  and confirm your desire to clear all by selecting  OK .

If desired, you can also delete other data such as download list and module history. To do so, click on the […] button again at the  top right, choose the Delete Dataitem   from the screen that is shown to you and select what information you really want to remove by ticking next to the various options. To confirm the choice made step then to  Delete data .

If you are using iPhone to clear scanned sites. So the first thing you need to do is launch Firefox by tapping its icon on the home screen. Then go to the card management screen by pressing the indicator on the number of open tabs in the top right. You have to tap on the button with three horizontal lines which is at the bottom. And you have to select the clock icon from the menu that opens. Now, locate the websites that you want to remove from the visited list. Swipe from right to left on its title and select the red Remove button.

You’re not interested in acting on individual sites, but would you like to clear your entire browsing history? Then you need to tap the button with three horizontal lines at the bottom of the Firefox screen. You need to press the Settings icon associated with the menu that opens.  You need to scroll down the displayed screen, then choose the item Delete personal information that, you find under the Privacy section, make sure that the lever corresponding to the navigation history legend is on (and If you don’t, you will have!) and finally tap on the Delete Personal Data and OK button.

If, besides the history, you also want to delete other navigation data (cache, cookies, and offline data, you must have Web sites) remember to enable their switches before pressing on Delete Personal Data and OK on the screen that is shown after you select the item Delete personal data from browser settings.

Warning:  If you are accessing your browser with your Firefox account, data sharing between your devices is also active, so by going to cancel mobile history, this will also be deleted on your computer and other devices with the browser installed from which you are logged in.

Safari (iOS)

Are you using an iPhone , do you have a habit of browsing the Internet with  Safari. and would you like goats how to delete the list of sites visited by your device? So start the Safari app by long-pressing its icon, then tap the book symbol at the bottom right. And then click on the clock icon at the top, always on the right.

At this point, you will see a full list of all recently visited Web sites. Then you swipe from right to left on the names of the individual sites. And completely delete the history by pressing the Delete button appearing on the right. or if you want by pressing the Delete button at the bottom right. And then the item Clear all history. In the second case, you will see a menu that will show you, whether you are interested in deleting the history for the last hour, today, yesterday and today or forever.

Alternatively, you can delete the list of Internet sites saved in Safari history by going  to iOS Settings (the gear icon on the home screen) by selecting the Safariicon from the  pop-up menu and pressing two times in the Delete Web Site and History Data button  . In that case, however, keep in mind that you will not be able to choose which sites to remove and which not from the history, and other online browsing data, such as cookies, will also be removed.

Warning:  If you have enabled synchronization of iCloud navigation data, going to delete one or more Internet sites from Safari on iOS will also delete Safari’s history on Mac and other your iDevice connected to the same Apple account.

Internet Explorer (Windows)

Do you have a Windows Mobile device  and want to find out how to delete the sites you’ve seen from your cellphone by going to Internet Explorer ? Then launch the browser by pressing its icon, step on the […] button   located at the bottom right and choose the recent entry  from the menu that you want to appear. Then  press the selection button at the bottom left, place a check next to the names of the visited sites you want to delete from the list on your device, and tap the trash can  icon  to complete the operation.

If you want to delete the history in its entirety instead of acting on individual Internet sites, go to  the device settings , select the Internet Explorer entry  from the Applications tab,   and the screen that opens tap the button will  delete the history . Confirm therefore your will to delete the history by clicking on the delete button  that appears top. If you also want to delete the saved passwords in the browser, type the check mark next to it.

Other browsers (Android / iOS / Windows)

Other browsers Android iOS WindowsIf you use a different browser on your smartphone than I’ve already mentioned, the procedure for deleting sites visited by your phone may vary from device to device as well as from app apps.

In principle, however, what you have to do is go to your browser settings , select your personal data or privacy item, and tap the button to delete the history .

For example, if you are using a recent Samsung smartphone, and if you’re online to surf the  Internet , you need to start it by pressing the More button   in the upper right and selecting the Settings item   from the menu see appear. On the screen that appears, go to  Privacy , choose the item to  clear your personal data  and indicate the navigation data you want to delete.