A line may enter the screen of the personal computer due to the display, personal computer, display driver, etc. Please check the troubleshooting method and the reference destination in this order in order.

How to fix lines on laptop screen


When vertical or horizontal lines are displayed on the screen of the personal computer, various causes such as display body and display driver problems can be considered.

In this case, check the status of the PC, reinstall the display driver, etc., and confirm whether the phenomenon improves.


If a line enters the screen of the personal computer, please take the following countermeasures.

Please check the following items in order to fix the problem.

1    Restart the computer:

Somewhat problems may have occurred in the operation of the OS temporarily. Restart your computer to see if the phenomenon is improved.

2   Perform a discharge:

If unnecessary electricity is charged in the PC body, it may not operate properly. In this case, it is necessary to discharge in order to release the charged electricity.

  1. Confirm contact of liquid crystal part (notebook PC only):

Open/close the liquid crystal display to the extent that the contents displayed on the liquid crystal display can be seen, and check whether the display state changes. When the display state changes The wiring connecting the motherboard and the display may have caused a problem. When the display state does not change In this case, proceed to “4. Now Check the phenomenon on the BIOS setting screen”.

  1. Check the phenomenon on the BIOS setting screen

Check if the phenomenon occurs on the BIOS setting screen.

Refer to the following information and perform steps 1 and 2 to display the BIOS screen (BIOS Setup Utility). Depending on the status of the displayed screen, check the following applicable items. If a phenomenon occurs the personal computer or display may be faulty.

Please refer to “How to initialize the BIOS (restore the state when purchasing a PC)” above, and initialize the BIOS to see if the screen display is improved.

If the phenomenon does not occur, software such as Windows may have caused a malfunction.

In this case, go to “5. Reinstalling the driver”.

  1. Reinstall the driver

If the driver is damaged or you are using a driver not compatible with Windows, the screen may not be displayed correctly.  Delete your display driver and check the latest drivers to see if the phenomenon is improved.

  1. Perform System Restore

Execute the system restoration and check whether it will be improved by returning to the state it was in when it operated normally.

Please refer to the procedure corresponding to the version of Windows (OS) used from the following information and execute system restoration.

  1. Perform re-setup

If the problem can not be solved by trying the above countermeasure method, you can reset the PC to the state at the time of purchase by re-setting up.

However, since the PC returns to the state at the time of purchase, the data and settings saved in the computer are deleted.

Be sure to back up the necessary data before performing the operation.

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