8 Basic AC Problems Faced By People of UAE

In countries like the UAE, air conditioners are very important, especially to bear the summer heat. It will help you to keep your rooms cool and comfortable. Without an AC, the rooms can get really hot and may cause suffocation and many other problems. An AC helps to keep the room fresh, cool and if well-maintained can even keep the rooms free from insects. It also reduces the chance of dehydration and offers a better sleeping environment. A room with an air conditioner is also an ideal place for exercising. There are many more benefits of an AC. But, sometimes random AC problem can stop it from functioning at its peak. Basically, Air condition problems in Summer are more noticeable. Let’s get to know about the 8 most common AC problems that the residents of Dubai face.

Common AC Problems in UAE


Many people face problems with their ACs every day. Here are some of the common problems that you can face with your AC. Know why and how to prevent it in the near future.

1)  AC has stopped working Problem


Sometimes you may find that your air conditioner is not switching on at all. This can be because the batteries of your thermostat might be dead or it might be due to some electrical supply problem. So, first, you need to check the battery. If the battery is alright, see if the settings of the thermostat temperature settings are to your preference. If the settings are also okay, then check if the circuit breaker is damaged or not.

However, it will be best not to try to solve the problem all by yourself. These are complicated parts and you must take the help of AC repair service in Dubai [2020]. This will be a wise decision as they are professionals and will know how to handle your air conditioner, in a much better way.

2)  Refrigerant Leak AC problem


Refrigerant is the compound that helps the air conditioner to cool the temperature of your room. Sometimes you may find that this refrigerant of your AC is leaking. If this happens, you will see that the cooling capacity of the AC has reduced drastically. This can occur due to cracks or holes in the coils which helps to circulate the refrigerant.

Sometimes this leak can also occur inside the AC and you will not be able to see it. In that case, you can only determine this problem if you see that the cooling of the AC has become uneven, or if the device is showing low efficiency. This can be avoided by doing proper maintenance from time to time. Search for AC services near me.

However, if you do face this problem, it is advisable to take the help of professionals and avail their AC repair at home. The professionals will know how to open up the AC without causing any further damage.

3)  The Outside Unit of AC is Freezing Up Problem


AC working but room not getting cooled? Basically, the outside unit of the AC helps to cool down the warm air that is taken from inside the room. However, it is seen that the outside unit of the AC tends to freeze up sometimes. This can happen if there is an insufficient amount of warm air flowing into the outside unit.

Another reason for this can be a stuck contactor. This is a small part, usually found on the outside unit. It can sometimes get stuck and that leads to the continuous running of the outside unit. Eventually, this can lead to the freezing of the unit.

And, this is considered to be a top Air condition problem in Summer. Also, if the thermostat is off due to some reason while the AC is still running, this problem can occur. If you face this problem, you must never try to fix it yourself. Always call the top AC repair service in Dubai [2020] and get their assistance to fix your AC.

4)  AC Working, but Room not Getting Cooled Problem


This is another common problem that the users face. It is very annoying when you are using the appliance, AC working but room not getting cooled. This can happen due to various reasons.:

  • First of all, if you have a dirty air filter, your AC will not cool your room effectively. So, it is always good to clean the air filter after a fixed interval of time.
  • Another reason can be a dirty outside unit. This unit helps to cool down the warm air that is sent by the inside unit. If the outside unit is clogged, it will not be able to cool the warm air efficiently. Also, if the fan of the outside unit is damaged, it will not allow the AC to work properly.
  • The leaking of refrigerants can also cause this problem. Refrigerants are the components that help the AC to cool the temperature of your room. So, leaking of the refrigerants will make it impossible for the AC to do its job properly.

All these problems need expert assistance for fixing. So, you must always consult an AC maintenance service provider. They are all professionals in this field and will be able to fix your AC with great care and will see that it does not sustain any further damage.

5)  Strange smell coming from AC


Sometimes, you may find that weird smell is coming from your AC when it is turned on. You must never ignore such a smell. Ignoring them can lead to some bigger problems in the future.

The smells from the AC usually come due to the following reasons:

  • Smells can come from your AC if there are molds and mildew in the ducts of your AC. This can happen if there are excess humidity and moisture in the HVAC system.
  • If the evaporator coils are dirty and the pans of the condensate drains are clogged, you can get a bad stinky smell and is one of the prime Air condition problems in Summer.
  • You can also get burning smells from your AC. This can mean that some parts of your AC may be overheating or burning.
  • If the smell is more like gunpowder, it means that there must be a short in the circuit board of the AC.
  • If you get the smell which is identical to cigarette smoke, then it is possible that someone has smoked in the room and the odour has accumulated on the filter. Hence, when you turn it on, the smell comes in through the air vents. Cleaning the filter can do the trick.
  • Sometimes, if you have dry P-traps, the sewage gas can enter into your home. You can try to flow water through all the sinks and see if it solves the problem.

Whatever the reason for the strange smell is, you must never try DIY hacks until the problem is on the surface. If the problem is more electrical-related, you must always take the help of AC repair service in Dubai [2020]

6)  AC is blowing out hot Air


Many users have reported that warm air is coming out whenever they are turning on their AC. This will be very annoying as it will make the room warmer rather than cooling it. So, here are some of the common reason for which AC can blow out warm air:

  • If the thermostat is set incorrectly, it can cause warm air to come out of your AC. You must always check the settings of the system and keep it to “cool” and set the fan to “auto” rather than “on”. This may sometimes fix the problem.
  • Apart from the thermostat, a dirty air filter or a dirty air condenser can also cause this problem. If the pathway to transfer cool air is blocked, it will never reach your room and you will get warm air. Cleaning your AC might be the best way to fix the problem.
  • If the outside unit is being ill-maintained and has an accumulation of dirt, it can also lead to AC is blowing out hot air. Thus, you need to deep clean the AC at least once in a month.

No matter, for whatever reason your AC is blowing hot air, you must contact your nearest AC maintenance service provider and have it checked and opt for a monthly or annual servicing. If you want to avoid such problems in the future, you must always service your AC at the proper time.

7)  AC Making Strange Noise 


A Sound coming from AC? AC is supposed to be quiet in addition to imparting cool air, to make the room environment satisfying. But, noises from an AC can ruin the environment and it is also an indication that there is something wrong with the appliance. Here are the different sounds that you can hear from your AC and what are they indicating:

  • You can hear a buzzing sound. This is the common sound that many people complain about. This means that there are some parts within your AC that have become loose and need to be tightened up. Or, the condenser is blocked and has to be cleaned. It can also mean that you have to change the air filter.
  • Another sound that you can hear is banging. This indicates a more serious problem than the previous one and has to be fixed immediately. The banging sound can be caused due to some parts that have become loose and they are hitting other parts and hence causing the sound.
  • However, if you are hearing a humming sound, it means that your AC is facing a mechanical or electrical failure. Additionally, a circuit breaker overload or loose wiring can also cause a humming sound.
  • Lastly, if you hear a sound coming from AC, then it means that the AC has been lying dormant for a long period of time. This can cause damages to the AC.

So, whatever noise you encounter from your AC, you must always take the help of AC maintenance services. These are critical problems and must only be handled by the experts of AC repair service in Dubai [2020]. However, to prevent these problems, you must always keep your AC clean and opt for services from time to time.

8)  Failure of electrical control


If you turn on and off your AC more frequently, it can cause the compressor and the fan control to wear out. The blower motor, the compressor, and the condenser fan make an electrical connection in order to start the AC.

However, if one of these components fails, the connection will not be completed and the AC will not turn on and you will note a sound coming from AC. Further, you will note AC working but room not getting cooled. So, you can prevent this problem, if you make sure that the frequent turning on and off is avoided. And, if you somehow cannot prevent this issue, then you must take the help of professional services to solve it. So, try to locate AC services near me.

Why should you Rely on an AC Repair Service in Dubai [2020]?

The experts in the AC maintenance service providers are experienced and they can fix any AC problem without difficulty. An experienced professional can examine your air conditioner and detect any potential problems that you could face in the future.

Many users try to fix the problem themselves. But, as a result of this, they end up doing more damage to their AC. Whereas, an experienced service provider will know exactly where to look. Being experienced, they will also be able to fix the problem quicker, Ac repair at home, than the average person. This also gives an assurance that the problem will not arise in the near future.

Furthermore, you can always opt for either monthly or annual maintenance of your AC to avoid any major breakdown and problems. Try searching for AC services near me. This will also help you to extend the workability of your AC. The service providers also support you with maintenance sessions. They will inspect your AC for any wear and tear, or potential breakdown and will then after proper diagnosis, they will fix every major to minor glitches.

Functional AC Needs Proper Maintenance 

An AC is a very important appliance in the lives of UAE people. Thus, you must take the utmost care. The AC units that are running for many years are bound to face some wear and tear. As a result of which, people tend to face some problems.

So, cleaning them and maintenance is also necessary from time to time. This will reduce the chance of your air conditioner to have any major problem. But, if your AC does face any problem, always consult an AC maintenance service provider. Further, you also get to know about AC brands that work well in Dubai

In case you are facing of the above-mentioned issues with your Air Conditioner, you can get in touch with our AC support team by calling:  045864033

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