What is Cloud Server

The new cloud servers represent the natural development of the classic professional Virtual Private Servers provided so far. The key difference is that, while the VPS data resides within the server’s fixed disks, the cloud data is stored in a professional storage system based on EMC arrays.

What is a Cloud ServerStarting from the definition of cloud computing , we can better understand what kind of solution we are talking about. The cloud, as it is now called shortly, is the set of all the technologies that allow the use of hardware and software resources through a virtual or real remote server offered by a hosting provider with a time subscription.

The resources, in addition to being guaranteed, can be changed at any time without the need to change servers with the enormous difficulty of reconfiguring all services. A simple reboot of the system is sufficient to update, for example, the number of CPU cores or the amount of RAM available.

It is possible to install different operating systems both Linux and Windows (license to be purchased separately) and of course also request the installation of a Cloud server with cPanel .

The basic configuration includes a server with a 1-core CPU, 1 GB of RAM and 15 GB of disk space. This configuration, for example, can be used to host a simple website with little traffic or to start evaluating the solution and decide later whether to upgrade both in terms of CPU and RAM.

If you are looking for a free cloud server of course we can give you a test of a few days in order to verify the real potential of the service in the field. In this case we can configure a server based on Linux operating system because in the case of a Windows cloud server it is necessary to purchase a separate license and therefore it is not possible to activate a completely free system.

It is normal that if the required configuration is higher than those available in the Cloud VPS, or the technical requirements require real and confidential resources, the best choice continues to be that of a dedicated server.

Configure your Cloud Server

Using our server configurator you can choose the necessary resources and then preview the monthly server costs to be activated. The monthly payment must be made immediately and is valid for 30 days after the activation date. Before renewal, renewal can be performed to maintain the configuration of the Cloud VPS for a further month. At the moment the server can be purchased for a minimum month and the cost does not change if the real use is lower or if for example only one hour is used.

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