Would you like to make the LCD screen of your Samsung TV bright and shiny again, but do not you have the petty idea of ​​how to do it? Would you like to remove all those annoying fingerprints from your Galaxy Tab or Galaxy S6 display but do not have the slightest idea of ​​which tools or products are best suited? The screen of your Samsung notebook is covered with dust and you do not know how to get rid of it? If the answer to these and other similar questions is “yes” I’m happy to tell you that this time you can count on me. I can explain to you, by thread and sign, how to clean Samsung LCDs so that you get back and forth like a screen on your TV, smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Before you can be alarmed and think the worst, however, I want you to know from now on that how badly the screen you are going to be about to clean Samsung LCD is not at all complicated. Everyone, in fact, can succeed in “business”, just have a few minutes of free time and a minimum of patience. You will also need a minimum of equipment that you can find simply by looking around the house or that you can find it without any special problems and at a fair price in any electronics store, hypermarket or online, on dedicated websites.

Then follow the directions I am going to give you and find out how to do it to clean LCD Samsung without scratching the surface and without damaging it. I am more than sure that you will eventually be happy and, if you need, you will be ready and willing to explain to all your friends in need of a similar analogy. That said, ban the ciance and let’s start!

Before explaining how to do Samsung LCD cleaning, it is good to clarify it immediately on a point. Because the Samsung devices are fairly delicate, cleaning them should be done with extreme caution. In soldiers, be aware that you are not dealing with any “glass slab” anyway and that in order to succeed you should not use aggressive fluids and / or do not exert excessive pressure during the cleaning procedure. So try to be as careful and delicate as you can in practice the directions I am about to provide you so that your TV, mobile device, or laptop can not be damaged.

It then verifies that the user manual that is attached to the sales package of the TV, smartphone, tablet, or Samsung branded laptop does not indicate any special arrangements to be taken to perform a cleaning operation. If you can not find the device’s paper booklet, you can try searching the digital format by doing a search on Google, for example by typing  Samsung Device Type and User Manual Template  (instead  of Device Type and Model  Type Type of device in your possession and the model of the same), or by connecting to the appropriate support area of the Samsung website. Clearly, if specific instructions for cleaning Samsung LCDs are indicated in the User’s Guide, follow these instructions carefully, rather than my own.

Taking these necessary clarifications the first step you need to do to clean Samsung LCDs is, of course, turning off your TV, smartphone, tablet or laptop for safety reasons (all electrical appliances should be turned off during cleaning ) and because it is easier to see any dust or dirt residues with the screen off. Then use the power button or power switch to turn off the device, then disconnect the TV, smartphone, tablet, or notebook from the power when connected to the power outlet. Also, be sure to remove any other accessories that are applied and / or connected to the device.

Now get a  microfibre cloth  (like what’s usually used to clean the eyeglasses), possibly anti-static, and leave no annoying lenses on the screen. As an alternative to microfibre cloth you can use a  cloth in deodorized leather  or a  cloth in suede skin , they are both equally suitable for the purpose. Avoid abrasive cloths, towels, paper towels and similar items that may damage the product.

After retrieving the cloth, use it past the entire display lightly. If after a while you notice that there are still traces of dust or dirt on the LCD, repeat the cleaning operation several times. In case you notice that there are debris on the screen of your Samsung device before moving the removable cloth blowing over it in a gentle manner. If you do not remove any debris on the screen and go past the cloth to perform the cleaning operation you may damage the display, eye!

After cleaning Samsung LCD remember to rinse the cloth well under a stream of warm water and let it dry for a few hours. By doing so, any traces of dust or dirt are removed from the cloth and may be reused without any problems.

In most cases, running this simple procedure is more than enough to clean Samsung LCDs. If, however, cleaning only with a cloth does not prove to be effective you can try to cope with the thing by dampening it with a delicate “DIY” detergent solution that removes completely dust, dirt and dirt traces. However, I never recommend spraying the cleaning solution directly on the screen because the liquid could penetrate the inside of the device and compromise the good functioning of the detergent. Also, in that case, try to be as careful as possible during the cleaning operation and try not to hurt your TV, mobile device, or laptop.

The ideal solution is  pure distilled water  but if your Samsung device screen is very dirty, you can also use  50% of distilled water  and  50% of white vinegar . Then, pass the cloth in an extremely delicate way at the points of the screen to be treated by circular movements then dry by using a non-damp side of the screen.

Although the temptation may be strong, especially in the case of particularly aggressive dirt, I recommend instead of avoiding the use of common cleaners for Samsung LCD cleaning glasses. In most cases, these products may become too aggressive and damage the screen of your device irreparably, keep them in mind.

If you really need to clean Samsung LCDs by using a cleansing product rather than a DIY system you can use one of the many specially  designed cleaning lotions designed and marketed specifically for cleaning LCD screens of televisions, smartphones , tablet and computer. This is a product of the price, so to speak, friend and you can find without too much trouble online, on sites like Amazon or eBay, and in physical stores specializing in the sale of electronics products. However, I recommend that you try to use only and solely suitable solutions for the purpose.

A quick turnaround to the Samsung LCD cleaning process I suggest that you try to keep the screen clean as long as you can not use your device to get a large enough microfibre cloth and spread it on the screen before you put it the device. Alternatively, you can use the appropriate screen protectors or covers to cover the front (and why not, even the back) of your Samsung device. Choosing which of the two solutions to adopt is, however, up to you, depending on what your preferences are.