Professional Dedicated Server:

The dedicated server is nothing more than a real machine, where resources are for the exclusive use of a customer. So we do not talk about virtualization as in the case of Virtual Private Servers or the more flexible and optimized version of the Cloud Servers but of the CPU, RAM and Hard Disk physically available that the customer rents in order to manage their web services.

Professional Dedicated ServerAs a consequence, the administration of the same is completely at the expense of the user who can install and configure all the services he needs. At the time of activation, in fact, the server is provided with root access and, with the subsequent modification of the password, the holder remains the only one to have access to it.

As an alternative, the server management service is also available, defined as full-managed, which allows the maintenance and updating of the server to be delegated to our system operators.

It is also possible to request the installation of the control panel (opensource or payment) in order to be able to administer a dedicated server with cPanel .

In the event that the server is no longer reachable through SSH access, the reboot can be managed via a convenient web interface. The same applies to the installation of the operating system in case it is necessary to delete all data and perform a total reset. In addition, recovery software is also available to start the server with an emergency operating system.

As a supplier of our dedicated servers, we chose DELL synonymous with warranty and reliability.

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dedicated ServerUAE Technician is structured to guarantee the most advanced solutions in terms of infrastructure and technology for the dedicated Server.

Furthermore, the maximum physical security of the server and of the applications it hosts is addressed:

  • Physically isolated Web Farm
  • Access control system with badge and multi-level code
  • Anti-intrusion detection system
  • Supervision with security agents 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • CCTV cameras and digital filming
  • Anti-smoke, anti-fire and anti-flooding detection systems

One of the fundamental elements of the UAE Technician infrastructure is nutrition. In order to have the maximum guarantee on the electrical continuity and on the air conditioning system, in addition to the main power directly supported on the regional ring of the energy supplier, it is equipped with:

  • Main transformers redundant at 100%
  • Uninterrupted 100% UPS
  • Generating sets with activation time <10sec
  • Rack cabinets with double power supply and short circuit breaking power at the first switch upstream of the rack
  • 100% redundant conditioning system
  • Complete air conditioning able to maintain a delta (t) <1 ° C
  • Single rack cabinet with forced air conditioning and heat extractor from above

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