The invention of cameras seems like a boon as we can capture and preserve our beautiful memories for life long. Pictures and videos saved on the camera allow us to relish all our memories again and again. Cameras are the basic requirement for professional photographers. But, many of us have a passion for taking photos and videos. You don’t have to be a professional for taking pictures and videos. Anyone who knows how to use a camera can do this work. But, you can’t assure that your camera will work flawlessly throughout your entire life. 

Every device has a life span and can come up with issues. Since your camera is an optical device, you can experience issues with it as well. Camera shutter not working is an alarming issue for several camera users to date. In this article, we have discussed the problem and the brands that have been reported to face this issue frequently. If this problem is bothering you, then take help from this article. 

What Needs to be Done if Your Camera Shutter is Not Working?

You have tried to explain this problem for different brands of cameras available in the UAE. So, let’s move on.


Cannon has been able to occupy the topmost place in the consumer electronics industry. Superb picture quality and stunning performance are the primary reasons behind the success of Canon. Despite its advanced specifications, users are experiencing a stuck shutter on their Canon camera. However, the cost of a shutter repair is often very high. Thus, you can try to fix the issue by the following steps carefully:

  1. Turn on the camera and turn off the features like flash or LCD display that are known to drain the battery. If your camera has image stabilization, then turn off this feature as well. 
  2. Enable the manual mode and open the battery door. 
  3. Close the battery door and try to take a photo. 
  4. If the problem persists, then repeat the process twice or thrice. 


Nikon is the next best brand name that comes to our mind when we talk about cameras. It has become a world leader by setting up new standards in terms of performance and design. Users of Nikon DSLR and D90 are suddenly coming across an error, ‘Press shutter release again.’ This error pops up when they try to take a photo by using their camera. Moreover, we have explained the steps of solving this issue on a Nikon camera. So, perform them accordingly.

  1. Arrange a small screwdriver, toothpick, can of spray grease, and tissue paper. 
  2. Make sure you have a dust-free environment for repairing your camera. 
  3. Then, remove the camera battery and unscrew the bottom cover plate.
  4. Access the gear motor that operates the shutter mechanism of your camera. 
  5. Use the screwdriver to remove all the screws holding the base cover of your camera. 
  6. Keep the screws on a clean tissue paper so that they are easily visible. 
  7. Carefully move the gear with a toothpick and look for contamination. 
  8. If you are unable to see the contamination, then use a magnifying glass to have a closer view of the gear. 
  9. Remove the contamination trapped between the teeth of the gear with the toothpick. 
  10. If any foreign material is visible, then remove it as well. 
  11. Repeat this trick for about 5 cycles and then move to the next step.
  12. Apply grease to lubricate the gear properly. 
  13. Spray a little amount of grease at one time and move the gears backward and forward. 
  14. Move the gears in 5 cycles to cover the teeth with grease. 
  15. Reinsert the battery, turn on the camera, and click a photo to ensure that you aren’t getting the error.  
  16. Close the base cover by tightening the screws. 

Note: It is recommended to remove all screws in a systematic clockwise order. Do not spray excessive grease or else you will smear all over and cause more harm to your camera. 


Now, we have come to Sony that is considered the most versatile quality conscious brand in the camera sector. It is preferable for its cutting edge technology, user-friendly features, and innovative designs. Recently users are complaining that their camera won’t take a picture and release the shutter. We have also discussed the troubleshooting steps for your convenience. 

  1. First, you must ensure that your camera is fully charged and the lens is properly attached to the camera.  
  2. Do not set the Drive Mode to ‘Self Timer.’
  3. If you are using the built-in flash, then recharge it before taking any photo. 
  4. Those who are using the ‘Cont. Shooting’ mode must wait until the image data is written to the memory card of the camera. 
  5. If your camera is using a recording media, then insert it correctly.
  6. If the recording media has a lock switch, then unlock it. 
  7. Then, power off your camera and remove the battery. 
  8. Put back the battery after a few minutes and turn on the camera to take a picture. 

Alternative Way for Those Who are Using Auto Focus

  1. Press the shutter button partially to let your camera focuses on the picture who are about to take. 
  2. The LCD or viewfinder displays a flashing green indicator. 
  3. The indicator stops flashing when your camera is ready to take pictures. 
  4. Then, press the shutter button all the way down to take pictures. 


Panasonic has been able to make a distinctive place for electronics and home appliances. DSLR is a popular product line of Panasonic. It is a well-recognized brand in the UAE as well as other parts of the world. It offers perfect picture quality and incorporates the latest technology for enhanced user experience. Panasonic users are found to be complaining about their camera freezing on its shutter release. You can use the solution we have discussed for Canon to fix a stuck shutter in Panasonic. 


It is a top-rated camera brand that offers superb picture quality. It has periodically updated its technology and developed a comprehensive range of camera variants. It has designed its products to suit the needs of enthusiasts as well as professionals. The younger generation has widely accepted the mirrorless cameras of Fujifilm. Go through the following steps to fix the problematic shutter button on your Fujifilm camera:

  1. Turn off the camera and take out the battery. 
  2. After a few seconds reinsert the battery and close the cover. 
  3. Turn on the camera and take a photo to test the situation. 


Samsung is associated with different industries and electronics is one of them. Samsung cameras are in high demand due to the sharpness and clarity of the images that it produces. It targets the young generation who are very much image-conscious. Users are experiencing a lens stacking issue with their Samsung camera. Such a problem generally occurs when you do not use your camera properly. But, you can try to get out of this situation by using the steps discussed underneath:

  1. Recharge the battery if the camera indicates a low battery. 
  2. Power on your camera and press the Playback button at the back of your camera. 
  3. The lens cover might fail to open if dust or particles are stuck between the lens and shutter. To rule out this probability, blow compressed air and gently removed the stuck in particles. 


GoPro is the brand name for capturing qualitative videos and stunning images. GoPro cameras are waterproof, lightweight, and affordable to use. Here is the best solution to fix a stuck shutter in GoPro cameras. 

  1. Turn off the camera and remove the battery to drain out the entire charge. 
  2. Then, charge the battery and replace it into the camera. 
  3.  Press the ‘Menu’ button and choose the ‘Setup’ option. 
  4. Select the ‘Initialize’ option and tap the ‘OK’ button to start initialization. 
  5. As the camera reboots, it displays the time and date settings menu. 
  6. Complete the initial settings by the instructions coming up on the camera display. 
  7. Instead of the ‘Initialize’ option, select Camera Settings Reset’ or ‘REC Settings’ to reset the shooting settings only. 
  8. If your camera has a reset button, you can directly reset the settings. 
  9. After completing the reset, turn off your camera and then turn it on again.
  10. Press the shutter to ensure that it is working properly. 

The problem of a stuck shutter is mostly encountered on the cameras we have discussed above. Apart from these brands, you have a chance of facing this issue on Removu and DJI cameras as well. Hopefully, you are going to solve the problem by the aforesaid troubleshooting. For additional support, connect with the specific camera service center nearby.