TV Repair Services Center in Dubai

Is your TV not working properly or does not receive the signal from the antenna? Contact a technician who specializes in repairing TV.

UAE Technician is your service center, as it performs TV repairs of all brands, from Samsung to Panasonic, from Pioneer to Toshiba, from LG to Sony.

Using sophisticated and constantly updating staff, UAE Technician repairs LCD TVs and integrated digital terrestrial TVs, smart TVs, traditional TVs with external decoders, satellite dish parabolic systems and Sky satellite receivers.

TV Repair
Technical assistance for televisions and decoders

UAE Technician evolution has created increasingly sophisticated and feature-rich TVs, however, which are often difficult to program, update, or repair by themselves in case of malfunction.

The latest generation of TVs, in particular, work with feature-rich software, yet complex to manage. If there is any uncertainty, failure, or problem with the reception of TV signal (both digital and satellite), please contact us AG Electronics: If repair work is required, be sure to keep the warranty certificate at hand!

Technicians specializing in Television Repair

With its headquarters in UAE in the Dubai area, UAE Technician provides fast and reliable tv repair at home residence or at your corporate office.

The company’s engineers are quick and responsive, and thanks to the collaboration with leading market manufacturers, they use original spare parts for all brands.

To receive more information, request a free quote or quote, please contact 045864033 or fill out the form online-

Antenna systems Installation of satellite antennas

Installation of antennas
Today there are a lot of people who have chosen to receive satellite TV channels for many different reasons. If you are also looking for an antenna technician who is responsible for installing an antenna system, contact UAE Technician.

The center is specialized in installation and maintenance of satellite antennas and has long been a reference point throughout the province of UAE Dubai for the technical staff and the efficiency of interventions.

 Single or centralized satellite antennas

The constant increase in pay TV offerings has made it indispensable for anyone wishing to enjoy high-quality broadcasts and documentaries directly from their own sofa, installing in their apartment a satellite antenna that guarantees a solid and clear signal.

UAE Technician has been actively involved in installing and connecting single or centralized dishwashing antennas to villas, villas, commercial establishments, or flats.

All the satellite channels at your home

Once the inspection is needed to establish the most suitable place to receive the antenna, the Roman company staff will connect the latter to the television, making sure that the signal is stable and the quality of the high-quality images.

In case you have more than one appliance, the UAE technician will hook up all the devices to the parabola so that all the occupants of the home can enjoy the comfort of having a screen at their disposal.

So wait for the industry professionals for your satellite TV system and you can also count on a maintenance service for any need.

Installation of antennas: Installation of satellite TV installations

Installation of antennasAre you planning to install a satellite TV system at home? For the installation of antennas of any kind, contact UAE Technician, a company specialized in the field, capable of performing any kind of artwork and is at the disposal of the customer for the installation of single and central plants, for condominiums and tourist accommodation facilities.

Antennae to receive channels from the world

Orbital communications satellites are intended to relay radio waves around the globe and thus allow broadcasting of television content anywhere.

Virtually everywhere in the world, there are television channels that transmit their satellite signal and this technology, they can cover very large areas of land and overcome any obstacles on the Earth’s surface which may prevent the transmission of terrestrial signals.

By relying on a certain satellite, television content makers have the potential to reach the public even in a very remote area or in areas that are not well covered or covered by the terrestrial network

Antenna for satellite TV reception

AG Electronics specializes in the supply of equipment and the realization of satellite TV systems.

Technicians will take care of the supply of all the necessary equipment:

  • Parable;
  • Converter;
  • Receiver;
  • Cables and wires.

Finally, the technicians will carry out the correct installation of the system so that it can receive the signal from the satellite that you want to intercept in a clear and stable manner. For more information contact the offices by phone 045864033 or email – [email protected]