A trend that seems to go a lot of fashion on Instagram is to make the Best Nine, that is to publish a photo collage that encloses a selection of 9 published images, selected among the most popular ones. Although the Best Nine is a tradition that seems to be popular on the social network, especially at the beginning of the year, with reference to the year just before, nothing prevents you from using this feature even on different occasions, to show your friends what they are the most appreciated images of your follower. The Best Nine is indeed a great starting point for the creation of photo collages to be published on Instagram, through the tools I will discuss in this tutorial.

If you use Instagram every day, like trends and you’ve clicked on this guide because you would like to know how to do the Best Nine on Instagram , know that this tutorial is right for you and I will gladly help you explain it all step by step. To accomplish this particular photographic collage, you do not need a particular creative talent in theory since there is a special tool for the realization of this unique photographic collage. Realizing the Best Nine is also a very simple task that can be performed from your computer, or directly from your smartphone.

All you need is a few minutes of free time, and Android or iOS smartphone handy, you’ll need to read the directions I’ll give you in this tutorial. So I’ll explain to you how to proceed to make this famous photo collage and I will explain in detail what other possibilities you have for collage of photos to be published on Instagram. Are you ready to start? Yup? Very well! I wish you as usual a good read.

How to make Best Nine on Instagram (from PC / Mac)

If you want to make the Best Nine on Instagram, and you want to automatically see a collage with your 9 most popular photos for the year that has elapsed, the first thing to do is to go to the official website of this tool specifically designed for the social network of Mark Zuckerberg.

Then open the browser you use to surf the Internet from your PC (for example, Google Chrome or Safari) and go to the Best Nine official website. Once you’ve uploaded the relevant Internet page, you’ll need to use the text field you find on your screen to create your Best Nine, the collage that includes the 9 most popular photos of your Instagram profile.

To allow the website to generate your Best Nine, you’ll need to know what your Instagram ID is , that is your Instagram user name (what you said during social networking, so to speak).

Are not you sure what your Instagram ID is? Do not worry, you can find it easily. In fact, you will be able to access Instagram by applying social networking for Android and iOS or directly from the Web version. On your profile screen, the name that will appear will be your Instagram ID , which exactly matches your user name . For example, my Instagram ID, as well as my username, is respected.

Returning to the procedure to do the Best Nine on Instagram, as I said, you will have to type your Instagram ID in the same text field, then just hit the Getbutton . At this point, you just have to wait for the website to scan your social networked content and show you the collage made up of your 9 most popular photos for the past year.

The photo collage will show your username followed by the most popular photos for the past year and will also show you how many times I like about the images you’ve released this year. The realization of this photographic collage is therefore definitely an excellent starting point for involving the following users; you can take the opportunity to thank them for theirs I like it .

If your photo collage has been created automatically, you can customize it slightly before publishing it online. Although unfortunately, with this tool, you can not manually select photos to include in the Best Nine, you can click the Photo only version instead of Original version . This will allow you to download the Best Nine image without any pre-set thank-you notes.

To download the image from your PC, right-click on the photo collage that was created, and then, from the drop-down menu that opens, click the Save Image As … button. Also consider that you can Realizing the Best Nine on behalf of a friend, you just need to know your Instagram ID, which I remember, is nothing more than the Instagram user name.

How to make Best Nine on Instagram (from Android smartphones / iOS)

You can also make the Best Nine photo collage even via your Android and iOS smartphone or tablet. The procedure is simple and is pretty much the same as I just explained to PC and Mac.

Since the Best Nine of Instagram is a photo collage that is automatically generated by this feature on the Internet, all you have to do is connect to the official site of the tool in question through the browser you use to surf the Internet from your phone .

As mentioned above, you will need to enter Instagram ID your Instagram username and press the Get button . After a few minutes of waiting, a photo collage will be automatically generated from your 9 most popular photos.

Even by using smartphones, you can choose the version of the original Best Nine ( Original version ) or the one made up of only photos without the photo ( Photo only version ). Once selected, you can save the image in your photo gallery and post it on Instagram. If you are acting from iOS smartphones and you’re using Safari as a browser hold your finger on the image and then, from the drop-down menu, hit the Save Picture item .

If you’re acting on smartphones or tablets with the Android operating system (and you are using Google Chrome as a browser), hold your finger on the image and then click on the Download Image button .

A little final clarification. As explained, the Best Nine is a photo collage that includes the most popular photos a person has published over the year. To do the Best Nine, it is required that your Instagram (or the person you want to make the Best Nine) is public. If an Instagram profile has been set as private, you will not be able to make the Best Nine because of the impossibility of seeing the published photos.

How to do the Best Nine on Instagram (Alternative Solution)

The main flaw of the Best Nine default tool, mentioned in the previous lines, is the impossibility of customizing the photos to be included in the photo collage. For this reason, I would like to explain in detail how to create a fully customized version of the Best Nine, through the Instagram Layout application.

Available for free on Android and iOS smartphones, Layout is nothing more than a complement to Instagram designed for the creation of photographic collages, which can be made at any time, personalized in every detail and published in the popular social networking network. Let me explain below how to make the Best Nine on Instagram through this tool, running Android and iOS devices.

The first thing to do is download the Instagram Layout application from the iOS App Store or the Android PlayStore. Then go to the default store of your device and, through the search engine you see on screen, look for and then locate the Layout from Instagram application . On Android, install the application in question by clicking on the Install button and then Accept . From iOS, however, install the app by tapping the Get button and then Install, or after you click the Get button, install the app by typing the password for your account or taping your finger on the touch ID, depending on your device settings. On both devices, click on the Open button to open the application.

From the startup screen of the app, scroll down the tutorial and press the Start button. On iOS devices, then press the OK button to authorize access to your photo gallery. With Android smartphones, after you press the Start button, click the Allow button to authorize access to your photo gallery.

To achieve the Best Nine through this application, you will need to act to select 9 photos from those in your photo gallery. This is a traditional application for collage and, unlike the traditional Best Nine tool, no scans of your Instagram profile are searched for the 9 most popular photos.

On the other hand, however, using the Layout application you will have full chances to choose the photos you want to use to make this photo collage. Then, locate the photos via the ones in your media gallery and group them into the Gallery, Face, and Recent sections of the app. Then tap the check mark on them and, using the tool choose the composition, customize the collage layout. Keep in mind that by touching one of them, you will have the option of further editing the composition with some predefined editing tools.

Once your photo collage is completed, press the Save button and then press the Instagram button to proceed to share your Best Nine alternative within the social network.