If it comes to having a good antivirus with regard to the Windows universe, it is pretty much necessary to prevent and circumvent possible computer threats that might affect the good functioning of the computer, as far as the Mac side is concerned, the speech has always been quite good more controversial. Starting from the assumption that Apple’s computer viruses exist but not, they are not as widespread as in the Windows environment, however, having a Mac antivirus can be useful, especially to those who find themselves having to share files often and willingly with PCs and who usually download apps outside the Mac App Store (which are therefore not subject to Apple controls).

Having said this, my advice in this regard is to use the Mac carefully, avoiding the installation of software from questionable sources and putting in practice some simple straight lines. As far as the antivirus word is concerned, I suggest you take advantage of a resource that can make an on-demand computer scan and files to be sent to Windows PCs only when needed. In light of the above, solutions that are able to monitor the Mac continually by doing real-time scanning are at the moment not essential in the home environment and their use would only be risking only to weigh and unnecessarily slow down the computer (then you choice, of course).

How do you say? Is it all perfectly clear now and would you like to finally get some tips to identify the best Mac antivirus to download and use on your Apple computer? Well, of course, that was exactly what I was going to do with this tutorial. To further explore the issue continues to read, you will find all the information you need right here. I hope you can find a solution that can satisfy you.

Good tips

Best Mac AntiVirus

Before devoting ourselves specifically to identifying the best antivirus for Mac, I would like, as early in the process, to give you some simple tips – the ones below – that may allow you to use your Apple computer more consciously but that are also able to provide you with a much better level of protection, thus avoiding, in spite of the use of this or that other specific solution, to break into any computer threats.

  • Installing Applications Only From Trusted Sources – As I have already mentioned, the first crucial step to ensure greater security for your Mac is to install only apps on the Mac App Store (so those that have been verified directly by Apple ) and only those from trusted developers, such as Adobe and Microsoft Home Resources. I also recommend avoiding using plugins such as Flash Player and Java that are increasingly being exploited by malicious people as a vehicle for computer attacks.
  • Enable Gatekeeper – Starting with Mountain Lion, Apple has decided to introduce a feature named Gatekeeper on its computers that strengthen system security by preventing applications from non-certified developers. By default, the feature should already be enabled, but I suggest you check that it is really so (starting from macOS High Sierra can only be disabled by working from Terminal) and eventually remedying it. To do so, go to System Preferences, click Security and Privacy, select the General tab, and verify that the Mac App Store and identified developers are selected. If the option is not selected, hang on the bottom left padlock, enter the password of your user account on macOS, click the Unlock button and select it.
  • Install Upgrades – Apple releases regular macOS updates, features and bug fixes also shut down any detected security flaws and thus increase Mac security. All the updates that are made available to your Mac. To receive all the updates for macOS just start the Mac App Store, select the  Updates at the top right, check the availability of any updates, and click on the Update button. If you want, you can also enable automatic download of the updates by clicking  System PreferencesApp Store and checking the Check Automatically Updates items, Download available background updates,  and Install System Data Files and Security Updates. If you want, you can also enable the  Install app updates that will allow you to automatically receive updates that are released for apps installed on the computer that you downloaded from the Mac App Store.

Best Anti-Virus

Now let’s go to the heart of the matter: try to figure out what the best antivirus is for Mac. Always taking into account what’s stated in the previous rows, here are some of the best resources in the category for computers of the “morsika apple”. There are both free and paid solutions, all of which are the result of the attentive work of the best software house in circulation in terms of IT security.

Bitdefender Virus Scanner

Let’s start this excursus in search of the best antivirus for Mac talking about Bitdefender Virus Scanner, home Bitdefender, in fact. It is one of the most popular solutions on Mac (and not only) as far as system protection is concerned. The threat detection rate of 100% and does not weigh macOS. It is available in two variants: a free one that only performs on-demand and one -on-demand scans (32,99 euros) which also includes a real-time protection module. Both versions are downloaded directly from the Mac App Store, they are very easy to use and are able to detect both Macs and Windows malware.

To download it to your your computer, therefore choose the version you prefer and then click on the button View in the Mac App Store on the Web page that opens after you click its link I provided you earlier and click ‘ Get / Install ( in the case of the free version) or on that 32.99 € / Buy app (in the case from the paid version).

When the procedure is complete, start the antivirus by calling it from the Applications folder or from the Launchpad (you can also open it with Spotlight or you can still “evoke it” via Siri ) and start using it. Depending on what you need, you can choose whether to check critical paths ( Check Critical Paths ), whether to scan the entire system (System Scan System ) or to check a specific path ( Path Control ) simply by clicking its buttons in the program window. You can also scan a single file by dragging it directly into the Bitdefender window.

Before doing anything, however, I suggest you update the virus definitions by clicking on the Update button. Note then that in the case of the paid version antivirus can choose whether active or not to hold the scanning of leaving ON or bringing up off the respective switch and can possibly enable Web Protection pressing Room button on Activate at the relevant item and following then screen options.

If you’d rather use an even more advanced solution and features much more similar to those of Windows operating system antivirus, instead of using a scanner like the ones above, you can refer to Bitdefender Antivirus For Mac for a fee, including more features and downloadable directly from the company’s site.

Kaspersky Virus Scanner

When it comes to anti-virus software, it’s practically impossible not to name Kaspersky, the well-known company that has been producing numerous security solutions for years. Among the many tools available from the group, I recommend, for your Mac, Kaspersky Virus Scanner, an anti-virus scanner similar to those of the Bitdefender Home Instrument I have already mentioned a few lines up on. Again, this is a resource available in two variants: a free one that only performs on-demand and one -on-demand scans (12.99 euros), which also automatically checks the download folder. Both versions are downloaded directly from the Mac App Store.

To download on your computer, then choose the variant that you prefer then click on the View button on the  Mac App Store on the Web page that opens after you have selected the link I just provided you, and then click on the Get / Installbutton (in the case of the free version) or on that 12.99 € / Buy app (in the case from the variant with payment).

Then launch the antivirus by calling it from the Applications folder or from the Launchpad (you can also open it through  Spotlight or Siri ) and start serving it. First of all, I suggest you update virus definitions by clicking the Update button in the program window.

To scan the system, click the Scan button, always attached to the virus window, and choose the mode you prefer from the available ones. To do a”on-the-fly” scan of specific files and folders, drag the latter directly into the program window.

If you want to see all the details of the analysis folder of the Download folder (feature only available in the paid version of the program), click the Download Safe button always attached to the main window of the Kaspersky Virus Scanner.

Finally, I would like to point out the availability of Kaspersky antivirus software from features similar to those of “classic” security programs for Windows, including Mac’s on-demand scanning system. This is Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac. If you’re interested in doing this, you can buy and download it from your company’s website.

Dr. Antvirus Remove Malware

Another excellent antivirus for Mac I recommend you try is Dr. Antivirus Remove Malware. This is an instrument made available by Trend Micro, another well-known and appreciated computer security company. It is free and efficient, does not slow down the system and is also a pretty intuitive tool. Mac scanning can be performed as needed. In order to remove the detected viruses and to obtain additional features, however, in-app purchases should be made. The download runs from the Mac App Store.

To download the antivirus software to your computer, click the View button on the  Mac App Store on the Web page that opens after you have selected the link I just provided you, and then click the Get / Install button. Then start the antivirus by calling it from the Applications folder or Launchpad (or still using  Spotlight or Siri ) and start using it to protect your Mac.

From the menu located on the left side of the Dr. Antivirus Remove Malware window, you can select the section to access:  Overview  (you are offered a general overview of your system security status), Scan (scan your Mac), Adware Cleaner(you can detect and remove any adware), Web (you can enable Web protection), Privacy (provides you with options to increase your privacy level) and Utilities(there are additional useful features to preserve your system security status ). To unlock the paid features just click on the item and … pay!

If you’re interested, I’m telling you that Trend Micro makes Mac a solution in some respects similar to your Windows counterpart. This is Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac. It is free of charge and you can buy and download the company’s website

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware For Mac

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware For Mac

Another validly conceived malware and adware that I invite you to try is  Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac, virtually the MacOS version of one of the best antimalware available for Windows. It works in an on-demand mode without weighing the system and requires no special knowledge to be exploited.

To use it, first, connect to the official website of the program through the link that I provided you right now and click on the Free Download button. After downloading, open the .dmg package that contains Malwarebytes, copy the software into the MacOS Applications folder and start the antimalware by double-clicking its icon.

In the window that opens, click the Open and Accept buttons to accept the application’s usage conditions, then enter the password of your user account on macOS and press the Enter key on the keyboard to install the Malwarebytes server (without the which antimalware can not work).

Then click on the Scan button and wait for the system scan to start and finish. If Malwarebytes Anti-Malware For Mac were to find something, affix a check mark next to the names of the elements “implicated” and click first on the button Remove selected items, then click OK and Yes to restart the computer and finish the work of cleaning. In case, if no threat is detected, simply click Close.

If you’re interested in it, then tell me that the program is possibly available in a premium payment, capable of analyzing the system in real time and comprehending additional security features. You can download and download it from the official Malwarebytes Anti-Malware For Mac website by clicking on the  Buy Now button. 

Other antivirus for Mac

In addition to what I mentioned in the previous lines, other antivirus solutions for Mac are also available. If you are going to look into the matter or whether or not for one reason or another, the above-mentioned tools have not met you, you can refer to AV-Test Antivirus and AV-Comparatives Anti-Virus for Mac, which I have used in drafting this post and that you can take into consideration to try out additional antivirus software.

These are two independent companies that provide periodic reports regarding the effectiveness of antivirus products on the market taking into account multiple evaluation parameters.