Are you a writer, journalist or blogger and are looking for some resources that will allow you to draft your lyrics even in mobility? Looking for an app for your smartphone and / or your tablet that lets you write documents on the fly, review projects, take notes, or put together short notes? Well, maybe I just have your case. If you give me a few minutes of your precious time, I can show you those that in my humble notice are the best apps to write texts currently on the square. Happy?

These are resources available for both Android and iOS (as well as for Windows Mobile), both for free and for payment. Some of them offer features specifically designed to write without distraction, others include many tools and options for formatting, adding images, for export to this or that other format, and for anyone who has more do not put it. In short, in the end you will see, you will be able to find a satisfying App to Write Texts.

Then? What do you mean to put the chatter aside and to get into the living queue immediately? Yes? Great! I therefore suggest that we immediately put it to work. Position nice comfortable, grab your mobile device and focus on reading this article. I’m sure you will eventually be happy and satisfied with what you learned and that even if you need to, you will be ready to give advice to all your friends in need of receiving similar analogues. Are you ready ?

Microsoft Word (Android / iOS / Windows Mobile)

Microsoft Office WordLet’s start this excursus among the apps to write texts from what is considered to be a real asset in this area: Microsoft Word . This is the mobile counterpart of the famous Redmond home program integrated into the Office suite. However, unlike what happens on a computer, the basic version of the app (with which you can only view documents) is free, while accessing advanced features (so to edit and edit text files and complete all other tasks) you must subscribe to a Office 365 subscription (which may be enabled at no cost over a 30-day trial period). It is available  for Android , iOS and, of course,  for Windows Mobile.

To service, download, install, and start the application on your device, and choose whether to start the Office 365 trial or to access your account (if you already have an active subscription), then indicate whether you want to create a new blank document by clicking on Document empty or use one of the existing models by selecting the one that best suits your purpose.

So start using the editor by typing your text on the screen that is shown to you later. The interface of the latter is good or bad the same as the version of Word for computers. Then, in the top part of the screen, you’ll find the toolbar for text formatting and editing the document in general as well as buttons to invite other users to collaborate and search within the document, buttons to undo and quickly restore the modalities and the one to recall the menu for saving and printing the same. Below, there is the virtual sheet on which you can write.

By selecting one or more words, you can also invoke the menu to make operations such as size, copy and paste as well as search for the exact definition for the typed term and start intelligent search.

To return to the home screen of your app just press the button with the arrow on the top left, from which you can open the recent, shared, and open additional files saved on OneDrive using the special blue toolbar and other cloud storage services as well as on the device used.

iA Writer (Android / iOS)

iA Writer Android iOsAnother app to write texts that I highly recommend trying is iA Writer . It is available for both  Android  (free download) and iOS (paid download, costs 5.49 Euros), has a minimal but well-groomed user interface that allows you to concentrate specifically on texts and can be used for various purposes such as formulating an article for your blog, taking fly notes, dropping a few notes, and more. Note the ability to include HTML formatting and Markdown support.

To use it, download it on your own, install it and start it then click on the File item at the top and, from the menu that appears, choose New to create a new text document.

After that, you will be shown the editor. Its interface is as follows: in the upper part of the center you find the counter for the number of words, the upper left is the one for the characters, while on the right there is the estimated average time for reading of the typed text. At the center there is the writing sheet, just above the headboard there are voice commands for formatting and for adding various items.

By hovering your keyboard and taping on Edit you can make changes to your document by undoing and restoring the latest changes, selecting specific portions, etc., while taping on View lets you enable night mode, focus mode, and so on. By clicking on Preview then you can see text in read-only mode and you can export it by tapping Export on the top right by selecting the desired format from the available ones.

If you want to view all the other documents already written, you need to press the Library entry that appears in the upper left part of the app screen after you hide the keyboard.

JotterPad (Android)

Designed for creative professional writers but also for those who have just approached the world by writing, JotterPad is a free app (but it offers in-app purchases to add customizations to documents and various additional features) and only available for Android that goes to configure itself as a text editor able to avoid confusing and distracting the user. It is ideal for writing books, novels, poems, essays, drafts, scripts and various texts. So why not try it right away?

To use him, download, install and launch the application on your device then completes the brief introductory tutorial is being proposed will increasingly pressing item on Next in the bottom right and indicate whether you want to add a cloud service for syncing or not then, to start writing by creating a new document, click on the + (symbol plus)  button  at the bottom, always on the right. You will then see a white sheet that you can use to draw your own texts.

Keep in mind that unlike many other apps in the category, JotterPad, with the ability to write fluently, continuously and without interruption, does not offer text-formatting tools. However, pressing the icon on the top right of the editor screen and then on the button (…), you can access a menu by which you can find the Find and Search commands and view the statistics for the document. You can also choose whether to enable the typewriter mode, the extended keyboard, the dark theme, and you can also change the file type (some commands can only be activated after payment)

Always pressing on the button at the top right you can access the display mode only, after touching the eyeglass icon , and you can save the changes to the document by pressing the arrow on the left.

Returning to the main screen of the app, you can view all the other documents already written, select and share them, or open them in other applications. With in-app purchases, you can also recall the application customization menu by tapping the button with the three horizontal lines on the top left and then selecting Appearance and / or Addon .

Bear Writer (iOS)

Do you use an iPhone or an iPad and write text apps that I’ve already talked to do not convince you in a particular way? Then test Bear Writer and you’ll see that you will not regret it. Have not you ever heard of it? No problem, we’ll remedy it right away. This is an elegant application available only for iOS (as well as for Mac) that offers a simple, essential, clean, yet cozy home environment. It is great for writing notes, quick annotations, notes and things to do, but it also lends itself well to a variety of other activities. It’s free, but to take advantage of the synchronization feature and to take advantage of some extra features you need to pay a subscription.

Do you wonder how you use it? I’ll explain it right away. So to start downloading, install and start the app on your site then click on the button with the spreadsheet and the + symbol below to begin writing your text document straight away. Just above the headline you find all the tools essential for formatting, adding images and drawings, writing to Markdown, and attaching various files to your text. If you select one or more words, you can also call up the quick menu to do simple operations such as size, copy and paste.

In the top right part of the screen there is the button representing the square with the arrow you can press to open the document that is written in other applications or to print it, while pressing the “i” button you can view all the document info such as the date of writing and last editing, the number of words, characters, and paragraphs, and the estimated average time for reading. Below there are buttons on which you can press to export the document to different formats.

By pressing on the upper left arrow you can also access the menu by which you can view all the other documents already written, while taping the button with the three horizontal lines you can access the trash can, read the welcome guide, adjust the settings of the app make all the customizations you want (just tap on the button with the sliders you will see appearing below).

Other apps to write texts

Have the apps to write tests I’ve talked to have not met your needs? Are you looking for other resources for this purpose? So take a look at the list of applications I have prepared for you and find below. I’m sure you’ll be able to find at least one of yours. Good download!

  • Polaris Office ( Android / iOS ) – Considered as part of the best office suite for mobile devices at no cost, this app also includes an interesting tool for writing texts. Free
  • WPS Office ( Android / iOS ) – Another office suite for smartphones and tablets featuring a solution designed specifically for writing various textual documents. Free.
  • Google Documents ( Android / iOS ) – It’s the Google home text editor. Allows you to create, edit and collaborate with other people in textual documents, all from the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Free.
  • Text Editor ( Android ) – From the name it feels right away, it is a pretentious text editor that allows you to create text files and modify existing ones. It is quite simple to use and offers a variety of formatting tools. Fit a bit for all the more or less professional uses. Free.
  • Writer Plus (Write On the Go) ( Android ) – Practical app that allows you to write various types of text in a simple and fast way. The interface is essential but well cared for and appreciated by most. Free.
  • Scribener ( iOS ) – The very popular app used by most writers. It is an efficient and well-structured text editor that allows you to quickly and easily group your own scripts, allowing them to be organized in paragraphs and facilitating the revision of the final job. Cost 21.99 euros.
  • Pages ( iOS ) – Available exclusively for Apple Home Appliances, this is the word processor developed by the same company of “clamshell apple” for its users. It delivers various types of documents, has a clean and elegant user interface, and leverages iCloud for file synchronization. Free.
  • Ulysses ( iOS ) – An application that transforms the moment of writing into true pleasure. Manage text documents, synchronize them, and export them to various formats and apps. Virtually a true power for textual production. You download it free but to use it you have to subscribe to a paid subscription.