Your smartphone is already old for a few years and begins to show you the first signs of time: the battery always struggles to keep charging and new generation applications drain more and more the battery you already used on your device. There are times when, even with careful use of your smartphone or tablet, struggle to get to the end of the day with just one battery charge. I guess it’s really annoying having to go around with the always charging charger so find the Best Apps to save battery life to read this full article.

If things really are that way and you think that the situation of your dear and old smartphone is well reflected in this premise, I sadly have to give you bad news. There are applications that can help you save the battery, but you certainly can not expect miracles on devices that do not have root permissions. Generally speaking, on Android, battery saving applications are limited to the temporary closure of background processes and the momentary optimization of the device. However, with the device being used, some background processes may open, making the optimization work just done in vain unnecessary.

A completely different discourse needs to be made on iOS: Apple delivers its devices to a closed system, which means that unless it is executed by jailbreak, it is not possible to intervene directly on closing down processes in the background. For iPhone or iPad, there are no external battery saver applications, but you can do so in a traditional way, by activating the battery saving mode through the device settings. During this tutorial, I’ll then give you instructions on how to save battery on Android and iOS, and I’ll talk about some of your apps optimizing for smartphones and tablets with the Google operating system. All clear? Yup? Well, then let’s start right away: I wish you a good read.

App to save battery life

As I have just explained, there are applications on Android devices that, even if they do not do miracles, are able to monitor battery status and close unnecessary background applications. Hereafter I want to give you some advice on the best applications that help save battery life.

Kapersky Battery Life (Android)

Kapersky Battery Life is a free application that is characterized by its sleek interface, particularly cleaned by non-accessory features and features, as well as by the lack of advertising.

Download it then through the Android PlayStore by pressing the Install button and then clicking the Accept button . When download is complete, click the Open button to start the application and start using it, following my directions.

Using the main screen, skip the tutorial by pressing the Next button three times, then press the Finish button . The main feature of this application is to monitor battery charge and to close some background applications to save battery life.

You can see these features directly from the main screen of this app where, in addition to having an indicator with the percentage of battery remaining, you can see listed all the applications currently in the background.

To close them, make sure that the check mark is ticked in the Unselect All box and press the green Earn button , followed by the (+) symbol and the number of charge minutes you can save by closing the applications in the background.

The application in question does not offer additional add-on features, except the ability to customize application closure, pointing to some default applications that you do not close. This setting can be activated via the Preferred app section , accessible from the application menu (menu symbol with three horizontal lines).

Battery Saver (Android)

Unfortunately, most applications that aim to save the smartphone battery have particularly invasive banner advertisements, offering a poor user experience. For this reason, in wanting to select the ones that really are the best applications, I want to talk about the Battery Saver app .

Downloadable for free on Android smartphones and tablets, this application can differentiate itself from many thanks to its captivating user interface and its useful features. Then download it without hesitation from the Android PlayStore by pressing the Install button and then clicking the Accept button . As soon as the download is finished, hit it by pressing the Open button and carefully read my directions, I’ll explain how to use it.

As soon as you start the application, you’ll find it in front of what’s the main app screen, as well as the fullest of additional features. The first thing you can notice is the presence of three main panes dedicated to the evaluation of the charge status, the use of the internal app memory and the number of active apps.

In addition, I find it very useful to point to the presence of the box below, where you can see the hot keys for activating or deactivating settings such as aerial, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, auto rotation, and brightness. This way you can always keep in mind the quick settings tools.

To turn on the power saving mode using this application, click on Optimize . After scanning, background applications will be considered unnecessary and expensive for the battery. You can now optimize the battery of your device by pressing Optimize or Super Optimize .

In either case, you may be asked to authorize the application to use the Android Accessibility Service . Can you confirm this setting by pressing the button agree . Then, from the Settings, locate the Battery Saver item and move the lever from OFF to ON to allow the app access to the Accessibility tool . Then confirm this setting again by pressing OK .

Among the other secondary features known for the Battery Saver application is the Mode tool (symbol of a switch in the app menu at the bottom of the app). By activating the Phone mode and clicking on the Suspend, Balanced, or Standard check mark , you can save battery power by deactivating only a few features that are not extremely needed on your device and reducing the use of some of them. In short, how can you understand this application is really all you need to allow you to actually save the battery.

The application is free and is supported by the presence of banners, although these are not particularly invasive.

How to Save Battery on Android

The alternative method to the most effective apps of all to save battery on Android devices is to act through the device settings and turn on the power saving mode. This is a possibility not to be underestimated since virtually any Android mobile device, regardless of brand, model, and operating system version, will definitely have incorporated a native battery saving tool.

The procedure I’m about to point to is, however, the latest Android smartphone models, with the latest version of the Google operating system (which, when I write it, is version 8). That said, go to the list of applications installed on your device and locate the Settings application by then tap on it.

In the next screen, it then detects the Battery item then tap it to access the battery and power saving settings. You will see the battery charge status and other useful information such as the last completed charge and the screen usage after the last recharging has been completed.

By using the Power Management section , however, you can activate the power save mode by shifting from OFF to ON the lever you can find under Energy Savings . Additionally, by tapping on the Energy Savings item , you can set it to automatically activate it under a battery percentage.

How to save battery on iOS

Even from iOS mobile devices and then via iPhone or iPad, you can activate some battery saving settings. This is the best choice to perform on both mobile operating systems, especially iOS, as there are no external applications for battery management.

Then, tap on the App settings on your Apple device and find the battery on the screen. Tap on it, you can turn on the power saving mode; to do this you simply move from OFF to ON the lever that you will find in the box labeled Energy Savings .

Also consider the ability to monitor battery usage using the Battery usage you can see by scrolling this screen down. You will then find the applications that have been using a larger percentage of battery in the last 24 hours.

Other apps to save battery life

  • DU Battery Saver – battery saver: it’s one of the applications I recommend using it as one of the most downloaded on the Android PlayStore. In addition to battery saving, it also offers secondary functionality for cooling and boosting the device. It is free but has banner ads. Alternatively there is the Pro version , which costs 2.20 euros.
  • 360 Battery Plus – Another note application that deals with closing down processes in the background to save battery life. It also carries out the analysis and cleaning of unnecessary files and cools the phone by closing apps in the background that overheat by consuming more energy. This is also a free application featuring banner ads, some of which are also a bit invasive.
  • Battery Saver – Free application that performs functionality similar to the applications listed above with a truly appealing user interface. Unfortunately, however, the great potential of the app collides with a user experience somewhat “ruined” by the presence of numerous banners.