At one time the DJs worked only with plates and discs but at the same time as the ever-expanding computer and even more of smartphones and tablets, things are slowly changing completely. Today, in fact, just have a mobile device with the right apps installed to have a professional console by which you can mix different discs and songs. But what … are these apps to mix songs ? A lawful, very lawful question. Well, if you give me a few minutes of your precious time I can answer you by going to illustrate those that in my opinion represent the best resources of the category.

So be comfortable, read this article on the subject, grab your smartphone or tablet and start downloading the applications for the purpose I’m doing. There are free and paid, for Android and iOS, for industry professionals and not. In short, a bit for all the needs. What is common to them is their being well-made and capable of fulfilling the perfection of the purpose to which they are proposed.

Then? Are you ready? Yes? Great! We do not waste any more time and begin to give us something to do. You will see, in the end you will be able to tell you very happy and satisfied with what you learned and I am also sure that if you need to, you will be ready to provide useful advice to all your friends who are keen to try mixing music and discs at will. Good downloads and of course, fun!

Let’s start this excursus between apps to mix songs by talking about Cross DJs . This is a cost-effective resource available on both iOS and Android  that can offer you a remix remix experience. It works as a complete DJ console with turntables to mix, grab, go back, add effects, activate automatic mixing and more. It may also be available in Pro (paid and inclusive of extra functionality) for iOS and Android .

Do you wonder how you use it? I’ll tell you right away. So to start downloading, install and start the app on your device then use the + (plus symbol) buttons located in the top right and left of the screen to select the songs you want to mix with each other. To play a song or the other you have to use the Play buttons at the bottom. Always down, find additional remix commands, volume adjustment bars, and SYNC 120.0 and CUE buttons .

At the center there are the disks you can move to mix your tracks, while side by side you find the bars for the time. Always at the center there is the button with the gear wheel to access the settings and the other buttons to intervene on the advanced settings.

In the top part of the screen there are the indicators of the progress of the two songs and the REC button , accessible with the tap on the circular button at the top of the center, which you can press to begin recording your creation (paid feature) .

Edjing Mix (Androids / iOS)

Another app that deserves full title to be cited in an article devoted to what is the best resource for mixing mobile songs is edjing Mix . It downloads for free, is available for both Android and iOS , offers the ability to access many tracks on SoundCloud and Deezer, has an intelligent music library cn global search and lets you create playlists in advance for your DJs set. It has a very realistic user interface and the results are assured. It’s also available in a Pro (paid and additional add-on) variant for Android and iOS .

To start enjoying yourself with the app, download it from the Play Store or App Store depending on the device you are using, install and launch, then point your DJ art name you want to use by typing it in the appropriate field on the screen (used to save and share mixes) and tap on the OK button .

Then wait for the application’s main interface to be loaded, then hang on the two buttons with the music notes that are up to select the tracks you want to play. Then tap on the first play button on the bottom left, then on the bottom right and if necessary use the SYB button in the center to place the two tracks at the same speed so that they can operate on a straight transition.

At this point, you can begin to move your fingers on the two discs to mix the songs, you can use the center bars to adjust the volume and the buttons up to apply further remix and customizations. Below you find the buttons to add more effects to cut and the CUE buttons .

At the top of the screen there are then the track bars, the Pitch button to keep the track tone while the bmps are changed and the REC button to record the composition.

Party Mixer 3D (Android / iOS)

Now let’s go to Party Mixer 3D , another nice free app (but offering in-app purchases to unlock extra features and remove ads) available for both Android and iOS, which lets you play two tracks at the same time and switch from each one just as DJ professionals do.  Note that it owes its name to its fully three-dimensional interface and very very realistic.

To use the application on your device, download it from the reference store on your device, install it, and start it. Next stop on the Salta button! , press the button with the music note that is right and left to select the songs you want to play and play on both Play buttons to start playing songs and start mixing.

Then, use the sliders to the right of each disk to define the time of both tracks and to switch to the volume you can possibly return to the default by pressing the yellow buttons with the arrow. By pressing on the buttons at the center you can use the various loops and apply the sound effects. By selecting the REC button you can then start recording your track. Obviously, you can mix the songs you chose and create new effects even by moving the disc directly.

In the upper right-hand side of the virtual console, you’ll find the button to set a playlist and quickly change the songs at the right time, while the left arrow on the top left of the screen gives you quick access to the various sections of the mixer

Beat Rock (Android / iOS)

The mixing apps I’ve talked to did not convince you why looking for something more, as simple, but functional as you say? Then try to take a look at Beat Rock and you’ll see it will not disappoint you. This is a free app (but with in-app purchases to add new features) available for both Android and iOS which allows users to mix their favorite tracks with automatic technology. It has an essential and cardboard interface, it offers all the basic tools to begin mixing tracks and can count on a very active community of users with whom to share their creations and from which to draw inspiration. It is not updated for a while, this is to be said, but it still keeps running on both smartphones and tablets. So why not try it right away?

To start using the app, download it from the Play Store or App Store based on the device you are using, install and start, then click on the mixer icon at the top left and follow the short introductory tutorial for the features you are offering always pressing Continue. At this point, tap the taps to load track entries to the right and to the left and choose the songs you want to start mixing then press the two Play buttons to start playback.

You can then use buttons at the center and the tools you see appear side by side to apply effects, choose where to finish the pieces and how and much more. Below you find the bars and their cursors to define the time, the command to adjust the volume of the two tracks selected, and the Stop buttons to stop playing the tracks. At the center, there are the buttons to go both the two songs simultaneously and the REC button to start recording the mix.

Finally, let me point out that, as anticipated, from the main app screen you can create your account/log in to access the Beat Rock community to share your mixes with other users and listen to others.

Other apps to mix songs

Did the apps mix the songs I’ve already offered did not help to draw your attention in a particular way? Looking for additional resources for this purpose? Then try to take a look at the other applications I have chosen for you and found in the following list. I’m sure they will not disappoint you.

djay 2 ( Android / iPhone / iPad ) – Great app, complete and versatile, ideal for both beginners and professionals. The interface has two turntables to play and the tracks are displayed with album covers. Includes volumes, mixer and a complete equalization of sound effects for all tastes. It also includes automatic mode. Paying.

DJ Studio 5 ( Android ) – App that allows DJs to mix, remix and scratch, create loops easily and intuitively. Another feature of this application is the fact that it is very responsive. Free.

Virtual DJ Studio Pro ( Android ) – One of the most complete apps in the category. Replicate the classic remix experience and its interface is simple but at the same time well-groomed. To the detriment of the name, you download for free.

Party Mixer – DJ player app ( Android ) – A great virtual mixer that lets you simultaneously reproduce the two selected tracks by giving users the ability to apply an associated fade. Obviously, it is also possible to adjust pitch, rhythm and so on. Free.

djay FREE ( Android ) – Another good application belonging to the genre in question. It offers everything you need to mix your favorite songs and lets you pick up the songs you want from Spotify. It supports a variety of audio formats and is by no means difficult to use. Free.

Traktor DJ ( iPhone / iPad ) – Excellent app available in dedicated iPhone and iPad versions with a perfect rendition on the touch screen of both Apple home devices. It is very facie to use for beginners, but, of course, it consumes a lot of battery. It is chargeable.
Pacemaker ( iOS ) – A simple but innovative interface application that allows you to mix music differently than usual, as developers make it easier. You can connect to Spotify by going to any song available on the popular music streaming service. Free.

Serato Pyro ( iOS ) – App that automatically mixes songs using a combination of technologies. The results are fluid and clean even in case of songs that have different times between them. You can also sync with iTunes and Spotify. Free.