Music for you is all and every moment is right for listening to your favorite songs, whether at home or on the street, makes no difference, just enough for your smartphone (or tablet), the music streaming service app which you usually use and is made. It’s just a pity that there is not always an internet connection (which is essential for playing streaming streams) and that you have to have one or more resources to do everything offline, but it would be very convenient.

How do you say? Is that why you’re here on my site? Why would you like to recommend what a useful application for that purpose? No sooner said than done. If you give me a few minutes of your precious free time and if you have a device based on the “green robotic” mobile platform, I can point to all those that in my humble notice represent the best apps for listening to offline Android music of the moment and, believe me, there are really many, some probably use them already but you do not know they can be exploited for the purpose in question as well.

Then? Do you want to go further with the subject? Yes? Great! So I suggest that you do not waste any more time in talking and immediately switch to the actual action. Get comfortable, grab your device and concentrate on reading this tutorial. You will see, in the end you can tell yourself happy and satisfied with what you learned. Good reading and good download (of apps)!


Let’s start this excursus between apps to listen to offline music on Android talking about PowerAmp . Did not you ever hear her name? Strange, he is very famous. Anyway, you have nothing to worry about, we remedy you immediately. It is one of the best applications for Android to play music without the Internet. It includes a whole host of advanced features that squeeze the eye into real-life, but it also lends itself easily to users without any particular claims.

One of the toughest features is to signal support for a large number of formats, a 10-band equalizer, automatic cover search, and dedicated bass control. It costs 3.99 Euros (but is available in trial version if available).

To use it, download it, install and start the app on your smartphone or tablet then you will be in front of the main PowerAmp interface. So be on the button with the music note below to select the tracks to play back on your device. You can search them in the folders or library by selecting the respective tab.

As far as playback commands are concerned, you can swipe right or left to change the track in play or up or down to change the lists. By tapping once on the screen, you can activate the panels while pressing and holding the cover over and over again.

Below are the buttons to go to the previous or next list, those to “rewind” the song and to go ahead in playback and the Play / Pause button . Still lower below is the playback time, quality and format of the audio file being played and the duration of it.

The buttons on the top allow you to access the equalizer and volume control options and the menu to set off the timer, tags and still high.

Shuttle Music Player

The app for listening to offline music on Android that I’ve been pointing to in the previous lines did not convince you why looking for something simpler and at the same time with a catchy, lightweight interface? So I think Shuttle Music Player will satisfy you. This application comes with a very elegant UI that offers all the basic functions for playing songs in the library.

It also has two equalizers and offers good queue management. The app is free (but a paid version with additional features is also available ).

Do you wonder how you use it? I’ll explain it right away! Download, install, and have Shuttle Music Player on your device then select the audio files you want to play by downloading them from your device library, clicking the button with the three dots that you find at the preview of the close-up audio file and selecting Play from the menu that appears to start playback.

I also point out that from the same menu you can view the biography of the artist / reference group, you can add the song to a playlist and play queue to the black list or you can delete it.

Using the mini player you will see appearing below, you can instead manage the song playback by pressing the Play / Pause button on the right while taping on its cover will display the full screen and access additional playback controls.

Then pressing the button with the three dots that you will see appear in the top right you can also select the option to set the sleep timer, access the equalizer and receive more info about the selected track.


Do you really need presentations? We are in the spotlight of Spotify , the app of one of the most popular music streaming services in the world. Why do I talk to you in this article if you are discussing offline music listening apps? Well, simple, because Spotify lets you do this too. By subscribing to a premium subscription at a cost of 9.99 euros / month for a single user (4.99 euro / month if you are a student) or 14.99 euro / month for the Family variant that can be used by five people it is possible to download and play offline any song in the huge music library of the service.

The premium service is still usable at no cost to all new users for a trial period usually ranging from 7 to 30 days. As is well known, Spotify can also be used for free in the Free variant, but in this particular case, multiple limitations are imposed and, of course, offline listening is not contemplated.

To use it to listen to your favorite music tracks even without the Internet, download, install and start the app on your device after signing in to the service by creating an account (for more info on how to get it you can read my article about how to use Spotify ) find the album and playlist of your interest by exploring the home to the app or the various available sections by tap on the bottom icons, click on the cover image and move the lever next to Download from OFF to ON .

In case of individual songs, tap the button with the  three vertical dots and step on the Save item from the menu you see appears. Piggy then on the button  Your library at the bottom, select the Tracks item and activate the Download option by moving the lever from OFF to ON. By doing this, the download feature will remain active and each time you save a song in your library, it will be downloaded automatically.

Google Play Music

As an alternative to Spotify, you can turn Google Play Music , the Google Music Music Streaming app, as easily deductible from its name, launched in Italy in 2013. Similarly to Spotify, this is a resource that deserves to be mentioned in an article of this type since in its paid form offers the possibility of offline download of the songs of interest.

To enjoy this functionality as well as to access the entire Play Music music catalog, you must subscribe to the Unlimited subscription (the free version of the service does not allow you to listen offline and apply a number of other restrictions) at a cost of 9.99 euro / month or 14.99 euro / month for the Family version but for all new subscribers the service can be tested free for a number of days and without renewal.

To use, download, install, and start the app on your device after signing in with your Google Account (if you do not already have one, I suggest you read my article on how to create Google Accounts for more details). Then activate the service trial (if you have not already done so, otherwise you will need to subscribe directly) by pressing the Subscribe button, choose a payment method and provide any required data then authorize the execution of the transaction.

At this point, to download a song so that you can even listen to it offline, search it through the top bar or browse through the various sections of the app you can call by taping the button with the three horizontal lines on the left, click on the button with the  three horizontal dots next to the title and step on the Add To Collection button .

Then tap on the already-mentioned button with the three horizontal lines, tap the Music Collection option,  and then click on the Album section. Then click on the cover of the song you want to download and tap the down arrow button to start downloading.

As for downloading albums or playlists, the procedure to follow is this: the title on the content of the interest is directly on the button with the  arrow pointing down. You can not !

More apps to listen to offline Android music

The apps for listening to offline music on Android I’ve talked to have not convinced you in a particular way and are you looking for valid alternatives? I’m sorry but … do not throw the sponge again! Try first to take a look at the additional list of resources I’ve prepared for you and find it right here. You may finally find the application you think can best be your case.

  • Neutron Music Player – Audio player with so many options for “common” listeners would probably be superfluous. Supports any codec, includes tone and time settings, phase reversal, and many other features that are difficult to find on other applications in the category. Costs 6,49 euros, however, the trial version is free.
  • Phonograph Music Player – One of the apps to listen to offline music on the most beautiful Android devices in circulation. It has a large number of settings including the ability to view the entire audio library and navigate to folders, edit tags, download missing covers, set a shutdown timer, and more. You download for free.
  • BlackPlayer Music Player – A great music player for Android devices featuring a well-groomed, user-friendly user interface. Supports tagging and tagging, the shutdown timer, includes various options to best use an external equalizer and much more. You download it for free (but it is also available in an Exclusive , paid, multi -function version).
  • Pulsar Music Player – Another great app for listening to offline music with a good number of options. It delivers a great queue management, gives you the ability to edit tags, has a nice user interface, and folder navigation is not bad at all. You download for free.
  • Jamendo – App of the well-known Jamendo website that hosts thousands of independent songs of all genres. It lets you search, listen to streaming, and of course download tracks of interest to offline listening. There are no hits at the moment but a tide of songs that can hold delightful surprises. You download for free.
  • SoundCloud – It’s the SoundCloud app, one of the most popular platforms of emerging and sometimes internationally renowned artists and DJs to sponsor their creations. It allows you to listen to unreleased streams directly to streaming and to download it for offline playback (why I’m talking to you in this article). You download for free.
  • Amazon Music – It’s the Amazon home music streaming app, as easily deducible by the name. Why do I talk to you in this article? Simple: because besides offering you the chance to listen to all the biggest music hits recently and not, rightly via the Internet it also lets you download them for offline listening. You download for free (but to use the service you need to subscribe for a paid subscription, as I have detailed in my article on how Amazon Music Unlimited works , although a free trial period is given at the beginning).
  • Deezer Music – Another app for one of the most popular music streaming services in the world, as well as offering you the chance to listen to the biggest ever Italian and international music hits on the Internet, also offers the opportunity to download it smartphone or tablet for listening in the absence of connectivity.