ASUS has launched a wide range of products under its brand name. It is an original equipment manufacturer that ranks as the 5th largest PC vendor in the world on the basis of unit sales. ASUS entered the market with the manufacture of desktops and laptops. Then, its production expanded to mobile phones, monitors, WiFi routers, netbooks, motherboard, projector, tablets, workstations, graphics card, optical storage, and more. 

It is quite natural for large companies to provide a warranty for their products and ASUS is not an exception. So, if you have purchased or planning to purchase an ASUS product, then the warranty period must be known to you. In case you aren’t aware of the warranty period, then this guide is going to be useful for you. 

Warranty Period for ASUS Products:

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. grants the ASUS manufacturer warranty for the range of products available in the market. An ASUS product comes with the associated warranty card when purchased. It not only specifies the warranty period but also the terms and conditions to apply for this warranty. If you ever face a problem, then reach ASUS accredited service agents or repair centres to obtain services covered under the warranty card. 

Generally, the warranty period is mentioned on the label sticker at the back of the products. However, the warranty period is denoted by a particular alphabet, for instance, 24M means 24 months, and 36M means 36 months. Now, this warranty period begins after the end customer purchases the product. In case you fail to provide the proof of purchase, then the warranty period will start from the manufacturing date of the product. ASUS provides a 12months warranty period for the battery that was installed on its products. 

Statutory Guarantees

We have discussed the warranty that is independent of any statutory warranty applicable in the country of purchase. However, this warranty will not affect or limit the statutory warranty under any condition. 

1. General

ASUS warrants its products to be free from any type of defects in materials and workmanship for the warranty period. Therefore, when you purchase an ASUS product, the necessary accessories will be bundled inside the box. For example, cables, bags, or mouse will be the accessories while purchasing a ASUS laptop. There won’t be a warranty period if a problem arises with any of these accessories. You can only use the warranty for the actual product only. If possible, then the ASUS authorized service centre will repair the defective parts. They will then replace the parts in case they can’t be fixed through repairs. The entire product will be replaced if it is found to be faulty. ASUS assures that the reconditioned parts or products are functionally equivalent to the original one that you have purchased. 

You can use the warranty card only when the ASUS product was newly manufactured on the date of purchase. Whereas the warranty period won’t be applicable if the product was sold as used, refurbished, or manufacturing seconds. So, make sure to keep the original purchase invoice and warranty card for future use. There are some exceptions to this warranty period which are as follows:

  • Failure caused by improper installation
  • Operation 
  • Maintenance or cleaning
  • Accident
  • Damage
  • Misuse
  • Product or software modifications
  • Normal wear and tear, or
  • Default outside ASUS control

For further clarification, check section 6 of your ASUS warranty card. 

After getting your product repaired or replaced from an ASUS service centre, there will be three months to avail a free service if an issue arises. If the situation demands, then the repair centre will recover the originally configured operation system that is bundled with your ASUS product. 

You can even relax about the confidentiality of the information stored in the original storage media of your ASUS product. But, a repair might permanently delete user-generated data as well. 

When an ASUS product remains under the warranty period, the ownership of replaced defective parts lie with the company itself. 

2. Software Support

ASUS does not guarantee its customers to have an uninterrupted or error-free software installed on their product. The warranty covers only the hardware of ASUS products. Technical support will be available only when the preinstalled software affects the performance of the hardware. Note that you will require to visit the respective vendor for dealing with any third-party software. 

3. Customer Responsibility

If you have bought an ASUS product, then read the user manual before using. Unplug the product from the power supply once it is fully charged. Perform periodical backups for ASUS computers, laptops, and tablets. Don’t throw away the original packaging since it will act as protection while transporting the product for repairs. Hence, visit the ASUS support website for troubleshooting problems on your product. 

Your ASUS product might be designed with the Trusted Platform Module function. If so, then 

Save the chip pre-boot password in a safe place. In case, you lose the password, then the motherboard will have to be replaced for repairing the product. And, the motherboard replacement won’t be covered under the warranty period. 

4. Exclusions from ASUS Limited Service Warranty

We have already discussed some of the conditions when the warranty won’t be applicable. Still, there are some more circumstances when you can’t utilize the warranty service provided by ASUS.

  • ASUS product modified, tampered, or repaired by a non-authorized person.  
  • Alteration, cancellation, or removal of the product’s serial number. 
  • Broken or altered warranty seal. 
  • External damage like electrical faults caused to your product.
  • Product damage due to malfunctioning peripherals. 
  • Internal damage caused by third-party software or virus. 
  • Fraud or theft. 

5. Privacy Policy

ASUS will start the repair only if you allow it to collect, transfer, and process your personal information. Thus, your information might be sent to countries where ASUS or its affiliated companies run offices. At the same time, ASUS will protect your data subject to its privacy policy. 

6. Out of Warranty Cases

As you return your product, the ASUS service centre checks the validity of its warranty period. So, if the warranty period lapsed, then your request will be out of warranty. In that situation, the service centre sends a service charge list containing a repair offer. Now if you accept this list, then the service centre supplies an invoice for the labour, spare parts, and other costs associated with the repair. The invoice must be paid within 4 weeks of its issue date. The technical repair service will start only after the settlement of the invoice. 

As permitted by law, ASUS can charge a diagnostic fee including transportation costs for a lapsed warranty period of rejection of the offer. 

7. Abandoned Property

If you accept the repair offer, then ASUS will do the necessary repair and return your product via the method that you have agreed upon. If you do not collect the delivered product, then ASUS will send a notice to the same address. ASUS reserves the rights to claim damages if you do not pick up the product within 90 days of receiving the notice. Damages might include the cost of storage as well. 

Finishing up…

ASUS warranty applies in the country where you purchase the products. Thus, it is termed as international warranty and support for ASUS. Still, it covers if any restrictions are imposed on the country of purchase. Some spare parts might be unavailable in some countries. Thus, service procedures depend upon the country where the repair service has been requested. Finally, you might have to submit additional documentation such as proof of purchase while obtaining the warranty service.